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General Discussion / Which version do you plan to get?
September 09, 2014, 02:03:22 PM
Just out of curiosity. ^^

Also, jeez, its been ages since I've made a poll!

Depending on how much I have saved up I'm considering the Wii U version. Maybe.
General Discussion / WWE Super Smash Bros.
July 06, 2014, 04:05:19 PM
A new play mode in SSB4?

Horrifying and hilarious.


I lost it when I saw Pikachu.
General Discussion / Name the States!
February 21, 2011, 02:58:12 AM
My ASL professor emailed this link for everyone in my class to try for some non-class-related fun: http://www.ironicsans.com/state22.html

Give it a shot! It gives you 10 minutes to list all the U.S. states you can, and if you don't get them all, it tells you all the ones you missed.

When I first tried it, I only got up to 25 states, which resulted in a big facepalm when I saw the list of the ones I forgot. :P (something I've gotten used to now - it's so aggravating when you KNOW them but can't seem to grasp them from your immediate memory.) I've been practicing and now I can list them in a matter of minutes. :D Currently at 4 minutes so far (6 minutes remaining on the clock). With any luck I'll be down to 1 minute soon.  ;D

Feel free to post your score!
Introductions / Birthdays
February 06, 2011, 12:00:12 AM
Generally, I'm pretty good at remembering important dates such as birthdays, but admittedly my mind isn't a steel vault.
Seeing as how the site's calendar has been down for over a month, a temporary thread for collecting these special occasions seems like a great idea!

So yeah, if you remember who has a birthday when, or if you notice an error, please post below and I'll add them to the list!

SP's birthday list:

        Jan 2 - Henry (Ethan Brooks (c))
        Jan 12 - Steven (Miror)
        Feb 16 - Noah (WAALUIGI)
        Feb 17 - TFO (The-Forgotten-One)
        March 24 - Bryan (DeutschesBlackie!)
        April 8 - Robert (BewareOfUmbrella)
        April 16 - Jordan (Frozen)
        May 9 - Dylan (Shadow_SevenGunz)
        May 14 - Alberto (Death)
                   - Miguel (0blivionJack)
        May 19 - Garrett (Garrett)
        June 3 - Frost (FROST818)
        June 11 - Dave (Dave the Magnificent)
        June 12 - Muzy (Trololol)
        June 16 - Mike (Uncle Mikay)
        June 28 - Kevin (SuperLuigiGalaxy)
        July 4 - Pablo (Evilskull)
        Aug 4 - Bobby (Radiant-X)
                 - Jacob (SwimGuy)
        Aug 5 - Sarah (Darkmatter)
        Aug 12 - Zeus (yoshicookiezeus)
        Aug 23 - illy (illy)
        Aug 26 - Juan (Karoku (2100)©)
        Sep 20 - Tre (Mega)
        Sep 25 - Safir (Saffro Saf)
        Sep 27 - Ryan (Biggoron)
        Sep 30 - Amanda (AmandaPanda)
        Oct 4 - James (<Ninja Goron)
        Nov 14 - DJ (dcmjlive)
        Nov 21 - SMASHPOWER
        Nov 23 - Rocky (RockyRaccoon)
        Dec 7 - Brandon (B-Bot)
        Dec 18 - Drew (Penn_State_505)
        Dec 21 - Chad (CHaDOS)
General Discussion / Mega Man Legends 3 Confirmed
September 29, 2010, 05:23:44 PM
Just a quick update before I get back to doing stuff:

Capcom has announced the creation of Mega Man Legends 3, and apparently they are making it for the 3DS.

Here's a link: http://www.themmnetwork.com/2010/09/29/mega-man-legends-3-we-are-not-kidding-2/

It took them long enough, eh? I'll have to look over the announcements later.

Persona 3 - You and Party x Nyx


Deadly Creatures - Tarantula x Rattle Snake


MegaMan Legends 2 - MegaMan Volnutt x Tron's Crab-bot


Kingdom Hearts - Sora x Phantom


Seiken Densetsu 3 - Duran, Angela, & Kevin x Dragon Emperor
General Discussion / Names
July 18, 2010, 05:00:25 PM
I'm making up a wide variety of characters (and a bunch of them), so naturally they need names! I'm wondering what names you guys like.

Just toss 'em out, for girl or guy, and if you're feeling efficient, feel free to categorize them in up to three categories: "Normal", "Sci-Fi", and "Fantasy".


Super Mario 64 - Mario x King Bob-omb


Seiken Densetsu 3 - Duran, Angela, & Kevin x Dragon Emperor

Muzy said tie-breakers would be done through editing of the original polls, but this is the best I can do.

Animal Crossing - You x Debt to Tom Nook


No More Heroes - Travis x Destroyman


Super Smash Bros. Melee - Player x Giga Bowser


Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver - You x Red


Resident Evil 4 - Leon x Salazar
General Discussion / 2010 FIFA World Cup Final
July 11, 2010, 10:59:02 AM
Does anyone know where a live stream of the game can be found? Google is turning up nothing.
Alright, so this is the rubric for the villain of the Azavonian faction in The Chronicles of 2100, the Farraen witch-lord antagonist that has plagued the kingdom and their allies for nearly a millenia. He's still up for much discussion and revision, and the relationships field down below has a long ways to go. I wanted to get this out now so I kept different relationships to a minimum (it still takes up a big portion, so if anyone feels daunted by the size of this thing, feel free to just glance through them).

Predominate influences include Melkor, Sauron, and Lucifer, among others.

-Basic Biography:

-Name: Daràgus Mortomedus.
-Side: Evil.
-Age: Unspecified. He is estimated to be over 1000 years old, although he still appears to be in his early 20s.
-Height: 191 cm (6'3").
-Weight: Around 86 kg (190 lb.) without armor.
-Personality: Evil, corrupt, selfish, power-driven, hateful, devious, malicious, calculative.
-Occupation:  Ruler of Ranadell, master schemer, and depraved pursuer of power; he is forever seeking ways to destroy the Bloodline, alienate the Exiled, and undermine and overthrow the Farraens, Alazar, the High Magic, and Azavon.
-Sexuality: None, his mind is devoted to "higher" purposes.
-Alliances: The Drocons, Izzy the Red; whoever falls beneath his shadow. He has no true partnerships, only victims.
-Adversaries/Rivals: Unspecified.
-Enemies: Alazar, the Azavonian priests, Eibhlin, the Farraens, and Karoku, to name a few.
-Goal: To dethrone Alazar, overturn Azavon and the Farraen Kingdom, destroy the Sacred Bloodline, and rule Valmeera by his own power. Occupying Luigio (?) becomes a part of his plans to rule Valmeera.
      -His own body as the vessel of dark magic, his hands and mind the natural instruments.
      -A war-spear obtained in an early war, great in power.
      -A short but deadly sword, enchanted to kill and curse.
      -Pouches of the Corrupted Dust, from the early Exiled.
-Race: Farraen; witch/sorcerer
-Powers: Shadow, dark magic, telekinesis, dark animation, illusions, thought-pushing, corruption, puppeteering, possession, fireballs, black-lightening, fissure-control, Shadow necromancy, summoning of external supernatural powers chained to his will, etc.
-Weakness: Radiance, Aether, holy items.


-In-depth Biography:

^ Daràgus Mortomedus (TripleX/AurorX; Bobby)

-Name: Daràgus Mortomedus

-Social: "Farraen Witch-Lord of Shadow"

-Professional: Ex-High Chief of the Farraen military, Dark Lord of Ranadell, Farraen Witch-Lord, warrior, alchemist, and archenemy of Alazar, the Farraens, Azavon, and the Sacred Bloodline.
        Daràgus was a remarkably skilled Farraen warrior who became consumed by a desire for power. Drawn to the lure of dark magic, he became fascinated by the forbidden element known as Shadow, and grew in tremendous power. He became High Chief of the Farraen military, and later, through skill, deception, and Shadow Casting (dark mental influencing), he came to possess the Farraen city-fortress Ranadell. From there, his career as archenemy of the Farraens and Azavon took off, first by trying to enslave the Farraen people and plunge them into subservient darkness beneath his rule. After his defeat, his attempts of lordship took shape in several wars throughout the centuries and many mischievous and malicious assaults upon the kingdom, their convoys, their messengers, and their allies. After his last defeat within the last century, he has gone under the radar as he wonders about the world, with the best indications that he frequently houses himself at Ranadell, his actions uncertain and his intent indiscernible. When Azavon's secretive actions to find, protect, and transform the Chosen ones caused Daragus to become curious, he attempted to discover their intention. Realizing something was up to reunite the Exiled to the Kingdom, and that Azavon saw value in particular individuals to accomplish this task, Daragus worked from behind the scenes, using a wide-range of beings, ranging from beast to Drocon, to destroy their Chosen Ones and foil their initiations into the Holy Kingdom. Azavon suspects this, but can find nothing substantial to support their concern as of yet.

-Combat: His method of combat varies depending on the occasion, his level of power, and instruments at hand. He calls upon spells, magical summoning, Shadow Lightening, telekinesis, and Shadow Casting to darken the minds of his victims and bring them under his power. Additionally, he frequently puppeteers other characters through Shadow to do his dirty-work. In his curtailed form, he battles like an elusive Shadow wizard, greatly concealed in a cloak. In greater power, he becomes less concealed, and his magic formulations become more varied and powerful with the aid of the Corrupted Dust of the Exiled. He wields weapons of great magic and power, and he battles with the ferocity of a mighty Farraen warrior and the cunning and enhanced power of a dark sorcerer.

-Personality: Thoroughly and irreversibly corrupt. He longs for darkness, and his mind is given entirely to the dark, to the point where he is darkness himself. No pure thought enters his mind, and all his intentions are void of goodwill, forever being in a quest for power, godhood, and vengeance. He is calculative, wily, malicious, and vastly intelligent, and knows the minds of others as one who has studied them endlessly throughout all the ages. He is a master deceiver, and conjurer of lies, and crafts his words with a cloak of trustworthiness beguiling even the most wise, save those knowledgeable of his ways. In his heart he is power-hungry, and dark as no other; he is consumed by hate and envy, and his bitterness for Alazar and Azavon finds measure beyond comparison; he loathes the Bloodline, the banished Exiled, and their bond with the Holy Ones of Azavon, and in all his doings he seeks to break them apart irreparably, and crush them. He feels entitled to glory and a position of High-Lord over the people, to rule in tyranny, and has a remarkable superiority complex, the latter clearly not being entirely without reason.

-Position/side: Evil/Antagonist.

-Nationality: None.

-True Origin: In body and being, the Farraen Kingdom; in spirit, from before the Creation of Azavon - he bears the spiritual signature and identity of the Evil that plagued the world of the Early People, and of their very corruption in the Original Land.

-Religion: Self-worship of Shadow.

-Sex/Gender: Male.

-Orientation/Sexuality: None. He has no interest in such things - his lust for supreme power and authority supersedes such "trivialities". However, he has played on the desires of others, himself being exceptionally beautiful, of Farraen and magic blood, and has done so to manipulate the minds of others.


    - Alazar of Azavon: The creator of his kind and vanquisher, who subdued him in times past and ripped from him his power and authority. Throughout the ages they have been pitted against each other, and Daragus has done all he can to evade his perceptions and dealings, all the while attempting to usurp his position. In the heights of his endeavors to overthrow and enslave his Farraen kin, as well as peoples of other human kingdoms, Alazar has repeatedly intervened on their behalf and rescued them from his corrupted hand. To this day, Alazar is guarding his Chosen Ones, the 24 Heirs of Azavon, from Daragus' conniving.

    - Eibhlin of Siseria: Born from the First Generation Farraens, Eihblin was a young noble-maiden during Daràgus' glory days as the young warrior was earning a reputation in the land. With him she had one thing in common above all others - a remarkable growth in Farraen magic, holy in essence. While he became renowned and the girls of Lohaerús were smitten by his looks and valor, as was she at first, she being foresighted perceived in time a darkness in his path, and alongside her admiration of him she harbored suspicion. Her level-headedness caught the attention of Daràgus, and seeing the value of her mind and beauty his heart grew tender for her. Though he tried to win her affections, his efforts did little to ease her hesitance, and she withheld herself, for she was wise.
        As Daràgus maneuvered his way into Ranadell, she expressed concern to the Farraen elders, but they dismissed her caution due to his reputation and accomplishments. A council member, under the influence of Daràgus, reported this to him and he was troubled, although relieved that she went unheeded.
        In his first assault, Eibhlin was present behind the walls of Lohaerús, and in the Shadow-induced frenzy and struggle consuming the city she secured herself along with a group of women and children in one of the safest rooms in the compound. Reports indicate that the influence of Shadow was weakest in her sector, and even vanquished due to her presence and power.
        Years later, her power proved itself yet again to Daràgus when, in the midst of a battle, he had pinned the Farraen king, who was wounded and distraught, and began to corrupt and possess his mind. Eibhlin intervened, and contesting his dark thoughts she battled in mind over the body of the king, and his mental assaults could not subdue her nor break through her defenses. For this he fears her to this day.
        Throughout the centuries, she has predicted many of his maneuvers, and being altogether wise, experienced, and insightful, she knows him more keenly than most and has an eye for how he works. Because of this she is a constant thorn in his side, and they have a unique relationship among Farraens.

    - Giionn: A prophecy was given in Azavon regarding the ploys of Daràgus, stating that he would be defeated in his last stand through the constructs of the twin Farraen smiths, Giionn and Riion. Hearing of this, Daràgus sought them out and imprisoned them with magic inside two oak trees, since the magic protecting them would permit no harm.
        Giionn is the first twin, a Farraen trapped in the Red Oak, sealed by the power of Daragus long ago. He's a maker of magical weaponry, and specializes in swords and bows. In personality, he's fun-loving, energetic, optimistic, and fiery.

    - Riionn: the second twin, a Farraen trapped in the Yellow Oak, sealed by the power of Daragus long ago. He's a maker of magical equipment, and specializes in defensive armor. In personality, he's fun-loving, energetic, pessimistic, and more tranquil. His brother has an eye of flame, while he an eye of green leaf.

    - The Dark Servant: Daràgus has long favored the Drejh race, a rare shape-shifting species divergent of humanity. Long ago they existed as a kind given to thievery, being able to take on the forms and non-magical abilities of others, and make their way into confines restricted to a few. In the devious workings of Daràgus, he came to corrupt their kind, and take them into his service. Choice followers would be sent on deceptive missions and duties of stealth, and many were chosen as High Guards in his fortresses. 
        It is of this species that Daràgus obtained his latest "top servant", of which he's had many (all of which have been killed throughout the years). Desiring a servant above parallel in times past, he devoted much time to this Drejh's enslavement, corrupting him so thoroughly as to destroy every free-ranging thought, and bound his will to his with darkness destroying his very spirit. To complete his task, Daràgus took the body of a dead, darkened Farraen, a great warrior in his order, and took from it the magic Farraen blood, and infused it into the body of the living Drejh. He became empowered with Farraen magic and vitality, and being under Daràgus' total influence, became skilled in the dark arts of Shadow magic and shape-shifting. His chief prowess and purpose lies in imitation of the 24 Chosen Ones of Azavon, and through him many have been deceived, many have been killed, much information has been gathered, and much discord has entered behind the walls of Daràgus' enemies. He is an infamous foe in the eyes of Azavon. 

    - The Enchantress: A woman who once tried to seduce the Great Seducer, Daragus, and fell victim to his Shadow - precisely the reason he set out to encounter her in the first place. She is now under his influence and works to bring about his plans, her deeds being guided by Shadow.  She uses charm and magic to entrap her subjects, and is skilled in magical bewitchment and paralysis, as well as the fabled "Kiss of Truth", in which her victims feel an irresistible urge to divulge treasured information.
        She is consumed by self-amusement, and often toys with her subjects just for the fun of it, using her magic to seduce or break. Sometimes it requires a combination for the abstinent of heart and mind. Methods of annoyance, torment, and torture are among her great skills, and many have been driven to madness over time due to her work, and many have become enchanted by her power, adoring her beyond any sense of reason.

    - The Mistress of Chimes:

    - Izzy the Red:

    - Etc.

-Avatar/Religious-affinity: Sceptrum (The Scepter)

    -His own body as the vessel of dark magic, his hands and mind the natural instruments
    -A war-spear obtained in an early war, great in power.
    -A short but deadly sword, enchanted to kill and curse.
    -Pouches of the Corrupted Dust, from the early Exiled.

-Species/Race: Farraen; witch/sorcerer

-Favorite Food: Unknown. It is said that food grown under the High Magic's power, from the land of Azavon and Siseria, brings him no pleasure, and are instead bitter to his mouth.

-Favorite Hobby: Plotting and scheming his success and empowerment; brooding in contempt and bitterness for Alazar and his allies; corrupting, consuming, and possessing others in his Shadow. He travels often, from one place to another, in search of sources of power, of weaponry, and for people and places to corrupt and bring under his power.
        Additionally, he experiments often in Shadow alchemy, testing combinations of dark magic and the Corrupted Dusts to devise powerful and devious powers, and the affects of his meddling reach far and wide. The wastes of his pursuits have entered into streams exiting his strongholds, and the supernatural darkness has killed, corrupted, and mutated vegetation growing along the banks. But these he found interest in, and has found uses for, and so they have entered into his arsenal of perversion. The Defiled Vine-Tree, in particular, has proven a most potent anti-power and jailer of the powerful Azavonian priests.

-Dislikes: People of holy or virtuous spirit, and those who align themselves with Good. He laughs at those inclined to holiness, at those who shun the worship of Shadow, and at those who deny him or disbelieve his ways. He considers them naive, childish, stupid, or given over to madness, for he considers his desires and purpose to be a thing of immense reason, and his victory a thing of fate.

-Goal: Essentially, to gain the power of a god in order to satisfy his inward lust for power, domination, darkness, and vengeance. Through this, and on the path to this, he seeks to forcefully dethrone Alazar, overturn Azavon and the Farraens, and rule Valmeera by his own power. He seeks to obliterate the relationship between Azavon and the Exiled, secure the Exiled's banishment, and separate Azavon from the High Magic. One of his chief aims is to annihilate the Sacred Bloodline from existence, defeating the prophecies, will, and hearts of Alazar and the Magic. Preventing the creation of the New Continent for the Azavon people is of his highest priorities, since it would curtail his power and launch Azavon into a new era of unsurpassed glory.

-Destined Battles between friend and foe: Alazar, Eibhlin, Karoku, Charlie, Alexander, and many, many others...

-Age: Unspecified, but he is thought to be over 1000 years old, from the early generations of Farraens.

-Height: 191 cm (6'3").

-Weight: Around 86 kg (190 lb.) without armor.

        Being powerful in Shadow, he is skilled in Shadow Casting, extending his dark will and polluting the minds of others, enslaving them and manipulating them as puppets. Befitting his nature and power, he has acquired telekinesis, and can move objects with a thought. His dark magic and magical formulations, later concocted with the powerful Corrupted Dust of the Exiled, allow him to produce a wide-range of effects, such as stunning maneuvers, illusions, being able to cover up traces of existence, hide tracks, and destabilize foundations of earth and stone, to name a few. The magical properties of the Corrupted Dust prove to be immensely powerful and vastly enhance his overall abilities. Furthermore, he has the power of Black Lightening, magical lightening produce through Shadow discharged from his hands.
        Later on, his Shadow magic becomes so powerful that he claims the status of necromancer and warlock, being able to raise armies of the undead animated and controlled by Shadow (as he could in times past), as well as summon external supernatural powers chained to his will. His Shadow comes to extend to lengths and depths vast in dimensions, and his influence of will and possession reaches disturbing levels. In this state, he becomes capable of producing fireballs of hellish flame and control fissures in the earth.

-Move-set: To come.

-Appearance:  He is a Farraen of high magical blood, and to the eye he is exceptionally beautiful. Through his great power he has maintained his appearance throughout the ages as it was in his glory days within the Farraen Kingdom. When he demonstrates his power, when his eyes look about with strength, and when his Shadow encompasses his surroundings, his appearance becomes terrible to the mind, and great fear flames alive in the hearts of his observers, for the potential of his powers becomes realized in part.

    -Hair: Black, reaching beneath his shoulders.
    -Eyes: Green and soul-piercing.
    -Height: 191 cm (6'3").
    -Weight: Around 86 kg (190 lb.) without armor.
    -Build: Powerful and well cut, befitting a Farraen warrior of the most terrifying kind.
    -Markings: Black markings like tattoos cover his body, as symbols and patterns acquired through the continued deep use of Shadow. As the ages wore on, he obtained more markings. A scared wound given to him by Alazar in one of his most mortifying defeats took the form of such a marking. When he's wielding Shadow, or maneuvering vast power, his tattoos "activate" letting off dark illumination and corruption. 
    -Clothing: A cloak; attire of black, grey, red, and brown. He often wears Farraen armor beneath his cloak, and his appearance is most fearsome when he chooses to show himself.
    -Accessories: Pouches of the Corrupted Dust, rich in corrupt magic.
General Discussion / Sonic Colors
May 27, 2010, 02:38:45 PM
Hmmm, it seems SEGA really wanted to latch onto everyone's love of Super Mario Galaxy. Along with Nintendo power, it has been announced a new game is coming out for the Wii and DS titled "Sonic Colors", revolving around Sonic's solo space-adventure....

Really, SEGA? After "Sonic Unleashed" revolving around werehog Sonic? And "Sonic and the Black Knight" having him fight with a sword? 
Website Help / Weirdness
April 25, 2010, 11:42:28 AM
For some reason I haven't been able to log into chat every now and then recently. I try going into it and it says I need to log in. Restarting both the computer and browser don't seem to have any predictable effect on this.
Also, sometimes when I'm logged in on SP, and I go to any page, the options available and the name "guest" up on top indicate I'm logged out, while my name on the bottom panel shows I'm online with the other members. I have to log back in.
Edit: Now that I'm in the Chatroom, /back 20's aren't doing anything... now I can't snoop. :'(

These guys tied for 1st in this poll and two of them need to advance!

(060 OBJ) Saturos (Golden Sun)


(061 KAR) Metal Man (Mega Man)


(062 BRY) Toad (Mario)

These guys tied for 2nd place in this poll and one of them needs to advance!

(042 TFO) The Prince (Prince of Persia)


(043 ESK) Johnny Napalm (Guitar Hero)


(046 KIB) Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot)

These guys tied for 2nd place in this poll, so we need to determine who advances!

(017 AUX) Serenade.EXE (Mega Man)


(018 SSG) Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)

These guys tied for 2nd place in this poll, so we need to determine who advances!

(002 TFO) Zeratul (Star Craft)


(008 KIB) Mewtwo (Pokémon)

These guys tied for 2nd place in this poll, so we need to determine who goes on!

(069 IMG) Fawful (Maro)


(071 FRZ) Shadow Beast (The Legend of Zelda)

These guys tied in this poll and one of them needs to advance!

(127 FRZ) Siegfried Schtauffen (Soul Calibur)


(128 OBJ) Axel (Kingdom Hearts)

Naturally there'd be a tie in the last poll of Round 1. :P
Characters / SP CHARACTER BATTLE TWO 16B (BLUE) - 2/01/10
February 01, 2010, 08:06:21 AM

Don't forget to vote in today's RED character battle too!

(125 KAR) Sol Badguy (Guilty-Gear)


(126 M72) Rouge (Sonic the Hedgehog)


(127 FRZ) Siegfried Schtauffen (Soul Calibur)


(128 OBJ) Axel (Kingdom Hearts)

This is the final poll of Round 1! Vote wisely!