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Option 1: Nightmare (Soul Edge/Soul Calibur)

  • Fulfill's Namco's older and more "mature" appeal when juxtaposed with Pac-Man
  • His inclusion would come full circle with Soul Calibur II, which featured Link on the Gamecube version over a decade ago
  • His series' music score is very orchestral and tense, having fantastical elements that is befitting of the series as well as Smash
  • One-ups Heihachi and any Mishima rep from Tekken by virtue of fulfilling a uniquely-different quota from Ryu, who is already the quintessential martial arts 3rd-party "Fighter"

Counter-arguments to his perks:
  • "Fulfill's Namco's older and more "mature" appeal when juxtaposed with Pac-Man"

    An unsubstantiated assumption based on a very-credible rumor that Simon Belmont is a newcomer, giving Konami two not-so-kidfriendly 3rd-party reps
  • "His inclusion would come full circle with Soul Calibur II, which featured Link on the Gamecube version over a decade ago"

    Sakurai (and the rest of Nintendo) is not obligated to give Namco an "eye for an eye". Nightmare would probably not be Namco's secondary choice as far as mascots are concerned, heavily favoring the likes of Heihachi and KOS-MOS given their prominence in other crossovers
  • "His series' music score is very orchestral and tense, having fantastical elements that is befitting of the series as well as Smash"

    A lot of games would fit in Smash, making this a weak point given how more than a handful already look out-of-place when you introduce outside-context elements in them like Cloud, Snake, and Bayonetta
  • "One-ups Heihachi and any Mishima rep from Tekken by virtue of fulfilling a uniquely-different quota from Ryu, who is already the quintessential martial arts 3rd-party "Fighter""

    Namco would likely not care as Heihachi (or any Mishima for that matter) has been utilized in most of their crossovers. Pile up Sakurai's initial interest in adding him in, and Ryu might have a rival from the Namco side; martial arts "oversaturation" be damned

  • His most iconic design is based on his Soul Calibur II look. Alternates would not be an issue, but his fleshy, visceral Soul Edge weapon may mess with the game's rating somewhat
  • Has only been relevant in his home game, never appearing in a crossover. The only ones that have were Mitsurugi, Taki, Natsu, Ivy, and Pyrrha
  • Would probably be left aside in favor of Siegfried, Mitsurugi, or Sophitia. The other characters bring their own elements of style to the table that the only reason Nightmare would be included if at all is his imposing stature and darkhorse status with the fandom
  • Is probably not even considered given Heihachi's presence. Putting aside having two gi-wearing fighters, Heihachi would serve enough as a Foil for Ryu to be interesting on his own right, following the way of the Mii Fighters, Villager, and Ridley in his possible (if eventual) inclusion

Counter-arguments to his problems:
  • "His most iconic design is based on his Soul Calibur II look. Alternates would not be an issue, but his fleshy, visceral Soul Edge weapon may mess with the game's rating somewhat"

    Before Ridley, Bayonetta weaponizes her sexuality in a charming manner, making her the most characterized, yet heroic femme fatale in the overall roster. With Ridley, we already have a nightmarishly-awesome villain in the roster whose general appearance would likely scare younger players anyway. Ergo, Nightmare and his gory-looking weapon should not be an issue
  • "Has only been relevant in his home game, never appearing in a crossover. The only ones that have were Mitsurugi, Taki, Natsu, Ivy, and Pyrrha"

    The above characters have only ever appeared in their own crossovers ONCE. There is no rule stating that Nightmare cannot be a prominent player in a crossover eventually, and would likely be considered by Sakurai over the likes of Mitsurugi and Sophitia for being more interesting to work with given his fantastical elements above the more human characters
  • "Would probably be left aside in favor of Siegfried, Mitsurugi, or Sophitia. The other characters bring their own elements of style to the table that the only reason Nightmare would be included if at all is his imposing stature and darkhorse status with the fandom"

    Regarding Siegfried himself, Nightmare would have him as an alternate costume or vice versa, eliminating that problem. The other characters are also outdone by the likes of Heihachi and Valkyrie (Sophitia's progenitor)
  • "Is probably not even considered given Heihachi's presence. Putting aside having two gi-wearing fighters, Heihachi would serve enough as a Foil for Ryu to be interesting on his own right, following the way of the Mii Fighters, Villager, and Ridley in his possible (if eventual) inclusion"

    Assuming Ryu was already in development with Heihachi following suite, the issue regarding two martial artists (and 3rd-party reps at that) is probably non-existent. However, Nightmare also represents Tekken in a meta sense, being part of the series that is canonically many centuries before the entire plot of the Iron Fist Tournament. It would also do away with the inevitable comparisons between Smash!Heihachi and All-Stars!Heihachi

Option 2: Heihachi Mishima (Tekken)

  • Would be the Ryu to Mega Man's Pac-Man. The two companies have thematically-similar IPs, making them a mirror universe of sorts
  • His inclusion would spark interest amongst the Smash, Tekken, and All-Stars fandom, making him the only Guest character of his kind to appear in all three
  • His series modernized music score would serve a heavy contrast to the sort that Nightmare is more at-home with. Sakurai might even try to add wall-combo mechanics of the sort where you juggle people helplessly in Tekken, which could be a fun stage element depending on what would be added
  • Has been and still continues to be relevant in every game he is featured in. Heihachi is also interesting enough on his own that all the potential Dream Matches involving him covers almost all familiar bases (i.e. the Corrins and their Devil Gene-esque powers, Ganondorf's likeness to Akuma, Cloud bridging the gap between Smash, Tekken, and Final Fantasy VII, etc.)

Counter-arguments to his perks:
  • "Would be the Ryu to Mega Man's Pac-Man. The two companies have thematically-similar IPs, making them a mirror universe of sorts"

    Mega Man and Pac-Man have "Man" in their names, but that's where their similarities end. Ryu and Heihachi are still human fighters who are beyond the peak level of strength and refinement, and have different moral compasses. Their similarities are too grounded to be interesting as a whole
  • "His inclusion would spark interest amongst the Smash, Tekken, and All-Stars fandom, making him the only Guest character of his kind to appear in all three"

    While there is potential to bring in fandoms, that is not Sakurai's goal. Much of what is built around Smash is done so by its fans. Case in point, Captain Falcon and Ness, as well as Marth and Roy sparking interest in their respective franchises. The idea is that Smash is a renaissance for games, not the other way around. That is to say, the pleasant and unexpected surprises resonate the most with the community at large
  • "His series modernized music score would serve a heavy contrast to the sort that Nightmare is more at-home with. Sakurai might even try to add wall-combo mechanics of the sort where you juggle people helplessly in Tekken, which could be a fun stage element depending on what would be added"

    Much like with Nightmare and Soul Calibur music, it is not the go-to reason to add a rep from a series, and the nature of Tekken stages would give its represented Smash stage a crumple state on walls at most. From a gameplay perspective, this could be game-breaking for certain characters
  • "Has been and still continues to be relevant in every game he is featured in. Heihachi is also interesting enough on his own that all the potential Dream Matches involving him covers almost all familiar bases (i.e. the Corrins and their Devil Gene-esque powers, Ganondorf's likeness to Akuma, Cloud bridging the gap between Smash, Tekken, and Final Fantasy VII, etc.)"

    Relevance isn't a shoo-in for a character either. Heihachi had to deal with Akuma back in Tekken 7, instead of Ryu, proving that Namco has a very specific way of choosing what character appears in what game. They might go for a different Tekken character entirely, such as Jin or Kazuya if they feel their Devil Gene abilities fit Smash's theme best

  • Might have to compete for a spot in the roster against Kazuya and Jin. Their flashier move-sets would probably translate better as Ryu's may be seen as appropriate enough for Smash. It doesn't help that Heihachi is implied to be Harada's self-insert
  • His many alternate outfits could potentially overshadow how Ryu is represented in the roster, on top of having a potentially more interesting stage and a more inspired gameplay style
  • Is essentially another karate-type man in lieu of Namco's more dynamic choices. While Tekken 3 was a big hit worldwide, the Tekken series itself lacks the seniority and impact Street Fighter had, with Heihachi not even being the series' Main Protagonist versus Ryu's status as the Godfather of Fighting games (and THE protagonist of his games to boot)
  • A Soul Calibur rep would combine elements of Tekken, Street Fighter, and Fire Emblem all in one based on the fact that the rep in question offers more to Smash than Heihachi does. Namco has other mascots in their library outside of Soul Calibur that could (and should) cover different and unexplored bases

Counter-arguments to his problems:
  • "Might have to compete for a spot in the roster against Kazuya and Jin. Their flashier move-sets would probably translate better as Ryu's may be seen as appropriate enough for Smash. It doesn't help that Heihachi is implied to be Harada's self-insert"

    While Jin or Kazuya's chances fair better due to protagonists of each franchise being prioritized, the Tekken franchise fluctuates its Protagonists, and a lot of the characters are too morally gray for representation to matter in the long run. The implication that Heihachi is Harada's avatar is not confirmed either
  • "His many alternate outfits could potentially overshadow how Ryu is represented in the roster, on top of having a potentially more interesting stage and a more inspired gameplay style"

    There is nothing against the possibility that Ryu will have his own alternate costumes, making this point moot. Tekken's gameplay elements being better in any way than how Street Fighter is presented in Smash is merely subjective, with any obnoxious stage hazards like wall-juggling being an option that one can toggle off
  • "Is essentially another karate-type man in lieu of Namco's more dynamic choices. While Tekken 3 was a big hit worldwide, the Tekken series itself lacks the seniority and impact Street Fighter had, with Heihachi not even being the series' Main Protagonist versus Ryu's status as the Godfather of Fighting games (and THE protagonist of his games to boot)"

    Tekken's success should NOT be ignored, even when faced with Street Fighter. They have a friendly rivalry, and while the protagonists in Tekken change from time-to-time, Ryu's blank slate status as the protagonist of his own franchise would be its own contrast to how Heihachi is portrayed in Tekken
  • "A Soul Calibur rep would combine elements of Tekken, Street Fighter, and Fire Emblem all in one based on the fact that the rep in question offers more to Smash than Heihachi does. Namco has other mascots in their library outside of Soul Calibur that could (and should) cover different and unexplored bases"

    While a Soul Calibur rep can cover multiple bases that Heihachi cannot, the latter has plenty of familiarity going for him when put up besides Nightmare, Klonoa, and KOS-MOS, who are niche in comparison. He is also unique in that his status in the roster would cover 3D Fighters to Ryu's 2D Fighter

Option 3: Klonoa (Klonoa)

  • Would be Namco's answer to Sonic, while keeping elements of Pac-Man in his design to keep a close connection to his predecessor(?)
  • Comes from a series whose platforming elements are unique, constantly shifting at corners versus Sonic's more maze-like levels
  • Klonoa's kid-friendly appearance could serve as a contrast to Konami's representation of Solid Snake and Simon Belmont, keeping the elements colorful on his end alongside Pac-Man. His presence would also balance out the more mature 3rd-party reps already representing their own series, as it is Sonic, Mega Man, and Pac-Man alongside Cloud, Bayonetta, Snake, and Simon
  • Is rather obscure like Geno and Shantae, but in a good way. Klonoa has also been featured in a few Namco crossovers in a manner similar to Heihachi and KOS-MOS. His cult status also lends him a bit of support as the potential for his inclusion in Smash could rejuvenate interest in his games

Counter-arguments to his perks:
  • "Would be Namco's answer to Sonic, while keeping elements of Pac-Man in his design to keep a close connection to his predecessor(?)"

    Klonoa's connection to Pac-Man is superficial and nothing more than a small shout-out. His relationship with Sonic is also non-existent, playing up a cliche trope no different from your designated girl fights
  • "Comes from a series whose platforming elements are unique, constantly shifting at corners versus Sonic's more maze-like levels"

    The series HAD to have failed at garnering public interest for a number of reasons, given how even its presentation couldn't keep it relevant
  • "Klonoa's kid-friendly appearance could serve as a contrast to Konami's representation of Solid Snake and Simon Belmont, keeping the elements colorful on his end alongside Pac-Man. His presence would also balance out the more mature 3rd-party reps already representing their own series, as it is Sonic, Mega Man, and Pac-Man alongside Cloud, Bayonetta, Snake, and Simon"

    As nice as it would be to mirror Konami in some fashion, Klonoa's role is not obligated and there is no quota to fulfill as far as 3rd-parties go. He is also ironically the least colorful of the secondary Namco reps, having less resources to pull from
  • "Is rather obscure like Geno and Shantae, but in a good way. Klonoa has also been featured in a few Namco crossovers in a manner similar to Heihachi and KOS-MOS. His cult status also lends him a bit of support as the potential for his inclusion in Smash could rejuvenate interest in his games"

    The last major crossover Klonoa was seen in was in Namco x Capcom, which was released in 2005 in Japan only. Heihachi and KOS-MOS have stood the test of time in comparison, being both relevant and somewhat niche in comparison to bigger-name series like Street Fighter and Mega Man

  • Hasn't seen a mainline title since 2008, approximately one decade from now. The only appearance Klonoa has made was through small cameos in other video games, hurting his chances of being considered by Namco. When placed alongside the current third-party characters, relevancy comes into question
  • Klonoa hasn't done anything worthy of a legacy. When compared to specific Indie game characters such as Shantae and Shovel Knight, he fails to hold a niche vocal enough to place him in relevancy. In a way, he is an Indie character with none of the benefits or innovation of one
  • Might be perceived as a bootleg Sonic OC for those who haven't kept up with Namco's video game history. Even with that knowledge, Klonoa might be perceived as too aesthetically similar to Sonic to be a refreshing third-party choice
  • His platforming origins are superficially reminiscent of other video games of that era, harkening back to an age where platformers such as Spyro the Dragon, Crash, Gex, Abe's Odyssey, Taz, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, etc. prevailed. Of all possible choices for Smash, Klonoa loses out to more prominent mascots such as Crash and Spyro

Counter-arguments to his problems:
  • "Hasn't seen a mainline title since 2008, approximately one decade from now. The only appearance Klonoa has made was through small cameos in other video games, hurting his chances of being considered by Namco. When placed alongside the current third-party characters, relevancy comes into question"

    While it's true that Klonoa hasn't seen the spotlight in a while, Mega Man was in a similar situation. In a more extreme case, Ness and Lucas have not seen continuation of their series for a lot longer, so relevancy is not-terribly huge an issue for Klonoa
  • "Klonoa hasn't done anything worthy of a legacy. When compared to specific Indie game characters such as Shantae and Shovel Knight, he fails to hold a niche vocal enough to place him in relevancy. In a way, he is an Indie character with none of the benefits or innovation of one"

    First of all, Klonoa is a Japan-made IP, making the current directors easier for Sakurai to come in contact with. Secondly, Indie reps are almost unheard of in Japan, making Shovel Knight and Shantae next-to-impossible to include as Sakurai's home country is not as familiar with a lot of Indie reps as the rest of the world is. The only one who could give Klonoa a run for his money is Shantae, for being an Indie character who has been around for a lot longer
  • "Might be perceived as a bootleg Sonic OC for those who haven't kept up with Namco's video game history. Even with that knowledge, Klonoa might be perceived as too aesthetically similar to Sonic to be a refreshing third-party choice"

    There are more than a handful of characters who are compared to other existing characters in the roster. The similarities between him and Sonic are apples to oranges. Beyond aesthetics, Klonoa would be the only
  • "His platforming origins are superficially reminiscent of other video games of that era, harkening back to an age where platformers such as Spyro the Dragon, Crash, Gex, Abe's Odyssey, Taz, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, etc. prevailed. Of all possible choices for Smash, Klonoa loses out to more prominent mascots such as Crash and Spyro"

    Klonoa has the advantage of being a Japanese-made platformer when being compared to characters from platformers made by American studios, which much like the Shovel Knight situation and the rest of the Indies by proxy share the same issue. If Klonoa's problem is relevancy, then the more recognizable American IPs suffer for regional reasons, so the competition for a spot in the roster is hardly there

Option 4: KOS-MOS Ver. 1 (Xenosaga)

  • Would be Namco's answer to Mega Man, being the only other robotic representative of a 3rd-Party company seen by many to be Capcom's mirror counterpart. She is also something of a counterpart to Bayonetta as well, being the white to her black while donning sci-fi characteristics to Bayonetta's fantasy aesthetics
  • Comes from the predecessor games to the current Xenoblade series, and exists within the Xeno game Multiverse as a whole. Monolith Soft has a very good relationship with both Nintendo and Namco, and has featured both KOS-MOS and T-elos as guests in the latest Xenoblade title
  • KOS-MOS would be the second female third-party rep (not that there aren't already plenty of different females to choose from in general). She is also a part of the company's legacy, appearing in major and minor crossover titles to the point of being the unofficial mascot ala Mega Man for Capcom
  • Is well-known by gaming culture and has made an impact in gaming history, be it good or bad. She also has the luxury of pulling many resources from all her games, the most prominent being her different outfits. If KOS-MOS is playable in Ultimate, her default would likely be based on her Xenosaga Episode I appearance

Counter-arguments to her perks:
  • "Would be Namco's answer to Mega Man, being the only other robotic representative of a 3rd-Party company seen by many to be Capcom's mirror counterpart. She is also something of a counterpart to Bayonetta as well, being the white to her black while donning sci-fi characteristics to Bayonetta's fantasy aesthetics"

    Much like with Klonoa, company counterparts are not necessary and there is no quota to fulfill in regards to what is being represented in each company. Additionally, Sakurai might deem Bayonetta good enough for the gun-totting role in a way that's similar to Heihachi being excluded because Ryu plays the martial artist role
  • "Comes from the predecessor games to the current Xenoblade series, and exists within the Xeno game Multiverse as a whole. Monolith Soft has a very good relationship with both Nintendo and Namco, and has featured both KOS-MOS and T-elos as guests in the latest Xenoblade title"

    Xenosaga has not seen a major title since 2006, which has actually been longer than Klonoa has seen a video game. You can make the argument that KOS-MOS is a zombie mascot whose relevancy remains due to her official cameos. However, you could also argue that a game has not come out since then due to the book on her series closing, much in the same way that Earthbound/Mother ended
  • "KOS-MOS would be the second female third-party rep (not that there aren't already plenty of different females to choose from in general). She is also a part of the company's legacy, appearing in major and minor crossover titles to the point of being the unofficial mascot ala Mega Man for Capcom"

    KOS-MOS is popular enough to be considered one of Namco's most recognizable characters, and she would fulfill a few fields to help her stand out amongst her peers in Smash. That being said, it isn't saying much when your company rival has more video games than you do, has went through sequel stagnation several times, and has been largely ignored even within crossovers (i.e. underutilized or not utilized at all). In short, KOS-MOS is less known than Mega Man at his best and worst
  • "Is well-known by gaming culture and has made an impact in gaming history, be it good or bad. She also has the luxury of pulling many resources from all her games, the most prominent being her different outfits. If KOS-MOS is playable in Ultimate, her default would likely be based on her Xenosaga Episode I appearance"

    While it's true that KOS-MOS has a lot to utilize in order to make her a zoner counterpart to her spiritual descendant Shulk, Sakurai has not expressed any sort of feelings toward Xenosaga despite being enamored with Xenoblade as a whole. While this argument could be made for other video games not yet represented - but viable nonetheless - it's always important to point out the details. The Xenosaga games on their own are quite controversial at their lowest points, with Xenoblade being seen as an improvement in the combat and writing departments

  • As said before, KOS-MOS hasn't been in a major title since 2006, making it over a decade since she has had a starring role. To say nothing of the cameo appearances since then, Namco doesn't seem to know what they want to do with her, and unless an HD remake of the Xenosaga is somewhere around the horizon, she will remain a cult classic with comparable chances to Indie reps
  • KOS-MOS characterization is seen as dull by many, being written as a completely-robotic individual whose character arc involves her growing understanding of human traits. Her Comically Serious attitude could be off-putting to her detractors, citing Klonoa as a fun choice, Heihachi being a no-nonsense badass, and Nightmare being freakishly cool. When standing next to her company's peers, she is pretty boring personality-wise
  • She carries weapons heavily reminiscent of machine guns, and her most prominent abilities (i.e. D-TENERITAS & X-BUSTER) place heavy emphasis on her figure, which would either be heavily toned down to keep the game's rating where Sakurai intends it to be, or outright removed
  • KOS-MOS could potentially face problems in regards to how Monolith Soft wants Sakurai to portray her. In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, her design is based on her appearance in Xenosaga Episode I. It also has its own differences to set it apart from the original. Her presence in the roster would create confusion on whether or not she should be considered a related character to Shulk despite being 3rd-party, or a completely separate entity whose ties to the Xenoblade series is only trivial at most

Counter-arguments to her problems:
  • "As said before, KOS-MOS hasn't been in a major title since 2006, making it over a decade since she has had a starring role. To say nothing of the cameo appearances since then, Namco doesn't seem to know what they want to do with her, and unless an HD remake of the Xenosaga is somewhere around the horizon, she will remain a cult classic with comparable chances to Indie reps"

    Without bringing up Earthbound/Mother once more, a brand new Xenosaga title is not necessary to put her back in the radar. She is already fairly known by many, even to those who have never played her games. In addition to that, Namco's willingness to include her in their crossovers may also suggest that she has a special place in their hearts and they wish to get her in on the fun
  • "KOS-MOS characterization is seen as dull by many, being written as a completely-robotic individual whose character arc involves her growing understanding of human traits. Her Comically Serious attitude could be off-putting to her detractors, citing Klonoa as a fun choice, Heihachi being a no-nonsense badass, and Nightmare being freakishly cool. When standing next to her company's peers, she is pretty boring personality-wise"

    Her robotic personality is part of KOS-MOS' charm, and unlike Mega Man, would retain something that is a part of her character. Even when taking into account how much Klonoa, Heihachi, and Nightmare have to offer on their own, KOS-MOS has a lot in her luggage. Her abilities and appearance more than make up for her flaws, allowing her to stand out
  • "She carries weapons heavily reminiscent of machine guns, and her most prominent abilities (i.e. D-TENERITAS & X-BUSTER) place heavy emphasis on her figure, which would either be heavily toned down to keep the game's rating where Sakurai intends it to be, or outright removed"

    Sexuality is hardly an issue, especially when one views how Bayonetta was handled, and what Sakurai has done to Samus' figure in Ultimate, as well as Snake's butt being MIA. The portrayal of firearms is also moot when one considers the Zohar guns, which look more fantastical in design than the machine guns she's mostly known for. KOS-MOS would likely borrow elements from her Re: design in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and fittingly so given Sakurai's affinity toward composite designs
  • "KOS-MOS could potentially face problems in regards to how Monolith Soft wants Sakurai to portray her. In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, her design is based on her appearance in Xenosaga Episode I. It also has its own differences to set it apart from the original. Her presence in the roster would create confusion on whether or not she should be considered a related character to Shulk despite being 3rd-party, or a completely separate entity whose ties to the Xenoblade series is only trivial at most"

    KOS-MOS faces no actual issue in regards to what appearance Monolith Soft would settle for. Since she counts as a 3rd-party rep, she would not have any references to Blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She might retain some design aesthetics given to her in the game as a Guest Blade, but they would otherwise do away with the core crystal concept completely to make KOS-MOS her own individual. They would not want her to live in Shulk's shadow, so they would have Sakurai utilize elements purely from her games
Creating Diversity, a substantial goal in any video game in order to extend its appeal. I am no article writer, so I will bluntly state an idea regarding the custom move-sets and their availability in the character select screen. With that being said, Pablo, Henry, and Mike have discussed their fair share on behalf of custom moves, such as their competitive viability, and significance in Smashpower-based tournaments (i.e. general rules). Just to be clear, I am not putting two and two together. I am just stating that custom moves seem to have as much an impact in the former as it already does on the latter (cue dedicated discussions amongst Dave, Brandon, Saf, and Alberto, for example). They are very popular gameplay features and they expand on the game, ALA Capcom vs. SNK 2 and its groove system (referencing topic title) as well as Melty Blood and its style system (credit to the observation: Pablo), or Pokemon (credit: Alberto for stating it first, and Muzy for sharing the sentiments and expanding on Alberto's observation).

But wait, I'm just paraphrasing what others already pointed out. Mike even suggested their placement in tournaments, so we already established the grounds that: Yes, custom moves should be a thing in our tournaments.

BUT, I am here to add to that idea. What if we held tournaments that allowed for a combination of different rules and restrictions? What if there was a tournament that only allows secondary custom moves, or tertiary custom moves, or even randomized custom moves using random.org? Doing so really makes the game as random as we'd want it to be, while potentially increasing the fun factor to immeasurable levels. We could do the same thing with items, but with custom moves? The possibilities are endless! So with that being said, is this a good idea? Should we code a system that allows us to submit who we are using with what custom moves? Should that be left a surprise for the independent custom move rules or the randomized custom move rules? State your opinions below.
General Discussion / Project X Zone
April 28, 2012, 05:04:50 PM

Thoughts? I still don't have a 3DS and this gives me even more of a reason to get it. I doubt it'll get localized though =/
Chronicles of 2100 / 2100's UP-TO-DATE Plot
September 06, 2011, 05:02:16 PM
...we get anything on the new smash bros, and this site returns to its glorious age, I thought I'd put this here in case anyone wonders what's going on with 2100. It's far from dead, and I think I did something very cool with the plot that goes back to its roots when I first came here. A mix of those old roots, and new, freshly grown ones. As you all know, 2100 is an amalgamation of different genres, even art-styles. My goal is to create the perfect story; one that will silence both western fans and eastern fans on "which is better? Manga or comics?" But which of the old ideas am I reusing that got slight adjustments?

1. The Drocons have been replaced, name-wise and race-wise, but the concept is about the same. I just wanted an overall more menacing race. Not a bunch of anime-ish aliens. That makes no sense lol

2. The constellations have, in a sense, returned, except they serve a different purpose. Instead of 88 people carrying them, 88 cities will carry those constellations. The plot will mention them at some point.

3. There is a new Shikon, somewhat. The only difference is that he does not share Shikon's goal for power, rather, he wants the universe to start over in his very own image.

The new plot has helped me help develop characters made by people due to the new changes such as:

4. There's two geographical Earth-maps now. In the new plot, the world is sort of "closed in". Goryan, for example, has a new goal in his agenda; to dig through the world to get to the other side (again, you'll see what I mean in the plot). Another goal he could be seeking to accomplish is creating his own land for his own family/race. Goal-wise, he has it pretty big already, but of course, lots of ideas are left out for now.

5. The second geographical map is equivalent to a fantasy world, meaning cities can be made up and characters not from any city (or any city they want to mention in their own profiles) can appear in specific parts of the second map.

6. The "closed in" world is the center-piece for the final enemy, for what would be a unique battle in the game as well.

And so, I reintroduce the plot, explained in third-person, almost like Soul Calibur and its character descriptions before going through its story modes:

2100's New Plot:

  "A woman with short, blonde hair bids her lover fair well. The man who was to marry her suffers slowly and painfully from the back of his eyes. Being the Akasha's Avatar, he clings to a dim hope of survival. His human body will soon fall to the ground, along with the tears of his followers."

  "His lover leaves in search of a vampiric priest who is to be reborn once again in a never-ending cycle. It has been a year since her first two children. Not a sign of the man she was looking for..."

  "She meets a man-in-red and a demon on a flaming motorcycle. She befriends the two, and the three decide to open a demon-hunting business. She leaves a very close friend in care of her sons."

  "At this point, something is realized. She is not in search of the priest, but rather, someone else. Her twin sons turn 3."

  "An alien ship is sited somewhere in Japan."

  "She tells the man-in-red and the hell-biker that her 'time is coming'. She then tells them of a man she's been searching for almost a decade by now, and how well-hidden he is. This man is not the priest, but someone different..."

  "The hell-biker and the man-in-red meet one last time in New York City. The former tells of the latter that he is going to try and find the man the woman has spoke about on his own. The man-in-red tells the hell-biker that he is going to look for clues in Tokyo on the man's whereabouts. The man-in-red knows more than meets-the-eye."

  "Judgment Day is near. The woman arrives in Tokyo, never again having re-encountered the man-in-red. An incident at the Yoyogi Park occurred; demons rumored to have killed innocents. The man-in-red is mentioned by a few people as 'dangerous', while nothing is said of the woman herself. Whether the Park-incident or the man-in-red are connected, it is unknown.

A high-school graduate wearing a grey sweater and black shorts walks past the woman. The two exchange eye for a split-second, but nothing happens. The woman however, detects a powerful presence in the teen and decides to follow him in secrecy. She follows him to an area of the park where she spies on a conversation between him and very trendy man. The teen receives a magazine by this man and is called by a friend to see him in the hospital. The woman proceeds to follow the teen to the hospital, where it is empty when he arrives there for the strangest of reasons.

In there, the teenager meets with a friend of his who tells him of the one who called him over and where he is. She also mentions their professor has not arrived for whatever reason; their professor requested them to be there, but there has been no sign of her. In the mean time, the teen looks for his other friend on the second-floor, which he does, and recruits him back in the main room where the girl is.

The woman keeps a good listen on their conversation and hears of an occult hell-bent on ending the world and bring about The Conception. It is also said the hospital might be the hide-out of the man she was looking for. The teen's male friend tells him to look for their professor in the basement; he gives him an access card so that he would be able to traverse the halls in the bottom.

When he goes there, there are spots of blood and a room with a satanic circle under an orthodontic chair. The clues slowly unravel themselves.

With every room the teen explores, the woman does so too, and comes to the conclusion that the man is hiding here. The teen finds one room and enters it, drawn by its mysterious power. A man is seen sitting in front of a large cylindrical device with several connections. The man turns his chair around to face the teen, upset by his presence. He lectures him and reveals himself as the one to bring about 'The Conception' and attempts to make the teen the first one to witness it for interrupting him. Luckily, the aforementioned professor arrives in time to persuade the man to stop. He listens and decides to spare the teen, whereas the professor instructs the teen to meet her at the roof-top of the hospital.

The teen walks his way out of the basement to meet with his professor. On the way out, he sees a mysterious old lady and a young boy talking to each other. Afterward however, they seem to vanish. The teen goes into the elevator on his way up to the roof to meet with his professor as told.

While the teen and the professor converse with each other, the woman who spied on the teen breaks into the room where the man was and exclaims her success in finding him. She tells him she has been looking for him for over 10-years after learning of his occult and her weakening in power. The man chuckles at her and watches as the cylindrical device begins to function on its own entirety. The woman tries to stop the man, but Earth faces a 'sudden death', and she falls to the ground, dying. The man laughs.

On the roof-top, the professor tells the teen that she will be his strength and lead him through this troubling-time. A light dawns upon her and disappears. The teen watches the world end before him.

The entire world crunches into a ball, inside-out, with a shining light in the center as the core of the new-world's warmth. After countless chaos and destruction, the teen reawakens in a dark room, encountering the old woman and the little boy. They give him something that changes him forever. The boy infects the teen with a demonic bug that changes him into a demon, while harboring his human-heart still. After the excruciatingly-painful demonic-ritual, he reawakens again in a bright room. He is seen without a sweater, and his body is covered by dark and green marks. He hears a voice telling him not to bore her master. From that point on, The Conception chronicles the adventure of this teen.

What is known as Earth becomes the 'Vortex World' (or 'Hollow World') from this point on, and a sentient star floats within this new world's center.

The man-in-red meets the half-demon teenager, fights with him on a few accounts, and even teams up with him to see how much the world 'changes'. They fight against the Avatar of God, who was the central sun all along. Upon defeating it as with every Demonic Sponsor along the adventure, the Vortex World forever remains. On their final battle against the demon-prince, the man-in-red's fate is unknown, until he is seen somewhere in post-apocalyptic Tokyo, carrying the woman in his arms. After the uneventful end of everything, and the fall of the demon-prince, the man-in-red bids the demi-fiend a farewell and searches for the hell-biker to keep the woman safe in the mean time. When the man-in-red and the hell-biker meet again, they decide to change their names into 'The Devil-Hunter' and 'Wrath Itself' respectively.

The fate of the woman's children is unknown at this point..."

  "The twins are safe and sound. Their foster-parent however, has met an ill-fate with the demi-fiend, as well as many of her close ones. One of the twins finds love and marries a human survivor. Due to his demonic-heritage, he bites his wife, turning her into a vampire. The need for warmth destroys his sense of sanity, and after the ordeal, he comes to realize how much of a monster he became in that moment. In shame and regret, he fears the day he meets his mother again, having betrayed an important oath he made to her.

His wife lives on and forgives him. Thanks to her immortality, they wait for several decades until they decide to have their first child.

The other twin marries one of the aliens that have landed on Earth in 2006. The rumors of the landing where true."

  "One of the aliens, the one who flew the ship to Earth in 2006, meets with the non-human Earth-races for the first time, after much studying. He makes a proposal to them and predicts a 'positive change' in the Earth that could benefit all of them. Most of them refuse to listen, while some partake in the project."

  "The Devil-Hunter and Wrath Itself search the Vortex World for a tunnel into the demon-world known as the Temenigru. In it, The Devil-Hunter intends to take a special object with him. The two of them seek the tunnel for several decades. When they do..."

  "A new generation of children are born in this decade, and when The Devil-Hinter and Wrath find the tunnel they were searching for, it burrows away into the ground."

  "With a new generation of children, it is encouraged that schools are to be built for the sake of their education so that the elders may teach them the ways in order to endure these harsh times in the Vortex World. The elders worship the demi-fiend as their benevolent God."

  "The father of a little blonde girl goes missing; someone murders her mother. This little girl greatly resembles the woman who died in The Conception; the same woman who left her lover nearly 9 decades ago, and the same woman who befriended the-man-in red and the hell-biker."

  "The break-point where the Earth enters its 'rebirth' stage. The oceans reappear and a new 'Outside World' (or 'Surface World') is created to take the place of the old one. The Vortex World remains still.

The alien who ran the project and predicted this event sends his inventions to dig through the ground of the Vortex World in over 88 different locations to reach the Outside World. Millions are sent in these tunnel-burrowing machines (digger-units) to rebuild civilization outside. These pioneers would be the first of the non-human kind to work together.

As the project commences, people of the Vortex World begin to question why an Outside World formed so quickly. Rumors start surfacing that the demi-fiend had somehow applied a Reason to the semi-dead God. From the moment he opposed God and defeated him, all the way to the year 2100, a new world was forming on the Outside. These are only rumors, however, and there is no proof that such a Reason or event could happen.

It should be noted that each tower is a massive piece of the central sun that demi-fiend and The-Devil-Hunter have destroyed. The essence of God is faint but still alive in the dark star, giving those who wish to escape into the Outside World an impossible goal (rather than gravity forcing them into this world, God uses the only ounce of strength he's has to keep his creations in the Vortex World as punishment).

Luckily for the digger-units, their highly-advanced technology and horse-power were able to surpass what little strength God had in order to pull them back into the Vortex World."

  "Two years later since the digger-units were launched, the first 10 cities are finished on the outside. It is confirmed that the outside world is almost as lush and habitable as the old one. Trees, grass, and oceans are formed on this side as well. It is also said however, that the oceans are bottomless, being gateways to both the Outside World and the Vortex World. The inhabitants of the Vortex World begin to question at this point why they couldn't have gone through the oceans. The alien who ran the project claimed that it would be too dangerous. He states that the oceans would be too dark to traverse safely on the night-side of Earth, saying there are dangerous demons that lurk at these hours. Other factors such as pressure and extreme cold are highly warned of. In the day-time, the sun would beam through parts of the ocean where the Outside World exposes them, and through the Outside World, the Vortex World can see these parts shine intensely. It is warned that not only are the exposed oceans too bright, but also too hot to swim through. Anyone who tries surfacing the Outside World through this would burn to dust. After much convincing, the public believes him, and the workers on the Outside World return with small tunnel-burrowers to transport one civilization after another.

After this, life in both the Outside World and the Vortex World begins anew, with a few twists."

  "Much has changed on the Outside World. For instance, the shape of the oceans are different, and the countries once known by both humans and non-humans are also very much different. The oceans on the Outside World do not match the shapes of the Vortex World. There are many islands and many Australian-sized continents. It is agreed by many of the pioneers at this point that they should rename some countries and keep others the same. Japan, for instance, as a new capital city known as 'Ryokou', named after its Mayor's son (sort of). As more and more cities are built, each one is named by its chief architect director.

(QUICK TRIVIA: Each city also holds large towers, which in reality are the digger-units after they have served their purpose. By turning these transportation machines into the frame structure of the main building in each city, the workers can seal specific items in each of these buildings in order to keep them standing, as they are memoirs for all the hard work and effort the pioneers have given to make the cities. Each main building is known as the 'Capital Tower' and contains an artifact related to the 88 current Greek Constellations. All of them share something in common aside from that. Every artifact carries a known symbol related to said-constellations with magic gems embedded on the dotted patterns.

These towers also serve another purpose. They also act as solstices; massive towers where a special event occurs every once in a while. The towers are built where they are (on purpose) so that the cities point directly at the actual constellations they correspond too. For example, the Ryokou City's capital tower is a club that has a hidden room containing the soul of a dragon sacrificed during settlement in the Outside World. The dragon's soul is the artifact, 'Draco'. Its soul resides in this room, but tile patterns on the floor contain its constellation pattern, right under a roof-window which lets the sun-light and moon-light in. Should it perfectly align itself at the time the tower is closest to the actual constellation, 'Draco', the town is imbued by a special light that grants its citizens a special gift. Each gift given by the events these artifacts have is unique and never the same. No one but the mayors and the veteran-pioneers know of the towers' purposes.

The towers also have a dark secret to them. A few hundred-thousand pioneers were part of a newly-formed cult that wanted to establish a brand new religion that would replace all beliefs of God and retcon the Bible. Their beliefs followed sacrifices to the Constellations, in hopes that they can make "Gods out of them" (out of simple stars that mere humans played "connect the dots" with). Each tower is built very differently, and not all of them serve the same exact purpose in career-terms. They each center around certain job-fields, and can be mayor buildings, business companies, or even casinos. How the towers are built and what the architects decide for them to pretty much revolve around is decided by the entire group of workers, and as such, sacrifices for the secret rooms target employees who work in these towers. However, as sinister as these secret rituals may be, the victim/sacrifice is allowed to fight back as a test of strength, skill, and worth. Should a victim survive the trial, they are released from the room, and the next time the tower enters its solstice-like event, the gift given by the tower would be strongest around its last champion.)

Something terrible happens, however. When the first pioneers were sent to build cities, an invasion occurred on the Outside World, resulting in a war. This happened during construction, with many casualties and deaths. Fortunately, some of the pioneers were powerful elders who decided to take up the matter into their own hands. They manage to fend off the alien invaders long enough to finish the cities. The threat however, continues.

These aliens, known as the 'Akanni', claim they have been on every planet on the Universe, and have visited Earth once before. They say that it was they who created the humans, mixing the blood of their own kind and different primeapes to result in the first 'homo-sapiens'. They also claim to have done the same to most races all over the universe, including making their own hybrid soldiers in which they took for their own. Upon their return to Earth, they say it is the first world to have gone through such an unusual phenomena. They decide it is so invaluable, they must have it for themselves. The Earth's inhabitants also become invaluable to them, stating that the non-humans are 'the most interesting life-forms they have ever encountered'. With this, their goal is to complete their hybrid-race by creating more soldiers with the DNA of these non-humans."

For other twists, the man who ran the occult and started The Conception is 'still alive', and the Vortex World becomes an 'egg source' for a deity to be reborn. This deity is known as 'Alphath, the First'. A monster that one inhabitant believes is the 'first life-form, and the last', leaving its true purpose and existence a mystery.

2 years after, The Devil-Hunter and Wrath bring the tunnel they were searching for back through demonic means (such as sacrificial rituals). Upon their success, they retrieve an item called the 'power generator' and reverse its life-draining effects to do the exact opposite. They return to the home of a young girl, very reminiscent of their fallen friend, and enter her home to find the woman. This is the same girl whose father went missing. When they discover her in the basement, the girl tries to fend them off thinking they are there to cause trouble. The Devil-Hunter overpowers her while Wrath applies the power-generator to the woman, and with this generator, the woman is brought back to life. She rises from her throne with her replacement heart and develops the power to control lightning and electricity with the power generator within her. After many years of trying to bring her back, they succeed. The Devil-Hunter explains to the girl what his intended goal was, and after a long talk, things begin to piece themselves together.

The man who began The Conception utters these words, as the president of the Outside World, "The World has only come to a stop, for now. True judgment has yet begun; they cling to promise, as dark as eternity and nowhere near as bright as the cosmos. Foolish they are, these hopeless fiends."
General Discussion / When it hits, we strike!
June 07, 2011, 06:33:06 AM
E3 is happening right now, in front of us, and we are awaiting to see if the rumors of the console-exclusive SSB4 is really true. If so, then let's ready ourselves. IGN is the first site most of us went to in order to promote Smashpower, and it will be our job again to get people's asses into our once-lush forum community. Will some of those guys remember us? Will they even be there still? Questions like these are yet to be answered, but regardless, the most important thing is bringing this site back to life with speculations, updates, rumors, and more.

If Nintendo doesn't announce anything SSB4-related, then there is always a next time, but to all Nintendo fans out there, here's to hoping.
General Discussion / Super Smash Bros. *Here*
March 25, 2011, 11:51:19 PM
What's this all about? It's a topic, but more than just any topic we've done. This topic will talk about what we would WANT for the next SSB, if there ever is one. In here, we can discuss stage ideas, stage songs, characters, veterans, newcomers, assist trophies, poke'ball poke'mon, series representations, and a possible story-line. This topic is for us to pretend that there really is a super smash bros. coming out soon.

If this idea gains enough popularity, maybe it can evolve into its own childboard, having its very own, organized topics for stages, themes, characters, items, etc.

For SSB4, I already have 2 stage ideas and some stage themes from the hit Poke'mon game, Black version (and White). I have fallen in love with my Poke'mon Black version. It is probably the best handheld game I have ever played (and still playing). From my experience in the game, I have come to the idea that these two stages can very well be in the next SSB4:

Castelia City:

Series: Poke'mon
Stage-type: Moving platform
New or Returning?: New
Replaces?: Delfino Plaza
Short description (from Bulbapedia): "Castelia City (Japanese: ヒウンシティ Hiun City) is a large seaside city located in south central Unova. Unlike other cities, Castelia is a huge, sprawling metropolis, sporting many towering skyscrapers and other tall buildings. It is the heart of business and economy of the Unova region, as opposed to its sister city, Nimbasa City which is the heart leisure. Most of its city streets are crowded with different people rushing around, trying to get to work, home, or other places, creating a hustle and bustle scene for city life. The city exists on the bottom of Unova's central peninsula, south of the desert and north of the sea, making for a perfect harbor city."
Stage songs:
-Castelia City theme
-Sky Arrow Bridge
-Nimbasa City
-Mistralton City
-Opelucid City (Black version)
-Opelucid City (White version)
-Black City
-Some remix of Wild Pokemon & Rare Pokemon since they're essentially the same.
-Trainer Battle
-Rival Battle
-Route 10

Poke'mon League/Team Plasma/N's Castle:


Series: Poke'mon
Stage-type: Descending/Ascending
New or Returning?: New
Replaces?: Castle Siege
Possible floors: First floor: the final battle against N; Second floor: N's room; Third floor: Hallway; Fourth floor: Poke'mon League statue.
Short description (from Bulbapedia): "N's Castle (Japanese: Nの城 N's Castle) is the location where ReshiramB or ZekromW can be caught. It is Team Plasma's main building, and is owned by N.

After defeating the Elite Four, this castle rises from the ground and attaches itself to the Pokémon League building. According to a Team Plasma Grunt, the castle was being secretly built for several years by overworking Pokémon that were taken away from other Trainers.
As the player enters the first floor, the player is stopped by six of the Seven Sages, who attempt to stop him or her. However, the Gym Leaders of Unova (with the exception of Cilan, Chili, and Cress due to the events in the castle being over when Bianca reached them) intercept the surprise attack, allowing the player to continue.
On the second floor, a member of the Shadow Triad directs the player to a room where two women await him or her, introducing themselves as Concordia and Anthea. Anthea heals the player's party and Concordia tells the player about N's childhood. A room on the third floor contains a PC that will allow the player to rearrange the party as well. In the same room, scientists mention that now, they could infiltrate the Pokémon Storage System to even release the Pokémon from Trainers' PC Boxes. Team Plasma Grunts are scattered about the other rooms; however, they will not fight, celebrating victory, or thinking of saying goodbye to their Pokémon. One of these Grunts will allow the player to return to the Pokémon League. N's room from his childhood is on the fourth floor.
Right before the final battle with N, the legendary mascot of either Pokémon Black or Pokémon White emerges. The respective legendary Pokémon can now be caught, and if there is space in the party, the legendary Pokémon will be used in the battle against N, where it is also first in the party. Otherwise, it is possible to swap the legendary Pokémon from the PC to the party.
During the battle with N, he will use the legendary Pokémon opposite of the game's mascot.
After defeating N, the player must battle Ghetsis, who reveals that he was manipulating N and Team Plasma in order to achieve his own goals."

Stage songs:
-Final N Battle
-Ghetsis Battle
-Team Plasma Battle
-Legendary Battle (Reshiram/Zekrom)
-Legendary Battle
-Elite 4 Battle (One of my personal favorite vgm songs)
-Champion Battle
-Cynthia Battle
-Celestial Tower

Tell me what you guys think. Should we give this a go?
General Discussion / Nintendo vs. Capcom, a possibility?
February 07, 2011, 09:20:28 PM
Yoshinori Ono has expressed interest in making a crossover fighter with Nintendo, but recently, he says it's not "terribly likely", meaning we won't be seeing it soon (but it is still possible in the near future). So what do you guys think? Based on this list I devised and the endings I've discussed at the MVC3 fanpage in Facebook, any of you think this crossover would be a hit?

Here's my list:

Nintendo vs. Capcom rivalries:
-Ryu vs. Mario
-Ken vs. Luigi
-Chun-Li vs. Peach
-M.Bison vs. Ganondorf
-Akuma vs. Mewtwo
-Dante vs. Ike
-Trish vs. Zelda
-Vergil vs. Black Knight
-Strider Hiryu vs. Link
-Date Masamune vs. Marth
-Sanada Yukimura vs. Roy
-Jin vs. Captain Falcon
-Megaman X vs. Samus
-Zero vs. Fox
-Tron Bonne vs. Porky Minch
-Amaterasu vs. Ness
-Phoenix Wright vs. Tom Nook
-Morrigan vs. Midna (Princess form)
-Leon or Frank West vs. Red (team: Pikachu, Squirtle, Ivybasaur, and Charizard, and him fighting directly as well)
-Tessa vs. Ashley
-Hauzer vs. Bowser
-Ryu (Breath of Fire) vs. Isaac
-Nina (Breath of Fire) vs. Felix
-Son-Son vs. Donkey Kong
-Samanosuke vs. Lyn

Posts on character endings and suggestions:

Nabil Mehari Akuma vs. Mewtwo
January 23 at 8:35pm · Like
Nabil Mehari M. Bison vs. Ganondorf
January 23 at 8:36pm · Like ·  1 person
Noe Martinez The reason why I made Pikachu Vs Wesker is cuz Wesker wanna use Pokemons to rule the world.....like Team Rocket....Mewtwo Vs Bison cuz they both use "Psychic powers" and Ganondorf Vs Akuma cuz they use Dark Powers
January 23 at 8:37pm · Like
Juan Melian Wesker would rival Giovanni, but that won't happen because just what would Giovanni bring? We have Poke'mon Trainer (Red) already. I'd rather have him, Gary/Rival Trainer (Blue), and Mewtwo.
January 23 at 8:46pm · Like
Noe Martinez Yeah just imagine in the ending a big building with a big "R" then we see a chair from behind then Wesker is in there press a button and all Pokemons become all evil and shit!!!!....
January 23 at 8:55pm · Like
Juan Melian Red's ending: He would travel into a region he's never seen before and ends up in the Monster Hunter universe battling Monsters with his own poke'mon team.
January 23 at 8:58pm · Like
Juan Melian Zero's ending: He joins Star Fox to take on Andross, a cosmic evil who threats Corneria AND Earth. Zero is an experienced Pilot, so it makes a lot of sense.
January 23 at 8:59pm · Like
Juan Melian Ness's ending: Him and Amaterasu become best friends (man and dog, after all), and introduces her to Paula, Jeff, and Poo and the other people from Onett (I think that's the name of his town, right?). It'd be a very heart-warming ending, that much I'd know.
January 23 at 9:00pm · Like
Noe Martinez Link's Ending: Dante is seen fighting a huge Demon and just when he's out to finish him with a final blow a light arrow comes and defeats the demon...Dante looks behind him and it was Link who destroyed the monster....
January 23 at 9:01pm · Unlike ·  1 person
Juan Melian Jin's ending: Him and Captain Falcon both race in cars. Jin piloting Blodia and Captain Falcon piloting his Blue Falcon on a massive race-track. Both of them exchange constant glares at each other staring at the finish line. Devilot and Samurai Goro both crash into each other after trying to cheat against other racers. At the final moment, they are both about to reach the finish line, yelling with vigor and ambition. Either that, or a cutscene change where a bunch of Mavericks and Star Wolf crew briefly interrupt their race and Jin and Captain Falcon are forced to leave their vehicles to lay the smack-down.
January 23 at 9:03pm · Like
Juan Melian Akuma's ending: He has killed Mewtwo and every single legendary poke'mon behind him (5th generation included), minus the exception of Arceus. Now feeling powerful enough to challenge the mightiest foe, he takes on Arceus as Shin Akuma and yells "IT'S ALWAYS FUN TO KILL A GOD!" and a fight of the century ensues.
January 23 at 9:04pm · Like
Richard A. Lourwood Arthur vs Metaknight
January 23 at 9:05pm · Like ·  1 person
Juan Melian Arthur's ending: He joins forces with Kirby on a quest in Dream Land to overthrow Dedede and bring peace back to the denizens. For epicness, Arthur voluntarily lets himself get sucked in by Kirby and spat back out in his underwear, with Kirby wearing knight's armor. Arthur just continues kicking ass in his boxers...in Dream Land.

January 23 at 9:08pm · Like
Juan Melian Son-Son's ending: He and Son-Son have a fruit picnic together with the DK crew. Son-Son turns random objects into various fruits and bananas, and the Kongs all have a banana-tastic feast.
January 23 at 9:09pm · Like
Noe Martinez Akuma's Ending: Ganondorf is seen defeated lying on the ground...Akuma extends his arm and opens his hand to absorb Ganondorf's powers......a Triforce is seen glowing on Akuma's hand
January 23 at 9:13pm · Unlike ·  1 person
Juan Melian I already wrote an ending for Akuma, but that's a good back-up ending.
January 23 at 9:14pm · Like
Bryant E. Lewis I think viewtiful joes rival should be captain falcon lol
January 23 at 9:14pm · Like
Juan Melian Actually, the Triforce would glow on the back of Akuma's gi, lol.

@ Bryant. No. Just because they look similar doesn't mean a thing. It'd be weird...Captain Falcon vs. Chibi Falcon? Naaah. Jin take's Joe's place. He makes A LOT of sense.
January 23 at 9:15pm · Like
Nabil Mehari Akuma w/ Triforce powers, that wouldn't be good news. Also, I'd expect the Triforce to be under Akuma's regular Japanese character on the back of his gi.
January 23 at 9:15pm · Unlike ·  1 person
Bryant E. Lewis guess u do got a point. But my heart isnt in the discussion just because i wouldnt wanna play a NxC game.Bleh
January 23 at 9:16pm · Like
David Parmley I think Mega man/Mario and ryu/link would work best. But I love Kirby and vj!
January 23 at 9:16pm · Like
Juan Melian ‎@ Nabil: Exactly. That's what I meant. Haha, imagine him going all over Hyrule killing random people, even the Zorans, Gorons, and then returns to the Gerudo tribe and all of a sudden, they all think he's one of them! LOL!
January 23 at 9:17pm · Like
Noe Martinez Bison's Ending: Bison defeats Mewtwo and takes him to the Shadaloo Headquarters....Mewtwo awakes just to find himself trapped on a capsule...Mewtwo use his powers to escape but the machine absorbs his powers and an army of Seth's get all powered up with Mewtwo's energy....then Bison appears and begin to laugh....
January 23 at 9:21pm · Unlike ·  1 person
Juan Melian ‎^ Nice! That one works out very well!
January 23 at 9:21pm · Like
Juan Melian Morrigan: Parties at Cerulian City in the night time with the first four gym-leaders Sabrina, Surge, Misty, and Brock (and flirts with him a bit too). She gets into poke'mon battling and realizes how much fun it is, gets into contests as well, and would most likely attempt to sleep with the older trainers (although the implications can be speculation, not direct evidence). After all, this IS gonna be a kid's rated game.
January 23 at 9:25pm · Like
Noe Martinez They really screwed it not to include Bison in MvC3...
January 23 at 9:25pm · Unlike ·  1 person
Juan Melian Chun-Li's ending: She infiltrates Team Rocket's base along with Chris, Leon, and Jill, and arrests Giovanni on the spot. Before that however, all four have to deal with Jesse, James, Meowth, Cassidy, and Butch (all cameos), before arresting Giovanni.
January 23 at 9:27pm · Like
Juan Melian Maaaaan. This game would be TOTAL fanservice.
January 23 at 9:27pm · Like
Kortland Showman NOE how do you say your name for the shout out :D
January 23 at 9:30pm · Like
Noe Martinez LOL!!!!.......its Noay, why U ask??...
January 23 at 9:31pm · Like
Kortland Showman cause im making a vid :) and youre getting a shout ou unless you perfer Shadow Akuma
January 23 at 9:32pm · Like
Noe Martinez its AkumaShadow :/
January 23 at 9:32pm · Like
Kortland Showman Sorry Im dyslexic >.<
January 23 at 9:34pm · Like
Kortland Showman oh Im making my vid what did you want me to talk about too?
January 23 at 9:35pm · Like
Noe Martinez ammmm......VENOM FOR MvC3!!!!
January 23 at 9:36pm · Like ·  1 person
Juan Melian Errr, guys? THIS IS NINTENDO VS. CAPCOM. NOT Lupinko vs. Capcom, lmao
January 23 at 9:36pm · Like
Kortland Showman sushh I had to see a couple things :P
January 23 at 9:37pm · Like
Demetrio Stark Wesker vs. Mewtwo scenario:
Wesker opens Mewtwo's containment capsule in a laboratory facility, awakening Mewtwo from his suspended state hoping to control Mewtwo-- but Mewtwo rebels, and the two have a showdown.
January 23 at 9:57pm · Unlike ·  4 people
Carl Spirit Bomb Anderson DK vs. Gief
CF vs. Commando
Zamus/Sheik vs. Cammy
January 23 at 10:06pm · Like
January 23 at 10:18pm · Like ·  1 person
Alexis M. Ortiz Perez lol
January 23 at 10:21pm · Like
Odin Othello Sampson lmao @ Wesker vs Mewtwo...Demetrio u made my day ^_^
January 23 at 10:33pm · Like ·  1 person
David Parmley bison/mewtwo ftw. And now that I think about it...

Rufus/snorlax hahaha.
January 23 at 10:37pm · Unlike ·  3 people
Alexis M. Ortiz Perez im trying to find a rival from capcom for bowser but i fail in finding one :s
January 23 at 10:40pm · Like
Allan Villela Parker Ultra supporting the Wesker vs Mewtwo idea
January 23 at 10:46pm · Like
Noe Martinez Bowser rival would be Hauzer....the dinosaur from Red Earth....
January 23 at 10:54pm · Like ·  1 person
David Parmley Dan vs a whole army of goombas!
January 23 at 11:11pm · Like
Juan Melian ‎^ Yup. And Mewtwo has a rival already. It's Akuma. Ganondorf's rival is M.Bison. I'm sure there's another Nintendo villain that could rival Mewtwo, but for story-mode purposes, Wesker's ending being just that (what Demetrio said), would be perfect.
January 23 at 11:13pm · Like
Jake Price Luigi and Ken, Wario and Akuma, Yoshi and Megaman, Bowser and Bison, Link and Dante, more to come.
January 23 at 11:17pm · Like
Juan Melian LOL! Luigi's ending!: Dan Hibiki (cameo) is first shown trying to outwit Waluigi in a New Super Mario Bros. multi-player-styled game to see who gets the most giant coins. Luigi is feeling sorry for himself and kicks at the dirt when suddenly, he notices an invasion that quickly overwhelms Dan and Waluigi. Luigi realizes Mario is too busy celebrating his victory over Ryu and steps up to the army. BUT, before we really see ALL of Luigi, we come to notice that he was wearing a gi just like Dan's. He then charges one of his fire-balls to imitate the hadouken and blasts a wave of fire that engulfs 100 koopas and goombas, leaving Dan and Waluigi covered in smoke and soot.
January 23 at 11:18pm · Like
Odin Othello Sampson Akuma vs Jigglypuff: Clash of the titans :P
January 23 at 11:20pm · Like
Jake Price A little off topic: If Nintendo makes another Smash Bros, and Capcom makes this before that, I would think that Megaman, or Ryu, or something would be in next said Super Smash Bros.
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Demetrio Stark Megaman vs. Ray MK II scenario:
A security camera gets a glimpse of Geo Stellar exploring an empty lab with rows of idle robots, and the alarms go off and a cannon emerges from floor and shoots a robo-cube that begins to transform into Ray MK II. Geo Stellar begins to perform an Electromagnetic Wave Change and transforms into Megaman and the two face off.

Wesker vs. Mewtwo scenario:
Wesker opens Mewtwo's containment capsule in a laboratory facility, awakening Mewtwo from his suspended state hoping to control Mewtwo-- but Mewtwo rebels, and the two have a showdown.
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Juan Melian ‎^ More like each company makes a version of their own game. That's what would happen.
January 23 at 11:27pm · Like
Wade Wongabaykan Dee Jay and Funky Kong
January 24 at 7:22am · Like
Alvin Balce I think it's Mario versus Rockman, then Ry versus Captain Falcon.
January 24 at 7:28am · Like
Alvin Balce I meant Ryu versus Captain Falcon.
January 24 at 7:29am · Like
Azri Firman Aqil Wait, where does Haggar, Phoenix Wright, and Frank fit? Can't fit them in?
January 24 at 7:44am · Like
Alvin Balce Haggar vs. King Bowser Koopa. Phoenix Wright vs. Kamek. Frank West vs. Samus Aran.
January 24 at 7:49am · Like
Azri Firman Aqil That's an idea.
January 24 at 7:59am · Like
Juan Melian Or better yet, Haggar vs. King Dedede, Phoenix Wright vs. Tom Nook, and Frank West vs. Wario
Wait, Co2100 is still receiving updates via Smashpower?  That's right!  Look no further those-who-are familiar with the story!  In this very thread, I will provide posts containing vast information of the world of 2100 as a guide to the story itself.  For those who are confused at this point, stay confused.  It's better to keep some truths in suspense as I slowly unravel who's who and what's what.  From now on, you can treat this thread as an index, with every post covering up several points of the story.

If you have any further questions, PLEASE do not post here.  Post in the 2100 Q&A to ask what there is to expect.
Favorites are B/W/G and R/S/E.  R/S/E is probably the worst of all in people's opinions, according to design, the pathetic amount of underused/shit-tier poke'mon (by tourney standards), and just about everything else.  I loved it though, A LOT, and designs do NOT suck (except for some, but EVERY gen has a crap design somewhere).  VERY underrated generation IMHO.

EDIT: In case anyone asks what the big deal is about Gen 3 up in the voting options, it's a reference to fans of Capcom/Type-Moon.  DMC2 and an anime called Shingetsutan Tsukihime, both of which were SO bad, that the fans deemed that neither of those ever happened (and deny those two being canon in their respective companies).  Gen 3 was mostly negative so I guess this can be the Poke'mon-equivalent to those things.
Items (medium): Smash Ball, Poke'ball, Dragoon, Golden Hammer, Homerun Bat, Beam Sword, Bob-omb, Hothead, Cracker Launcher, Timer, Soccer Ball, and Metal Box

Stages: Final Destination, Battlefield, Smashville, Delfino Plaza, Battleship Halberd, Yoshi's Island, Poke'mon Stadium (both), Port Town Aero Dive, Summit, Luigi's Mansion, Spear Pillar, Bridge of Eldin, Temple, and WarioWare Inc.

Based on us New Jersian's favorite rules, items, and stages in Brawl.

I won't be joining obviously.  I might not even be here on Friday to make it :)

OMFG, this looks SUPER SEXY!!!

* Juan is going to get this game when it comes out ;D

So, anyone going to predict who'll make it into this game other than the obvious?  This needs X and Zero, and Dante as well.  People were asking for Dante for almost the same time since our last MvC crossover.  We can probably and finally have Ingrid, Phoenix Wright and Franziska von Karma as well, as intended for TvC:  Ultimate All-Stars.  So many possibilities. 

Due to my fear of bringing up the rumor where "Capcom will bow fans out of the water" with its roster, search for it yourselves.  Can't risk exploring the net anymore to random sites.  My laptop is nothing but trapped in dead-waters at this point.  I navigated Destructiod on my iPod Touch once and got a malware attack, but luckily, it was on my iPod Touch, hence I was fortunate not to browse on my actual laptop.

I do recommend however, to look into TFG (TheFightersGeneration):  www.fightersgeneration.com/main.htm

It's great if you want updates on the latest fighting-game news.  Again, I don't want to risk browsing sites other than the ones I use now.
Chronicles of 2100 / 2100 Plot-line
April 11, 2010, 04:33:22 PM
FINALLY!!!!  After four hours of typing up this LONG-ASS synopsis, I- baaaaah, just read it if you want to know where 2100 is right now... (btw, Sine Recleoura is a Drocon.  He is Shikon's replacement).

The Legend of Legends:  The Chronicles Untold

          The Chronicles of 2100 is an epic about a series of events that occur throughout History.  In History, a land kept divided from the unknowing human beings known as Luigio is forged by an omnipotent being named Sine Recleoura.  God-like and powerful with millions of followers kissing at his divine feet, Sine creates the first ever "America" for non-humans and mythical beings alike.  Attempting to idealize this land for superior immortals, Sine turns his attention to four young children from the Untold Realm.   These four children whose origins are unknown are brought by Sine to cultivate and create an Eden for non-humans.  These four children start four different clans, minus one, who, happens to watch everything around him for being at such a young age.  Luigio is a land where those who step unto and are born within embrace eternity under Sine's benevolence.  Acroneos Drakontas Chronicle of the Chronicle Clan and the Chronicans (or "SoulGears"), Tsukiyomi Raykaru of the Raykaru Clan and the Raykarans, and Randolph Von Yŷver of the Yŷverians.  Their fourth-ally, Daen Kidate, the youngest of the four-founding members of Luigio, has no clan of his own.   Acroneos, Tsukiyomi, Randolph, and Daen all sign a contract stating the following: 

  • The Four Arch-Lords-which we are given our unique qualities-shall preserve our eternal essence through our future remnants.  Our spouses and our wives will carry our children as we will carry theirs.  Never shall an Arch-Lord or a descendant of an Arch- Lord marry his or her own neighboring companion, whom, if an Arch-Lord engages with an Arch-Lord (or their descendants), our contract of Eternal Friendship is forever shattered.  May we live with this code and remain Red, Blue, Yellow, and Black, as we the Arch-Lords shall forever rein eternal supremacy over the great lands of Luigio. - Chronicle 15:21 "Chronicles of Luigio"

          As Sine's apprentices, the four Arch-Lords follow his rule to create Luigio by first starting each of their clans.  Acroneos and Randolph each find their own wives while Tsukiyomi finds a husband.   When each of them starts their own clans, over the course of the years, they discover a verse/passage by Sine that not only surprises them, but shocks them as well:

  • The World, a place with creatures swaying under grass; the Earth, a place where Eden was once known; Eden, a place where we have come from; coming from, we are from Eden.  This world, imperfect, shall meet its end on Judgment Day.  The day we reclaim Planet Eden, the Earth shall crumble along with its Sinners and its Humans.  When we finally come to Eden, the World shall be no more - Recleoura 3:16 "Starlight Prophecies"

Angered by the passage written by Sine, the Arch-Lords taken action and convert their midair fortress into a Librarium.  This Librarium, built by the most advanced magic ever conceived, becomes the first architecture built of both science and sorcery alike.  When their childhood playground becomes a massive Deus Machina (Machine God), they plan to finish the structure in hopes to escape the Rapture when Sine declares Judgment Day.
          When Sine discovers their rebellion, he tries to recruit their youngest member, Daen Kidate, and promises him eternal power and the ownership of his own Hell.  Meanwhile, Acroneos meets a Princess from the "Outside" who takes an interest in him and his Arch-Lord allies.  Acroneos and this Princess befriend each other and the Princess decides to assist in the Librarium project by finishing the architecture.  Infuriated, Daen becomes "ENVIOUS" of Acroneos' sudden friendship with this mysterious woman.  Lately, he becomes obsessed and tries to "PRIDE" himself around Acroneos to gain attention from him, to no avail.  Annoyed rather, Acroneos tells Daen to ward off and give him space.  "CORRUPTED", Daen one night enters the Librarium (unfinished) and creates time-coordinates that lead to the "First Crimson Moon event" of the past.
          When the Princess reveals her dreaded curse, the other three Arch-Lords discover that she comes from the most advanced Vampire-race in the world.  However, hesitant to write "Outside" history, Sine refuses to keep information of her name, her clan, and her reputation within Luigio, thus, the Princess' name and origin remains a mystery.  By messing with the Libarium, Daen makes the entire palace disappear in the past thus starting the first-ever "Paradox Loop."  Daen laughs nonchalantly and turns his attention to Sine for power.  "GREEDY" for his own "Eden" and ready to take it into his own hands, Daen officially joins alongside Sine to obtain this power and to overthrow the Arch-Lords and their newest ally, the Princess.
          However, after discovering she has her own matters to attend to, they frown upon her early dismissal, but not before Acroneos makes her an honorary Arch-Lord.  Laughable enough, Daen barely contributed to the Library project in the first-place, thus showing his deep sense of "SLOTH".  Angered with Daen's betrayal, Acroneos focuses on Daen when they reencounter.  The three-remaining Arch-Lords, Acroneous, Tsukiyomi, and Randolph all start their own group known as the "WarCRY" group (with each capital letter being the first letter of their last names), and challenge Sine for the right of the land, rebelling and claiming that destroying Earth was "Evil" enough in their eyes.  With each of their mighty blades, "Luvanta Suprannia (Luigian for "Supreme Star"), "Igakan Tempasia" (Luigian for "Tempest Moon"), and "Iocuaro Relanpago" (Luigian for "Raging Jupiter), the WarCRY group stand together against Sine.  Unsurprised, Sine accepts their courageous efforts to stop him from executing his doomsday plan, and Daen assists Sine in order to make his goals come true.

          After a long and treacherous battle, Daen successfully kills off Acroneos and emerges victorious.  Tsukiyomi dies and becomes one with the Librarium.  Randolph survives the ordeal and is turned into Rudolph (the same Reindeer of the Saint Nicholas stories) by Sine.  Acroneos' soul wanders the Earth, looking for the Ultimate SoulGear Descendant in order to "complete" the Librarium.  Randolph loses his memories and only remembers himself as the childhood legend, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.  Furthermore, the red-nose is a side-effect created by Daen, known as the "Red-Mark."

          The Mark would restrict its victim's power in place of Daen's.  Already owning his own Hell-spot, Daen sends out demonic insects all over the world known as "Blood Locusts" which travel the world devouring the souls of the innocent to gain power.  However, due to Sine's incomplete "promise," Daen is stripped of the power Sine gave him, thus furthering the intention to gain power by devouring souls with these Locusts.

          As for Tsukiyomi, filled with anger, her enraged spirit wanders the Librarium, ready to kill those who discover its whereabouts.  The Crimson Moon incidents that occur, stirring the bloodlust within Vampires and Nocturnal beings alike (all influenced by the moon), all trace back to the Librarium.  Tsukiyomi's involvement with the Crimson Moon incidents is because of her role as the "Guardian of the Moon."   Victimized by the same curse Vampires suffer under every Crimson Moon, the Librarium becomes crimson-red and Tsukiyomi screams within the corridors of the massive Deus Machina.

          When Sine wins the battle with Daen and defeats the WarCRY group, Sine creates two weapons-one scythe and one blade, known as Quilla & Inti respectively (Quilla, representing the Moon, and Inti, representing the Sun).  Satisfied with his new position in power as the Messiah of Luigio, Sine begins the creation of the land by creating its rivers, lakes, grass, trees, and animals as a gift for all the descendants of the Arch-Lords.  Merciful, he spares the clan-descendants, but Daen has other plans.

          Daen tells every single one of the WarCRY relatives that their "loss" was simply due to their inability to cooperate, and that Daen tried all that he can to make Luigio and the "world a better place." Creating this horrible white-lie, the clans begin to question and each other, and without Acroneos', Tsukiyomi's, or Randolph's guidance, the clans fight each other in a battle known as the "Great Luigian War."  To this very day, Luigio earns the name of the first two letters of each of the legendary weapons wielded by WarCRY, hence LUvanta, IGakan, and IOcuaro.  As for their Librarium, it is christened "Vantaakan-Cuaro."
Centuries later, the war ends with an Admiral named Modie Raykaru, who ends the war by killing off every single Chronican after reading stories of "Acroneos' supposed failure" to protect Tsukiyomi from her fate.  Acroneos, the "Guardian of the Sun," searches for a descendant that would complete the Librarium and upon his search; he finds a descendant named "Rodney Chronicle."  Discovering that Rodney is the last-surviving Chronican, Acroneos keeps a sharp-eye on Rodney's foster-father Modie, who adopted an abandoned infant Rodney.  Despite Rodney being Modie's "enemy," he raises him regardless.  Relieved that Rodney is powerful enough, Acroneos follows Rodney so that he may approach him one day in-spirit and convince him to enter the Librarium and finish the work Acroneos could not. 

          The work Acroneos could not complete is the reason the Librarium suffers Crimson Moon incidents.  The piece missing to complete the architecture is in actuality the Heart of a SoulGear.  Before he could sacrifice his own Heart in the past to complete the Librarium, he is thwarted off by Daen and Sine in their previous battle.  As such, the Librarium suffers from its "constant overheating" without a "Heart" to temper it.

          When Rodney reaches phenomenal power and Kingship rule over Luigio, (similar to that of Acroneos at age 12), Daen finally decides to confront Rodney in hopes of taking his Kingdom away.  Acroneos, determined to get revenge on Daen, can only watch helplessly, but what really infuriates this Veteran Arch-Lord is not Daen's reckless challenge, but Rodney's commitment to his wife.  Instead of being proud of his descendant, Acroneos discovers that Rodney is engaged with another Arch-Lord descendant, hence shattering the contract Acroneos forged centuries ago.  Rodney Chronicle, in love and engaged with Queen Harusame Raykaru (who feels the same about Rodney), become the first two Arch-Lord descendants in history to break the 15:21 passage written by Acroneos and the Arch-Lords.  Over time however, the interracial relationship between Rodney and Harusame grows in Acroneos, and his attention turns back to Modie.  Acroneos discovers that Modie has secretly arranged a fight between Daen and Rodney in fear that Rodney would surpass the veteran admiral.

          When Daen confronts Rodney however, he remembers Acroneos.  His problem with Rodney stirs a sudden feeling of "WRATH" upon him, as well as untold "GLUTTONY" for more power.  Motivated to take away Rodney's kingdom, Daen's heart is filled with "LUST," threatening to rape Rodney's wife.  When Rodney and Daen fight, Rodney is able to go head-to-toe against Daen, but Daen uses the power of his Hell-ground known as "Lucifer's Garden" to bring Rodney's fears to life.  A cruel opportunist and a horrible sportsman, Daen slices Rodney in half, and declares victory against the Chronican descendant, or so it seems.  As soon as Daen kills Rodney, Rodney resorts to a last-second attempt to bringing Daen down along with him.  Rodney uses his SoulGear powers and activates his Heart's energy, exploding and destroying Daen in the process, ending their battle in a tie.

          Never able to actually take over the kingdom, Daen is confined to Lucifer's Garden, relying on his Locusts to corrupt powerful beings with weak hearts in order to gain his physical form once more.  Harusame becomes the perfect candidate as soon as Modie informs her that Rodney had died (again, the white-lie Daen had told centuries ago, but slightly different).  Telling her that Rodney left her out of boredom (lies), Harusame (pregnant at the time), is enraged and Modie leaves the room.  Feeling heartbroken, Harusame gives birth during her raging moment, but not before she makes a supernatural deal with Daen (in-spirit).  Daen offers her the power to get revenge on Rodney's soul, and without her knowing who Daen is, she accepts and becomes the omnipotent and ever powerful Deathgoddess, Kinyou Raykaru.

          Feeling victorious at last, Modie reminisces in the end of the Chronicans, his enemy-clan, and leaves without a care in the world that his niece, Harusame, has fallen into darkness.  Several decades pass by with no Chronicans around.  The humans are killed by Sine Recleoura's followers, the non-humans become the new dominant Earthlings, and a whole new war begins between the "Terrans" and the "Drocons."   Attempting to take over the world, Sine secretly watches as his people slowly destroy the Terrans.  As a last-attempt to battle Sine and his forces, Acroneos returns to the Librarium and somehow manages to activate the Planetarium room.  The Constellations displayed come to life and the stars explode (literally), transferring their energy unto 88 different children, thus creating the "Chapters."  These Chapters were to prevent Sine and his followers from having their wishes granted of claiming Earth.  On the other hand, Sine and Daen reunite together to recruit 16 different beings out of the 88 known as the <i>"Arch-Actors,"</i> their darker counterparts the <i>"Arch-Fiends,"</i> and the <i>"Arch-Angels."</i>    The Arch-Actors are children who are born of the 8 Deadly Sins, and the Arch-Angels are born of the 8 Heavenly Virtues.  According to Sine, these children would repopulate the world after Judgment Day.  However, a determined Acroneos still wanders around the world in-search for the rumor of the "Last Human on Earth."  That last human, that boy, is non-other than Rodney's reincarnation and grandson:  Karoku Hasu A.K.A. Neos Drakontas Chronicle.  Karoku, the main-hero and the last-surviving Human in the war, the epic, the tale, and The Chronicles of 2100, will unite with his non-human allies and the Chapters to uncover the truth behind Earth and to uncover his own purpose in life in a dystopia where humans are "no more."  And with every Chapter....... "A story unfolds...."
Chronicles of 2100 / 2100 Select-Screen: Gaia-style
March 02, 2010, 09:14:32 PM
Ok guys, have a look at the current graph:



EDIT:  The roster has been changed to a more male vs. female feel to it.  The entire top and bottom row are bosses while the 4 on the far left and right (towards the middle of each row) are also bosses.  I might just be able to stretch out some spaces for more SP members.  D.E.M.O. is a definite shoe-in, and I will think about adding Safir's character and Henry's, since there are plenty of males left to add :)

EDIT:  If anyone wants a "clear" look at the roster, look here

EDIT:  I added Safir's character and Greg's character, D.E.M.O., if anyone remembers good ol' Greg (Specs).
Chronicles of 2100 / The False Avatars List
February 06, 2010, 09:33:48 PM
I've set up and devised the "fake" constellations in which most of the evil characters will have.  If anyone wants to make a villain character that will antagonize your character, feel free to do so.  Try making that character an enemy of someone else too.  It'd make them less random that way.  Anyways, I hope you guys like the ones I made :)

False Constellations:

* Adamas (The Diamond) - Carmen The Indigo
* Ambra (The Amber) - Mushi The Orange
* Amethystus (The Amethyst) - Talan "Roswell" The Purple
* Arachnida (The Spider)
* Arcanum (The Secret) - Kohaku (Final)*
* Archon (The Ruler) - Seys Imaro "Eyesorami"
* Arcus (The Arc)
* Caballarius (The Chevalier)
* Caliburnus (The Excalibur)
* Camera (The Chamber)
* Caminus (The Chimney)
* Candela (The Candle)
* Capella (The Chapel)
* Cardinalis (The Cardinal) - Dorothea
* Catena (The Chain) - Koutetsu Kiba
* Cava (The Cave)
* Cella Georgii (George's Room) - George
* Cerberus (The Guardian Dog of Hades) - Psycho Lure
* Chalybs (The Steel) - Nikon
* Chimaera (The Chimera)
* Cicada (The Cicada)
* Clausum (The Closet) - Ethan Brooks
* Coelacanthus (The Coelacanth)
* Colubra (The Cobra) - Volker Bescheid
* Cymbalum (The Chime)
* Dues Machina (The Machine God) - Modie Raykaru
* Esmeraldus (The Emerald) - Abelard The Green
* Felis (The Cat) - Umi Skyla
* Follis (The Fool)
* Fores (The Door) - Abantes
* Forestis (The Forest) - Mori Iki
* Furca (The Fork)
* Gaius (The Blue Jay) - Jiyuna Suzuki
* Gallus (The Rooster)
* Gradalis (The Holy Grail)
* Gravis (The Grave) - Malina Greigel
* Gryphus (The Griffin)
* Hortus (The Garden)
* Kalenadrium (The Calendar)
* Kalos Eidos (The Kaleidoscope) - Iris Musara
* Labyrinthus (The Maze)
* Lacus (The Lake) - Ausgang Aufzeihen
* Lemures (The Lemur)
* Leviathan (The Sea Dragon)
* Librarium (The Library) - Heki Hitotsu
* Locusta (The Lobster)
* Mappa (The Map)
* Matracium (The Mattress)
* Mirus (The Mirror) - Rasmus Musara
* Monarcha (The Monarch) - Larissa Halestrom
* Noctua (The Owl)
* Organum (The Pipe Organ)
* Panthera (The Panther) - Matra
* Pernula (The Pearl) - Lein Nikutai
* Pibio (The Pigeon)
* Picus Viridis (The Woodpecker)
* Plattus (The Plate)
* Plānus (The Piano)
* Prensio (The Prison)
* Pupa (The Puppet)
* Ramus Pomifer (The Apple-Bearing Branch)
* Rapere (The Raptor/Bird of Prey)
* Regulus (The Basilisk) - Edgar
* Rhinoceros (The Rhinoceros) - Derek Cruz
* Rosa (The Rose) - Erika Silivasi
* Rubeus (The Ruby) - Izzy The Red
* Sapphirus (The Sapphire) - Talide "Yule" The Blue
* Scarabaeus (The Scarab)
* Sceptrum (The Scepter) - Daragus
* Solarium (The Sundial)
* Tarandus vel Rangifer (The Reindeer)
* Testudo (The Turtle) - Aristodeme
* Thronus (The Throne)
* Tigris (The Tiger)
* Topazus (The Topaz) - Cecilio The Yellow
* Torca (The Torch)
* Totum (The Top)
* Trilobos (The Trilobite)
* Turris (The Tower)
* Tyrannosaurus Rex (The Tyrant Lizard) - Saiko Skyla
* Unit (The Ace) - Morgan De La Fey
* Uroborus (Ouroboros) - Aiones Daimonas
* Vallum (The Wall)
* Vermis (The Parasite/Worm) - Saraphalis
* Vespa (The Wasp) - Vincent Vacquirre
* Vipera (The Wyvern)
* Virga (The Broom)
* Vultur (The Vulture) - Shiratori Mitsubishi

* Kohaku (Final) acts as a separate entity.  Plot-line reasons are involved and I won't spoil the reasons for that constellation she carries.  You can see this version here (as depicted in SC4):


Character Battles / CONGRATS MUZAY!!!
January 21, 2010, 08:52:33 PM
You have your very own child board ;D !!!

-Basic Biography:

-Name:  Karoku Hasu / Neos "Drakontas" Chronicle (real name)
-Side:  Main-Protagonist/Anti-Hero
-Age:  15-18 (immortal; immune to aging at 20, and is the youngest student in Union Academy)
-Height:  184 cm (around 6'0'')
-Weight:  68 kg (150 Lb.)
-Personality:  Cruel, cold-hearted, a badass, and tough to a lot of people.  He is actually shy in nature toward most girls and is noble and kind, but only toward his friends
-Occupation:  A student in Union Academy, resident in Ryokou, and traveler of the world.  He is also a bounty-hunter, killing anyone he deems "evil" like himself.  The youngest descendant of Acroneos and the Chronicans as well as Rodney Chronicle's grandson/reincarnation
-Sexuality:  Straight
-Alliances:  Senichi, Earnest, Ryoku, Kinme, Novas, Valarius, etc.
-Adversaries/Rivals:  Kohaku, Earnest, Aurelia, Victoria, Serrena, Keya-mari, Tim, Sai, Ziro, etc.
-Enemies:  Aurelia, Sai, Izzy, Asura, Kinyou, Daen, etc.
-Goal:  Discover his purpose in life and destroy anything that gets in his way
-Weapon:  "Ultra-Violet" and/or "Phoenix-Edge"; alchemic-sword
-Race:  Human / "Soulbreaker" = Soulgear + Heartbreaker (ancient terms used to describe the Chronicans)
-Powers:  Super-strength, Alchemy, control over Aether-element (can create small black-holes), Soulgear powers (able to control time and fire), and Psychic abilities
-Weakness:  Cryokinesis, Twilight energy (Aether is weak against Light and Dark when combined), and another Psychic-user


-In-depth Biography:

^ Karoku Hasu / Neos "Drakontas" Chronicle (Me; original)

-Title:  "The Beast of the Flames"

-Backstory:  Karoku is an accidentally-born human who came into the world after having arranged a commemorative funeral for King Rodney Chronicle of Luigio.  When a couple of Luigian messengers attempt to bury Rodney's corpse underneath a pyramid in Egypt, they cross by Greece with much dislocation.  Along their trip however, a royal planting seed used for his funeral as well as some of Rodney's blood escapes the coffin near a heavenly garden in Greece, merging together underneath the soil and creating the first "organic" clone.  This process begins as metempsychosis and starts off as a plant before the birth of the human fetus.  Through the initial process, the seed fails to copy Rodney's human genetics, and instead creates a reddish plant bearing the same fruit known as "Carbolyxe."  The plant spits out a seed and once again repeats the process that it had failed from before.  After a second attempt in creating a human, it comes out to a complete success, and after many years of effort, the seed manifests into a human fetus after being combined with Rodney's genetics and the seed's own.  Later on, Novas Skyla (a.k.a. The Red Joker), finds him born within the soil and tends to his care.  He then adopts him and makes him his foster son.  The population of Earth looks down on him as the last Human, claiming that his end will be their savior and that the humans will no longer "poison this Earth."  Because of his social indifference, the other beings view him as a nuisance, making him short-tempered and cruel.  However, he is shown to have qualities of a gentle young man who would defend his allies in times of ridicule from both sides, despite his personality.  At this current time, Karoku is a former student of Union Academy, and current wanderer who seeks others who are like him.  When he was a child, he was a fragile and feeble student who lacked the want or need to eat.  Other students would bully him around, until he meets Senichi who is new to Union Academy.  During the second day, he meets an innocent girl named Kohaku, and quickly befriends her.  He vows to protect her as a promise due to her "social indifference" as well.  Karoku would voluntarily share his food with her, and at the same time has been involved with the "Second Chance Orphanage."  Novas would ask Karoku to donate and food to the "Second Chance Orphanage," under Senichi's company, as a form of charity.  During these times is when Karoku first encounters Maline and befriends her, but before she becomes the "Half-Blood."  Years after, neither recognizes each other.  He also meets Earnest, who was also an orphan at the time.  Unlike Maline and her incident, Earnest moves in with a new family and grows up in Ryokou with Karoku and his friends.  At the third night of Senichi's enrollment in Union Academy, Karoku is forced to experience the power of Daen for the very first time and as a result, develops the accursed "Red Mark."  Instead of being killed by Daen's presence, he survives and develops an evil personality.  The aftermath of the scene changes Karoku permanently (his physical features only).  Despite his current form, his appearance is an affixed image of the merging between him and his evil self (while at the same time still being considered "human").  He is one of the 8 "Arch-Actors."  His demonic persona is a demon war-spirit named Asura "Yanma," a manifestation of gluttony whose goal is to overshadow Karoku and finally roam free to devour whoever he wants.  Yanma is a self-contradicting, negative response due to lack of eating.  Whenever Karoku gets aggressive, he develops an appetite for blood and carnage as a result of the sin and Yanma himself.  This is intertwined with his animal-instincts which he deliberately suffers from whenever the "Red Mark" activates after the removal of his headband (and at times, would be overshadowed by Yanma if he gets the chance).  Through the end of every event, Daen tries to take control over Karoku, causing the "Red Mark" to spread in different areas of his body (and having to seal those areas as well).  In the present, Karoku tries to survive the hardships of this dangerous new world by fighting Drocons, making friends and making fiends, as well as his intention of discovering his past and "The Truth."  His true name is actually "Neos Drakontas Chronicle", similar to that of whom his great ancestor had before the great war of Luigio, before being christened "Karoku Hasu" by Novas Skyla

-Combat/Fighting-style:  His style is original, though he prefers to authorize the style as "Ryuu-Kyuu" (9 Dragon Fist).  Despite being skinny, he actually harnesses super-human strength.  His style is actually similar to that of his ancestor, Acroneos.  Both of them fight wielding their weapons like knives and are known for their tremendous physical prowess.  His attacks are deadly and "animalistic," combined with his own style of martial arts.  He can fare as well without his sword when fighting hand-to-hand.  Karoku loves fighting with fire, especially in his shorts when he's emitting flames

-Personality:  Karoku's personality comes from Rodney's vengeful spirit (who makes him feel angered and amplifies his emotions as well).  He suffers a great amount of stress when put down by either his peers or his enemies, always revealing his darker side prior to the negativity he receives.  This can be countered if he engages in positive interaction with his peers, thus lowering his temper.  Even though he can be irrational and fierce at times, he has a heart and some sympathy for the innocent or the helpless.  Due to the large amount of hate in the world involving "worthless humans," Karoku is placed under this category making him very infamous and very unpopular with the non-humans and the half-breeds.  In spite of the categorization, a lot of residents are aware of his power.  However, most remain racially unreasonable with him which makes him view everyone as "untrustworthy" except for those closest to him.  His attitude is also the reason he's a cruel and an unrelenting harbinger, but is still a "good guy" no-less.  Karoku is regarded as a smart-ass simply because he is one.  He loves to mock his enemies and when his anger doesn't get the best of him, he fools around with his friends.  Despite his tough-guy attitude, he's actually shy on the inside.  He also has a weakness for beautiful girls around his age with "nice bottoms."  Unlike Senichi and his preference for large breasts, Karoku does not approach his situation in any form of perversion whatsoever.  For example, if he ever catches sight of Serrena's ass, he'll try to look away or force himself to think of different thoughts.  Rather than thinking sexual thoughts, he is too shy in nature to have thought-crimes and is secretly genophobic (is afraid of sexual intercourse).  Aside from his own personality and his conflicts with his peers, his personalities are a mix between a "Soulgear" and a Heartbreaker."  Biologically, his heart is a biomechanical gear with two halves (a golden halve and a pitch-black halve).  Like all Chronicans, his heart pumps and turns clockwise.  Depending on the direction is heart turns will also determine whether he's a Soulgear or a Heartbreaker (but in this case, his heart is always shifting directions).  His Chronican-heart is at the boundary of both, putting him at risk if his anger were to ever get the best of him.  If so, he is easily subject to becoming a Heartbreaker and a "Lost Memory."  Karoku is only misunderstood, confused, and afraid (just as his "Heart" is confused in which direction to "turn")

-Position/side:  Main Protagonist/Anti-Hero

-Nationality:  Japanese (Greece at birth)

-True Origin:  Luigio

-Religion:  Agnostic-Theism (lost his faith in "God")

-Sex/Gender:  Male

-Orientation/Sexuality:  Straight


   -Earnest Yŷver:  Karoku and Earnest share a special bond surpassing that of Senichi or Giino.  In fact, their connection is so strong, it rivals the bond he has with Kohaku.  Legends say that their last names bare relation to three of the ancestors that began their clans.  Accordingly, each member of the Chronicans, Raykarans, and Yŷverians all share a special connection with each other.  Karoku and Earnest are very supportive with each other and act like brothers when there are times of great desperation.  When it comes to his issues with Kohaku and Aurelia, Earnest always serves as his greatest friend and support, and vise-versa.  Earnest is also the reincarnation of his grandfather Seys Yŷver and is Randolph von Yŷver's youngest descendant.

   -Senichi "Tanaka" Alucard:  His best friend and most trusted amongst all else.  Senichi Tanaka is what Karoku calls the one guy that always stood up for him, even at desperate times.  He would never finish an enemy off if Senichi wants to get involved, and would voluntarily share their enemy's ass so that both have the glory of killing said-enemy.  When they aren't fighting or are into serious business, they usually find it easy to talk to one another since both can keep each other's darkest secrets.  Karoku trusts him out of everyone else since Senichi has been loyal to him, and would defend him from all angles if the situation calls for it.

   Ryoku: The Mayor's son and a very energetic yet cool guy.  Ryoku sees Karoku as a second "Bro" and always helps him out of rough spots, especially when it comes to being picked on.  To Karoku, Ryoku certainly acts like an older "Bro" which is why he considers him a very close friend.  Unlike Suzukaze, Ryoku is tolerant around Karoku and sees him as an individual worthy of protecting the city.  Although in spite of Ryoku's confidence in him, he learns that Karoku cares very little to nothing at all when it comes to the city of Ryokou.  Ryoku is more than proud however that Karoku is loyal to his friends, even though he's still rather coarse around most of them.

   -Kohaku Raykaru:  A die-hard adversary to him and only him, only they share great hatred toward each other mainly because of Kinyou's influence over her personality.  They are both arch-rivals and what may be classified as "eternal rivals."  Kohaku is his number one arch-rival and his toughest opponent out of his other allies/enemies.  At times when Kohaku is injured, dying, or in danger, Karoku voluntarily saves her life in the process without her knowing it.  He claims to do this because he's just a "nice guy," but can't help to admit that he's too shy and afraid of telling Kohaku that he always has her back whenever she's down.  Despite knowing the fact that part of Kohaku wants him dead (as of results of Kinyou's emotions), Karoku deeply cares about her and is too terrified to see her reactions if she found out the person she "hates the most" is the person that actually worries about her (an example of this is when he saves Kohaku while she's in an unconscious state, and then giving either Senichi or Jiro the credit to prevent her from ever finding out).  Due to their initial friendship in the past, he clings onto a promise he made her and will destroy anyone that harms or puts Kohaku in danger.  Karoku and Kohaku are in fact related to each other in a self-contradicting sense (brother and sister).  Their past lives are actually their grandparents (Rodney and Harusame, who were a married couple), yet despite their incarnation state, they do not come from the same parents.  She is also secretly in love with him, despite being aware of her relation to him.

   -Novas Skyla:  His foster father and landlord of Ryokou's farm supplies.

   -Valarius, "The Magician":  Valarius is one of the Major Arcana and one of Karoku's "thoughts."  He speaks to Karoku from time-to-time and acts as the anti-Izzy, giving him advice to help him have his way in life.  Valarius is also the creator and giver of the headband Karoku wears that prevents the "Red Mark" from going out of control.

   -Eidos Chronicle:  Karoku's "biological mother" and "Ultra-Violet's" humanoid form.  Eidos' appearance is that of a purple-skinned womanly figure with empty eye-sockets, long red-hair, and a pale-white face.  Eidos is considered one of Rodney's "daughters."  Due to Ultra-Violet's nature as a "Heartbreaker" weapon, Eidos is considered "evil."  Although she isn't necessarily sadistic or melancholic like the other antagonists, Eidos kills anyone who holds no Chronican blood, devoting her loyalty to her "son."  Despite this, Karoku has full-control over her actions, thus leading her to follow his every whim when in Ultra-Violet form.

   -Shinku/Nejime/Miyoko Raykaru:  His future children who travel back to meet their father and claim to be his children (except Miyoko, who doesn't know this at first).  At first he disbelieves it and finds it as an offensive insult due to his inability to get a girlfriend (despite his blind stupidity), and even chooses not to believe it even after grasping all of the facts.  Later on however, he refers to them as his children and keeps arguing with himself for it rather comically.

   -Jiro Suzuki:  His school rival who outruns everyone in speed.  Both are very good in video games.  Although he can be a tad cruel to him, it's only because of his arrogant personality and would allegedly beat him in a fight even if he were cocksure enough to be the "fastest runner alive."

   -Kinme Nyanko:  His neko-musume friend and little sister-like companion.  He finds her irritating and annoying, mainly because of the constant sleeping and suggling on his head (in her cat-form).  He does whatever it takes to hide from her, but always fails to keep her away from him.  Despite this, he still likes her as a friend and puts his life on the line at times to keep her safe.  Their connection is so strong, Karoku and Kinme view each other like blood-siblings and Karoku takes every chance to protect her.  Because of their deep friendship, Karoku holds a "lucky charm" (black/white-sided coin) created by Kinme to remind him of their unbreakable bond.

   -Hinatori Suzuki:  One of Karoku's classmates and best friends.  Hinatori is gothic, silent, secretive, and keeps emotions to herself at times, but also has feelings for Karoku.  Both of them get along very well when they're alone (they also show more emotion toward each other).  Regardless however, Izzy accidentally kills her at one point, which later leads her being resurrected by Kinyou as one of her servants.  Despite her membership in the Bloodmoon Castle ranks, she is still good to him and Jiro.  She only gathers information regarding Karoku and his current activities.

   -Hayami Suzuki:  Hinatori's sister and Jiro's cousin.  Hayami loves to spar with Karoku from time-to-time and is very competitive with him.  At times, this is also meant to test his capabilities to see if he's worthy of having Hinatori (something he isn't aware of).  Other than that, she mainly spends time with him curious of the Kiba clan (is in fact Koutetsu's half-sister).  At times, she also loses her sanity and succumbs to her wolf-like instincts, which prompts her to attack Karoku wildly.  To make matters worse, her affinity with the "Eternal Reign of Supremacy" (as one of its elite Chaos-Knights) awakens her "true" personality which prompts her to trying to kill him without hesitation.

   -Serrena Hatsuyuki:  His "Arch-Rival" and the most-popular girl in Union Academy (next to Aurelia on the list of popularity and school "fame").  She is the "Arch-Angel" of "Temperance", making her one of the 8 "Arch-Angels" (opposite of Karoku), as well as one of the daughters of Alice Grimoire.  Serrena is a popular and arrogant girl who bears a literally "cold" dislike to Karoku, and loves to bully and harass him.  Even though some of her pranks are harmless, Aurelia usually scolds Serrena and her plans that involve hurting Karoku psychologically in some form (even calling Serrena an "Izzy" despite Serrena having no knowledge of who Izzy is).  Even though she can be heartless toward him, she feels sorry for him when she learns of his origin/past.  However, in spite of her malicious attitude toward him, outside of school grounds, she usually stalks him and has somewhat of a crush on him (even though Karoku is clueless about it).  Serrena usually freezes him to kiss him without him knowing, always leaving an ominous heart-carving on the floor whenever she freezes him in his tracks.  Serrena also kisses him when he's unconscious (in most non-serious situations).

   -Evelyn Carlisle:  Evelyn is a student at Ryokou and a musician as well.  When she isn't in a mission, she usually plays the role of the advice-giver and shows Karoku various pictures depicting him and Kohaku in some erotic portrayal or form (fan-fiction included).  Karoku hates her constant unnecessary artwork and hates the sexual nature of her "art."  Evelyn is also aware of Karoku's liking towards women with "nice bottoms" due to an encounter with Amy, telling her once that she had a "nice ass," by accident.

   -Reina Himawari:  A psychotic yokai spirit that goes out every night to kill people.  She has a grudge against Karoku (unknown reasons) and would kill him in front of Kohaku.  Reina never fights him for fun at any time of the day, and is only interested in his death.  Karoku treats Reina like a full-fledged "enemy" and has no second-thoughts when fighting her (will kill her if given the opportunity).  She does sometimes help him fight off Sai since she shares that common-hatred that Karoku has.  Even though they call a truce at times, Reina is still out to kill him and everyone around her to satisfy her desires.  Reina claims to be an "incarnation" of Kohaku in relativity to the "old Kohaku."  Whether or not this is an alternate-version of Kohaku is unknown.

   -Keya-mari Nikutai:  Ryoku's girlfriend and one of the most popular girls in school.  Keya-mari is an arrogant jerk and a pain in the ass to everyone who is unpopular like her.  She has a history with Karoku and loves to pick on him to no end (even more so than Victoria).  She is merciless and terrorizing, being one of the most powerful students in school.  Her atom-burning is dangerous; Karoku is yet to beat her in a fight.  Keya-mari is one of the main reasons his life is a living-hell.  To this day, she continues to make his life miserable, thus he perceives her as an "enemy."  Even though Ryoku has no control over her irrational behavior, he always tries to cheer up Karoku whenever he is put down by her.

   -Sai Skyla:  Amine and Umi's deranged elder brother, who was put in a mental hospital after discovering a strange psychotic disorder he has.  He is a psychic-leveled user, and mildly Autistic (even though he is still considered a psychopath).  He views everyone as weaklings and Karoku as a lousy fighter.  Up to this point, Karoku's role in life is destroying dangerous enemies like Sai.  While Karoku doesn't consider himself one, he is somewhat a bounty-hunter.

   -Aurelia:  One of Karoku's best friends and an extremely powerful and dangerous vampire from an endangered-race.  Both she and Karoku are also worthy adversaries.  Aurelia takes Kohaku's place whenever Kohaku isn't around to give him a challenge in one of their spars.  Due to her dangerous nature and her evil alter-ego, "Vermilia," Karoku often has a hard time with her since she tries to drink his human blood.  Not only does he usually have to evade her, but because of her life-threatening powers, Karoku is almost always facing Death whenever Aurelia is out to get him.  Even though she is more of an antagonist around him than a friend, she is actually trying to find peace with him.

   -Victoria:  Victoria is the "Arch-Angel of Justice," and is Daen's granddaughter (which is why everyone in Union Academy despises her save for a few).  Victoria lives alone in an alternate-reality.  Everyone (except Karoku, Shimiru, and Amy) hates Victoria for bearing the blood of Aurelia's grandaunt and the Arch-Lord of Sin, Daen Kidate.  Because of her social-status, she perceives herself as an evil individual and acts upon her hate by plotting the downfall of everyone, including Karoku (for no reason).  Over time, she realizes the error of her ways and slowly feels sorry for him.  In the process, she develops a crush on him.  Karoku also protects her from harm's way without her knowing, just as he lies to Kohaku when he saves her.

   -Tim, the Bringer of Mayhem:  One of his arch and bitter rivals.  Tim is the leader of a renowned but corrupt organization known as the "Eternal Reign of Supremacy."  When Karoku first encounters Tim and Eris in Ri-Kaigun, Tim admits causing the destruction of the entire city in order to acquire and snatch Mildri Hildegunn's "Etan Bleu" sphere (which is in Kevin's possession).  Tim becomes Karoku's first "true" enemy.  His fight with Tim is also the very first one at the start of his world-travel (having Kevin, one of his new allies, accompany him).  In a way similar to how Maline and Sinthia share their rivalry, Karoku aims to bring Tim and his dreaded War Goat down at all costs; a true stalemate, their weapons lock; Draco vs. Aries.

   -Ziro:  A "Sad-Star-Soldier" and a powerful pyromancer who once worked with the "Eternal Order of Glory."  In the year 2100, Ziro is a lone-wolf bounty-hunter who deals with Drocons.  During the very beginning of Karoku's adventure, Ziro is the first outsider he meets and the first opponent he has ever faced (Tim being the second).  In the beginning (during his days in Order), he proves to be a potential martial-artist and rival.  Later on however, Ziro is shown working alone hunting down Oriz and the Drocon Leaders (scattered throughout different nations).

   -Maline:  Even though he knows she doesn't speak that much, he can understand the pain she goes through and always jumps in to drag her out of harm's way.  Before their first encounter, their true encounter traces back in time where Karoku would voluntarily donate food to her orphanage.  Later on, she develops a soft-spot for him and follows him around much to his annoyance, and would voluntarily fight by his side as a form of gratitude for acknowledging her existence.

   -Malina Greigel:  The rogue soul-eater who wanders everywhere devouring the life of her victims and constantly running from "Thanatos."  Karoku encounters her around the salt marshes outside Ryokou and has a momentary battle with her (but due to Kitoku's presence, she leaves).  Later on, Karoku, Kevin, Goryan and Scree encounter her again in her "Avatar" form.  When they all fight her, they survive long enough for "Thanatos" to devour her whole.  It is unknown what her fate is afterward.

   -Xharlis Larhal:  The Overlord of the Underworld (not to be confused with Hell) and the son of a Drocon General and a Death Goddess named Shuenshia Yomi (who is the "Princess of the Underworld").  Karoku defeats him one time which makes Xharlis lose title of "Overlord."  He follows Karoku at times to reclaim his former title, but Karoku thinks it's a stupid title (yet regardless of it, it's not his choice to "be" an Overlord).  Xharlis will do anything to take his title back, even it if means a fight to the death.

   -Violet Recleoura:  The Drocon Leader of South Korea and a friend of Karoku's.  Violet wields an imitation of "Ultra-Violet" called "Infra-Red."  She is capable of controlling fire like he does and is very powerful.  Even though they share views and Violet is his Drocon-counterpart, she is also sent to hunt him down much to her dismay (since she has a crush on him).  Violet harnesses incredible aura like him and waits for the proper time to confess to him of her affinity with the Drocons.

   -Four:  A Chaos-Knight and the meme-based demon-girl who wields a deadly sword named "Anonymous."  She is referred to as "Four-Chan" or the "Goddess of Memes" by everyone at Chaos and is on the hunt for Karoku.  Due to her sadistic and evil nature, it is natural for her to troll the "last human."  Four claims to hate everyone equally, but she hates Karoku and her "partner" Ai the most out of all.  She is on Karoku's death-list and is one of many reasons Karoku believes he is terribly unfortunate with girls (since most of them try to kill him).

   -Aurora Lucretia:  The Hell-Angel exorcist of Luigio and a master at holy and unholy magic alike.  Aurora is also a legendary aura-user and a "Reactor" who has control over her "explosive-intervals."  Karoku becomes her apprentice later on to learn how to control his energy more efficiently and use it without having to waste time to perform specific moves or charge.  Aurora can be a real bitch to him, mainly because Aurelia and her make fun of him behind his back and she never liked his past-life Rodney (former student).

   -Kitoku:  The Greek Death God and a current chaser of the half-reaper, Malina Greigel.  Kitoko wields two weapons chained together named "Mourn & Mercy."  Karoku briefly encounters him when Malina leaves.  As soon as Kitoku appears, the entire salt marsh vaporizes with his evil presence.  He fails to come to Kitoku's level and suffers from a near-death experience.  When Karoku "reawakens," he finds himself in the morning and forgets what happened.  Having survived Kitoku's wrath, he slowly regains memory of the encounter.  Karoku is set for a rematch in order to kill Kitoku as his very first feat in killing a Death God.

   -The Fateless Sentiment::  A wandering humanoid built up of anti-matter crystals.  "The Fateless Sentiment" (or "The No-Fate Sentiment) is a lingering robot-like manifestation of "broken data" within the universe.  A "Life-Virus," he is immune to the effect of erasure from "death-lines" and therefore carries none.  He was also Karoku's childhood imaginary-friend for a time until he met real friends, such as Senichi and Kohaku.  To this day, he remains within Karoku's mind and makes its debut in the real-world by breaking through the boundary guarded by Sister Navamni herself.  Jealous of Karoku's new-friends, he is after their lives and his, in order to garner the attention he had lost in the past.  He and Daen share a lot in common, and as a "Life-Virus," he is as dangerous as he is "imaginary."

   -Lamperos Chronicle:  Karoku's deceased granduncle that died prematurely within the womb.  Lamperos is an Albino Chronican as well as the twin brother of Rodney.  He is a Heartbreaker-Class Chronican and serves his father Izzy as the true "Member of Orange."  Lamperos wields a Heartbreaker-Class weapon called "Bleachbane," a bright-white buster-sword.  Lamperos becomes the main-objective for Karoku in order to learn more about his past and his past-life, which leads him to chase down Lamperos.  Like the other Heartbreakers, Lamperos is emotionless, but unlike the others, he is mute.

   -Izzy the Red:  Karoku and Aurelia's number one enemy, and former human/Nazi Veteran (now a spirit).  Izzy is the leader of the "Dark Watch Clan" and a psychopathic fanatic whose goal is to wipe out all humans (Karoku).  He is the reason both Karoku and Aurelia have an unstable relationship between trust and reliance.  Because of Izzy, Karoku and Aurelia often fall into arguments that lead to fights to the death (but Izzy's goal is to break their bonds).  To make matters worse, Izzy is also Karoku's "true" great-grandfather, who left Luigio for mysterious reasons, leaving Rodney orphaned.

   -Rodney Chronicle:  His grandfather and past-reincarnation.  He wears his cape, which was given to Karoku as a gift from Novas.  His past is unknown, which is why Karoku aims to find out who he/his grandfather was in the past.

   -Sakami "Chirila" Chronicle:  One of Kinyou's undead servants and a very distant, long-lost relative of Karoku and Kohaku.  Sakami is actually one of the last Chronicans and the only undead "human" in the world.  She is also the reincarnation of Rodney's late-older-sister Katheros Chronicle (whose remainder serves Izzy).  Due to her time-stopping capabilities and her tremendous skill with weaponry, she is a pure-blooded Chronican like Karoku.  Despite learning of her race, she is still very loyal to Kinyou and can care less if she is antagonizing Karoku's goals (at first).  Later on, she becomes more involved with him to learn more about his true feelings.  When her succubus impulses get the best of her, she turns to Karoku for her sexual pleasures.  In fact, she even develops a secret crush on him throughout their vast encounters (yet they are unaware of their relation to each other).

   -Ausgang Aufziehen:  The only male member out of the Bloodmoon Castle cast.  Ausgang is the second most powerful member of the group (under Andreea), and the most devious of them all.  Having goals with the intent of killing and gaining phenomenal power, he often tries to kill Karoku or take over Kinyou to make her forget why she's after him.  It is hinted that something happened in the past, because Ausgang recognizes Karoku as someone who had met his parents through time-travel as well as his past-incarnation.  To this day, Karoku fights Ausgang the way he fights Tim, but with killing-intent and the will to surpass his unstoppable Crimson-Moon powers.

   -Andreea Vermillion:  The most dangerous out of Kinyou's servants and the psychopathic mecha-musume of the group.  Andreea was part of a cancelled project Dr. Claude once began researching on by creating one of the first of her kind (and at the time, she was a prototype).  Kinyou finds her and reactivates her, only this time, Andreea runs on Kinyou's blood rather than electricity.  Anytime she is near Karoku (or Kinme), she would take him by force to make him play with her.  Most of her games involve "death," and because of her ability to make objects explode by eyesight, Karoku has quite the challenge up his sleeve when fighting her.

   -Shikki Raykaru:  Harusame's long-lost cousin and Rodney's step-sister.  Shikki is a wandering "Dusk-Demon" abandoned by Modie, which is the main reason Karoku refuses to trust him.  Shikki at first serves Rasmus and the entire Drocon-army, and later works for Fince.  She is extremely jealous of the respect Karoku received as Rodney and even knows this much (including Kohaku being Harusame's/Kinyou's reincarnation).  Even though she is homicidal and just as bloodthirsty as her cousin Kinyou, part of her wants to "know" Karoku/Rodney like the step-brother she never had.

   -Kinyou/Harusame Raykaru:  Harusame's manifestation of evil who seeks the opportunity in killing Karoku for "abandoning" her in the past, as well as to make his and Kohaku's life a living Hell.  Later motives include bearing his child to create the ultimate spawn (although this is linked to her feelings for him instead).  Her plan works, and as a result, she becomes pregnant with Miyoko.  Through the beginning, she bears a grudge against him for what Rodney had done to her in the past and uses Kohaku in many attempts to kill him.  Later on however, she starts developing the same romantic feelings for him as she did with Rodney (mainly because Karoku and Rodney are the same entity).

   -Asura "Yanma":  Karoku's dark side completely manifested from the "Red Mark" Daen gave him.  Asura was once a war-hero and a warrior-god who fought many wars and ate the leaders of the opposing army.  After being killed one day, he was punished for his cannibalistic sins and became the grotesque insectoid monster that he is today.  Asura represents a Dragon Fly and goes under the title "The Lord of the Flies."  He is one of the "8 Deadly Sins," representing "Gluttony."  Karoku is forced to limit the intake of food he can have because of Asura's presence.  Whenever Karoku has the opportunity to fight Asura within the "Red Realm," he always has trouble overpowering him due to the massive swarm of insects that are under Asura's control.  He looks forward to devouring Karoku as he does with other powerful individuals.

   -Rasmus Musara:  The Drocon Leader of Japan and the wielder of the "Black Mirror."  Rasmus is a powerful Drocon with the ability to perfectly copy his enemies based on a void-concept which replicates information within the universe (thus making his enemy fight themselves).  Rasmus is sent specifically to hunt down Karoku and capture the constellation "Draco."  The "Black Mirror" is absolutely flawless unless Rasmus himself is destroyed beforehand, which is why Karoku is looking for a way to overcome Rasmus in battle and free the entire colony of Japan from under his control.

   -Modie Raykaru:  His past-life's foster-father and Master.  Modie Raykaru is one of the "Four Poker Knights" and the legendary "Black Ace."  He is a powerful "Optic-Angel" and a mentor to Karoku in the year 2100.  Karoku doesn't trust Modie too much because of his constant lying (such as fake motivation and white lies) and his hatred for "Dusk-Demons" (since Kohaku and Shikki are ones).  Even though Modie always tries to cheer him up and assures him that he's not a waste in the world, Karoku refuses to trust him.

   -Daen Kidate:  The King of SIN, and his past-life's killer.  Daen is a ruthless and malevolent tyrant who uses people and takes full advantage of any situation for his own cruel benefits.  He is also notorious for turning people into "Archfiends" by changing their identities prior to their corresponding Sin or thought-crime.  Daen is also the creator of the "Archfiends" and one of the legendary 5 "Arch-Lords."

   -Acroneos Chronicle:  Karoku's great ancestor and the founding father of the Chronicans.  He is one of the legendary 5 "Arch-Lords" and the creator of the Chronican blade, "Luvanta Suprannia" (Luigian for "Supreme Star").  Acroneos is known for being the most powerful of the Chronicans, even superior to that of Rodney.

-Avatar/Religious-affinity:  Draco (The Dragon)

-Weapon:  "Ultra-Violet" & "Phoenix-Edge" ("UV" for short) = A living-sword, unlike any other, that grows from the ground.  Karoku was "born" from this demonic organism (the plant that gave birth to him), and uses his own form of alchemy to summon this plant in the form of a blade.  The very handle of the sword contains a U-shaped grappling tool that can decapitate heads when in contact with the victim's neck.  While not necessarily a "weapon," "Phoenix-Edge" is actually a set of four biomechanical wings with 2 located on Karoku's shoulders and 2 in his nether regions (wings appear upside-down towards the back).  Karoku can stretch these wings to jet out a fluid called "Dakramai," which catches fire and allows him to fly at will.  Phoenix-Edge's wings are always levitating rather than being direct attachments to Karoku, allowing him to willfully change where his wings are positioned (such as putting them together to form a shield or a blaster-weapon).  Ultra-Violet & Phoenix-Edge are known as "Heartbreaker" Class weapons.  Karoku can also separate the two halves of his heart through his left and right arms and create two new weapons: "Arcadia Suprannia" (Supreme Aether) on his right hand & an identical Heartbreaker-counterpart on his other hand.  Arcadia is like a cross between a long-sword and a masamune, in a golden-color completely different to that of "Ultra-Violet."  It is pure Luigian-metal and is able to emit flames that can burn through anything (even steel).  Arcadia Suprannia is also his past-life's original sword, thus showing that Karoku is Rodney reincarnated.

-Species/Race:  Human / "Soulbreaker" = Soulgear + Heartbreaker (ancient Chronican terms; no longer in-use)

-Favorite Food:  Berries (blueberries especially), seafood (fish, shrimp, lobster), and any kind of meat (when Asura takes over him)

-Favorite Hobby:  Likes to think a lot and space out in his imagination, likes drawing and painting whatever comes to mind, and enjoys writing journals of his adventures

-Dislikes:  Cocky and arrogant people, liars, bullies, idiots (bullies come to mind in his definition of "idiots"), and the cold.  In terms of socialistic fears, he's somewhat shy of girls, especially Kohaku and Aurelia respectively (he especially hates being bitten by them and other vampires, finding it a "kinky activity").  He also detests the "miracle of labor," being tremendously shy of the "mating" concept

-Goal:  Survive the year 2100 and find his true purpose in the world, get revenge on Modie, and protect his friends with his life

-Destined Battles between friend and foe:

   -Earnest:  Becomes feral and destructive after coming to a realization that his true purpose is to fight Karoku to the death to see which of the two "humans" is superior.

   -Kinyou:  Wants to defeat her and prove to her what had really happened in the past with Rodney in hopes to "change her ways."

   -Daen:  The Fallen Arch-Lord, for whom Karoku seeks vengeance on for killing his grandfather and destroying his clan's reputation.

   -Modie:  Get revenge for the horrible crimes he has committed in the past.

   -Kohaku:  Finally put an end to their rivalry with one last fight within the battlegrounds of their ancestors' haven.

-Age:  15-18 (Chronicans are immortal; immune to aging at 20, and is the youngest student in Union Academy)

-Height:  184 cm (around 6'0'')

-Weight:  68 kg (150 Lb.)

-Powers:  Karoku has super-strength, control over pyrokinesis, can alter time to his bidding, and can withstand the force of a nuclear missile and walk unharmed.  He comes from a race of humans capable of traveling through time (chronokinesis), controlling aether, and secreting aura-like oil from their skin to generate fire.  Acroneos was well known for discovering the ability to turn his own blood into oil and names it, "Dakramai" (Luigian for "Hindering Star").  Karoku uses this power to ignite himself on fire and utilize it in ways that make him seem like a machine.  In the night, his blood changes into dakramai so that he can emit fire as hot as the day (similar to oiling gears to keep gears moving).  One of Karoku's other abilities include the sun-dial patterns in his eyes.  With it, he can tell time as the contrast of his eyes change with the phases of the moon or the hour of the day; only he and the other Chronicans have this ability, known as the "Luvanta-Chronica" (Luigian for "Clock Star" or "Chronican Star").  Being a Reactor himself, his aura also boasts immeasurable energy levels, having the power to create massive craters with a concentrated punch or kick.  He is able to alter the course of death by reappearing from an alternate-time and preventing the inevitable (although he has not died in any alternate-reality yet).  Like his great ancestor Acroneos, as an addition to his chronokinesis, he can "reverse" the life-span of his victim to the point of birth and before birth (thus a guaranteed erasure).  He can also reverse the evolution-cycle of his victims and turn them into primitive versions of themselves.  The dakramai glands secrete various amounts of aura-like oil that immediately catches fire, and like jets, Karoku lets out fire from Phoenix-Edge giving him a dragonic mecha-like appearance.  Karoku is also partially a "Heartbreaker," which is known as the Soulgear-opposite due to the imbalances in his heart.  Under this form, he becomes more demon-like and is prone to losing his sanity.  His invincibility is absolute, and like Aurelia, he is a killing-machine in the day as she is in the night.  His most powerful form is "Artificial Angel," which allows him to compete against Kinyou.

-Move-set (fighting-game-wise):

-Special Ability:

  Α - "Artificial Aether" (special ability) = A unique ability that allows Karoku to regain health over time with UV in hand, or gain twice the energy from attacking his opponent(s).  This allows him to use his specials earlier without killing his enemy too quickly (in either case, the energy gauge fills on its own over time).  When fighting in hand-to-hand combat, he is able to secrete a black-red darkmatter substance called "Dakramai," which goes on fire every time a fire-based attack is used (as well as inflicting "burner" damage to his opponent(s)).  This increases the power and range of "Phoenixan Wave" and also flares his skin where "Dakramai" is present.

  Ω - "Artificial Atmosphere" (unlimited-form)= An enhanced version of "Artificial Aether" where the very top of the stage (the combo-limit height) is covered in "Dakramai."  Every hit Karoku inflicts releases "Dakramai," and also enchances his ability to gain gauge and life.  When he uses his fire attacks, the "Dakramai" is lite and each attack becomes fire until the fire wears out.  He can also combo the enemy into the air up to the "Atmosphere" (which explodes on the enemy when he comes in contact with his fire).  As an added bonus, if his gauge-bar is full, he can slow down time for 10 seconds, allowing him to perform devastating combos and specials (cannot perform "500 Years" while doing this, and performing "Chrono Flare" cancels the time-stop entirely after use).


  0 - "Ultra-Violet & Phoenix-Edge" (weapon) = He can summon his weapon at will to change his fighting style.  When he uses UV, he can't use "Avenge Lock" or "500 Years," but his range increases and his burn-factor also increases.  The difference between fighting hand-to-hand and UV is that one replenishes his health slowly (with UV), while the other increases his gauge faster than others (without UV).  "Phoenix-Edge" is used for his flying maneuverability and moves such as "Artificial Asteroid," "Chrono Flare," "Artificial Angel," and "500 Years."

-Regular Moves:

  1 - "Phoenoxian Wave" (arm /or sword slash) = A fire-based projectile attack that involves Karoku swinging his arm as if he were pitching.  It can punish at close-range.

  2 - "Dragon's Shadow" (punisher move) = A ranged-attack where Karoku's shadow morphs into a Dragon and strikes the enemy with a powerful bite.

  3 - "Blood Cross" (grab-based attack) = Karoku grabs his enemy's chest with one hand and punches them violently upwards (while still holding them with the other hand).  After that, he punches them in the face, knocking them back against the wall (opponents will bounce off the wall due to the strength of the hit the closer they are toward the wall of a stage).

  4 - "Reckless Sin" (counter-hit) = A counter-move where Karoku holds up "Ultra-Violet" and delivers a large diagonal slash when hit at the precise moment.  When he counters the enemy, he pauses for a moment and says "A reckless sin... you've committed."  At rare times, Karoku utters the words "You'll get no sympathy from me..." and deals twice the damage on the opponent (more occasionally when the enemy pulls a stressful combo on the player).

  5 - "Avenge Lock" (ranged-grab attack) = An attack with mid start-up that can only work if the enemy stands on the ground, either defending or standing still (this can be avoided by bending down).  At that moment, "Ultra-Violet's" decapitating end locks the victim in its grasp, whereas Karoku can combo in with either "Phoenoxian Wave" or "Reckless Sin."  The most devastating chain however, is the next move:

  6 - "Assault Carnage" (multi-hit air-combo) = Karoku kicks his enemy multiple times up to the air, grabs whatever clothing they have on, and throws them toward the ground; he ends it with an axe kick right after.  "Assault Incarnate" also works as a stand-alone combo without "Avenge Lock," which functions as a first-hit trap move.

  7 - "Raging Dragon" (ground-based move) = Karoku dives into the ground; he uppercuts his enemy from the underground and can work as a way to avoid attacks that cover the entire screen, or a secondary method of avoiding screen-based attacks such as dashing in the air.  This can also be chained from "Avenge Lock."

  8 - "Heartless Rebellion" (sword slash) = Karoku slashes 3-times (9 max) forward with great fury, casting flame-shaped Dragon-demons with each slash.  "Ultra-Violet" inflicts burn-damage, even when the enemy blocks.  It can also be done in midair, but homes in towards the enemy rather than attack straightforward.

  9 - "Blackest Heaven" (sword/aerial slash) = Karoku throws "Ultra-Violet" at the enemy and sends them in mid-air while they are repeatedly slashed by the blade.  If he is wielding "Ultra-Violet," he will slash the enemy upwards first.  If he is not wielding "Ultra-Violet," he will conjure it from the ground and throw it at them instead (the difference is the animation of the move.  With or without "Ultra-Violet," the startup varies).  He then jumps in mid-air swinging a few times with "Ultra-Violet" and plummets the enemy down with one great slash.  This can be cancelled at the end with the cloth-grab performed by "Assault Carnage" or the aerial-grab performed by "Artificial Asteroid."

  10 - "Helldragon" (punisher move) = He delivers a devastating back kick that sends the enemy flying to the wall (if they're close enough).  The move inflicts burner-damage and makes an explosive effect when it connects.

  11 - "Artificial Asteroid" (grab-based attack) = Karoku grabs his enemy in midair.  He then rockets them towards the wall and rams them hard, creating an explosion.  If Karoku is in the air high enough, he'll alternatively ram the enemy to the ground instead like an asteroid to create another explosion.

-Special Moves:

  12 - "Suprannia's Awakening" (ground/projectile-based special) = Karoku summons "Arcadia Suprannia" from the ground, depending on the position the enemy is standing or crouching.  If it connects and hits the enemy successfully, they are impaled and stunned momentarily by the blade.  Karoku then catches "Arcadia Suprannia" in his right-hand and switching "Ultra-Violet" to his left-hand temporarily.  "Arcadia Suprannia" is faster and does more damage than "Ultra-Violet."  However, unlike "Artificial Angel," this is a weapon-based boost (he still takes damage).

  13 - "Chrono Flare" (projectile-based special) = A self-charging energy blast that gains power over the amount of energy Karoku gains for attacking.  The more he fights, the stronger it gets.  When at full-power, it can't be blocked, but it can consume a lot of his energy to the point of regaining it, difficult.  Karoku arranges four of his "Phoenix-Edge" Wings on his right hand to make his hand/arm appear as a four-horned dragon-cannon (two wings above and two below his wrist).  His hand is clawed to form the teeth and the palm glows vividly, emitting the powerful time-stopping beam.  Once it strikes, it acts as a vacuum and drains the life-force of his enemy/opponent, and makes it his own due to the effect of the "Perfect Vacuum."  When this move is executed, time is stopped, but requires a slow start-up making jumps safe in order to avoid it.

  14 - "Artificial Angel" (power-up special/ability) = A temporary boost-up in his attacks.  Karoku transforms into his alternate-personality Rodney, and grows four wings (two upside-down in the nether-regions).  He is invulnerable to damage (except for a special) in this state for a very short time.  His moves become faster, stronger, and develop more range with the increased multi-hit and reach of the energy he uses.  His hands take on a red-hot glow and causes "burn" damage to every one of his attacks.  While this move is being used, Karoku's gauge depletes slowly, also restricting him from using another special while in this state or using "Ultra-Violet."

-Instant-KO Move:

  15 - "500 Years" (1-hit-kill special) = Karoku grabs his enemy with one hand and has them locked with UV's head-locker end.  He then uses a powered-up variant of "Artificial Asteroid" and rams the enemy toward the planets of the Solar-System, including Pluto.  The enemy takes punishment for being rammed into the worlds at lightning speed.  As a finisher, Karoku aligns the planets in order with his "Luvanta-Chronica" and rams the enemy through the worlds one last time.  When he passes Mercury, he slams them onto the sun and a catastrophic Solar Flare engulfs Mercury, destroying it.  During the final cutscene, Karoku rearranges the planets and moves the exploding world toward the opposite orbital direction so that the other worlds don't get caught in the blast.  The concept of the special derives from the life-span of a Phoenix.  When it strikes, Karoku phases the enemy through 500 years of space travel, aging them to dust if the enemy isn't immortal (being in space would kill a mortal regardless).  A powered-up variant involves a multi-hit from flying meteors.  When this move lands, it's an instant killer.  When the powered-up variant is put into play, it counts as a 2-round/3-round win.  If it fails to connect, depending on the variant, the energy gauge is set to "Anti-Drive" or can no longer be used during the entire match.  Karoku returns to Earth, only to have drained himself of the energy he used.

-Tag-Team KO Moves:

  16 - "The Angry Couple" (forbidden tag-special) = Close-range; Karoku impales his opponent(s) and removes their heart.  Karoku and Kohaku (in a 2 vs. 2 match), both lock their opponent(s) with Ultra-Violet and Bloodmount.  Depending on their direction will vary on their positions.  Karoku and Kohaku undergo a flurry of sword slashes, then after, Karoku and his "Luvanta-Chronica" as well as Kohaku and her "Chimidoro Eyes" stop their opponent(s) in time.  Everything is inverted and images of their eye patterns show in the background.  The sun and moon can be seen in the back in their opposite colors.  Karoku charges energy from the sun while Kohaku charges energy from the moon and the other moons in the Solar System.  In the end, their opponent(s) fade into oblivion the very moment these two collide with their punches, almost as if they were angry with each other.  When this move lands, it's an instant match win.  If it misses its first hit, gauge can no longer be used for the remainder of the match.  This is a reference to their aggressive rivalry, Karoku's unawareness, and Kohaku's feelings for him.

  17 - "Carnival of Anguish" (forbidden tag-special) = Close-range; Karoku starts off by stabbing the enemy with "Ultra-Violet."  Victoria then changes her lance into a hooked-chain and stabs the enemy, bringing the enemy close to her.  She brings them into an alternate dimension and throws them into a parallel torture chamber.  Karoku is on the other side with his hand on an Iron Maiden door while Victoria is holding the other door.  The screen then goes dark and Karoku and Victoria start brutally killing the enemy with various torture devices.  In the end, the enemy feels weak and starts dying.  Karoku and Victoria push them towards the center of the massive Iron Maiden and both close the doors on the enemy.  When this move lands, it's an instant match-win.  If it misses its first hit, their gauge can no longer be used for the remainder of the match.  At the end of the move, Victoria lets her spiders enter the Iron Maiden to devour the bloody remains of the enemy, while Karoku slashes the Maiden 4 times for a finish.

  18 - "Halycon Prime" (forbidden tag-special) = Close-range; Karoku turns into "Acroneos" and summons "Luvanta Suprannia" (Supreme Star) from the sun.  He delivers one golden slice at his enemy and keeps them in perfect time-suspension.  Earnest appears as "Randolph" with his ancient weapon, "Iocuaro Relanpago" (Raging Jupiter) and pierces the enemy within their heart(s) (leaving them suspended in an ominous glow).  Afterward, their eyes glow and both unleash Hell on the enemy, plunging them into early-Luigio within a vast battleground.  A dynamic flurry of slashes and a powerful dance between the two and their cosmic-shaking blades is so cataclysmic that the victim(s) lose(s) any ability to reincarnate (let alone live).  And so, Karoku and Earnest return to their normal states after they deliver a devastating, chaotic blow on the enemy.  When this move lands, it's an instant match win.  If it misses its first hit, gauge can no longer be used for the remainder of the match.  The disturbance in the space-time continuum shifts uncontrollably and causes the remains of the enemy to explode.  Karoku and Earnest shake hands with both their ancestors over their shoulders doing the very same.

  19 - "Volcanic Tundra:  Burning Blizzard" (forbidden tag-special) = Close-range; Karoku uppercuts the opponent and flies into the ground behind the screen.  Serrena freezes the entire stage around them and freezes the enemy in a block of ice.  Karoku remains in the ground, heating it from underneath.  A volcano is formed, and Karoku erupts from it with lava from the Earth.  As the pyroclastic flow shields the sky, Serrena combines her "cyroclastic" flow to create a blizzard so immense, her impossible-to-melt ice and Karoku's "Dakramai" within the clouds merge together to create a burning-blizzard of flaming yet frigid black-ice that rains on the enemy.  He/she/they are impaled by these cataclysmic crystals, being shredded apart by the combined force of Fire and Ice.  The climax between the two elements is so much, which the ice keeping the enemy immobile explodes along with the enemy inside of it (with most of their remains erased).  If it misses its first hit, gauge can no longer be used for the remainder of the match.  The enemy is vaporized in the air and mixes with the elements within the "Dakramai" clouds and the "cyroclastic" air (killing them again a second-time if it's an enemy that can regenerate).  Karoku and Serrena glare at each other and leave their separate ways in the end.

  20 - "The Angered Beasts of Hell-Star" (forbidden tag-special) = Close-range; Karoku claws the enemy vertically and pauses time.  When this connects, a vicious tag-team breaks all hell on earth with Senichi elbowing the opponent's lower abdominal.  Karoku appears behind the enemy and impales the enemy into his/her partner with UV.  A bunch of UVs stranglehold the enemies and pierce them in all areas in the fashion of crucifixion and are bound to anguish and suffering.  They are then pinned toward the ground, unable to break out.  Karoku starts charging his energy into his right hand and changes into a Dragon-like appearance, while Senichi does the same with his left hand instead in the form of a full Vampire at the opposite direction.  The enemies are afraid and start to whimper and tremble, and Karoku becomes enraged with lack of focus.  Karoku starts charging at the trapped enemies and Senichi follows, also enraged.  Both of their energies take on a mixed pattern of dark-purple and crimson Dragon patterns combined with silver-black and crimson Wolf patterns, and encircle both enemies from both directions, tearing them into oblivion.  When this move lands, it's an instant match win.  If it misses its first hit, gauge can no longer be used for the remainder of the match.  In the end, the Crimson Moon blocks the sun, creating a "Crimson Eclipse" and forming a powerful radiance that powers up both Karoku and Senichi.

  21 - "Tsukihime ROAR" (forbidden tag-special) = Close-range; Karoku impales the enemy's chest and removes their heart (from front or back), and stops time with his "Solstice Eyes."  Aurelia, who is unaffected by the time-stop (because of Karoku allowing her to move within the time-suspension), lunges at the enemy in a slow-falling motion.  The moon appears in the sky in flaring between crimson and azure.  Within this time-frame, Karoku asks Aurelia to throw the knife at him.  Aurelia throws her knife (still-attached to her chain), and Karoku catches the knife, pulling his hand with the knife through the enemy's chest (cutting several death-lines).  Because the knife is attached to a chain, Aurelia holds onto the other side, expanding the range and "sharing" the ability of her special eyes through Karoku to sever the lines.  Aurelia, holding onto her gun, shoots at the enemy multiple times with her bladed-bullets while suspended within the time-frame.  Karoku throws the knife back at Aurelia through the enemy's head and Aurelia catches it.  Aurelia then willfully slices the enemy's final death-line with a brutal slash in the air, "killing" them.  When this move lands, it's an instant match win.  If it misses its first hit, gauge can no longer be used for the remainder of the match.  Karoku places his hand on the enemy's head (forehead or the back of their head), and ignites them, causing them to explode.  The two of them have their backs faced toward each other.  Karoku then flicks blood on the player-screen with a cool attitude, and Aurelia slashes the bloodstained screen with vigor and excitement. 

  -Knowledge: (3/5)
  -Power: (4/5)
  -Energy: (Prime) < 5/1 in his demonic state, making it the highest force of aura in the entire series.
  -Stamina: (Prime)
  -Charisma: (3/5)
  -Dexterity: (3/5)
  -Speed: (3/5)
  -Reaction: (Prime)
  -Resistance: (Prime)
  -Timing: (3/5)
  -Reflexes: (3/5)
  -Transformation-rate: (4/5)

-Draco/Rodney (unkillable under the sun):
  -Knowledge: (0/0) < In battle, he is 3/5, but he abandons it with battle-tactics and extra amounts of aura.
  -Power: (0/0) < Power and Energy are now one.  Whatever energy is used is channeled into this stat amount.
  -Energy: (5/1) < Arguably the highest energy level ever recorded.
  -Stamina: (Prime)
  -Charisma: (Prime) < Gets his energy *snap* just like that. He always has surprises in store.
  -Dexterity: (0/0) < Doesn't need dexterity when he hits in all areas.
  -Speed: (Prime) < Ridiculously fast; faster than those professional in their own speed.
  -Reaction: (Prime)
  -Resistance: (Prime)
  -Timing: (1/2) < Lost some skill, but makes up for it with his new-found-speed.
  -Reflexes: (1/2) < His new wings and tail prevent further reflexes.
  -Transformation-rate: (0/0) < Suspended in his new form and no longer a stat for his benefits.
^91% / ??% (undefined stat under the sun)

-Red Mark "Yanma" (Karoku's "Arch-Persona" and evil side, channeled by Daen's Red Mark):
  -Knowledge: (0/0) < His rage blocks his ability to reason.
  -Power: (0/0)
  -Energy: (5/1) < Arguably the highest energy level ever recorded and unimaginable power harnessed by pure darkness.
  -Stamina: (Prime)
  -Charisma: (6/5) < Gets his energy *snap* just like that.  He can now devour his victim's energy.
  -Dexterity: (0/0) < Doesn't need dexterity when he hits in all areas.
  -Speed: (1/2) < His own body creates its own defense mechanism and allows him to create demonic mouths that devour who ever tries to kill him up close.
  -Reaction: (2/1) < His own body reacts violently toward close-combat and mutates several parts into demonic mouths.
  -Resistance: (13/10)
  -Timing: (2/5) < Don't be fooled. It's wise to stay away.  In fact, it's wise to never fight him at all means.
  -Reflexes: (2/5)
  -Transformation-rate: (0/0) < Suspended in his new form and no longer a stat for his benefits.

-"The Beast of the Flames" & "The Legendary Azure Dragon," one of the most powerful characters ever (that can't be killed):
  -Knowledge: (Prime)
  -Power: (2/1)
  -Energy: (5/1) < Arguably the highest energy level ever recorded.
  -Stamina: (Prime)
  -Charisma: (Prime)
  -Dexterity: (Prime)
  -Speed: (Prime)
  -Reaction: (Prime)
  -Resistance: (Prime)
  -Timing: (Prime)
  -Reflexes: (Prime)
  -Transformation-rate: (0/0) < Surpasses Draco and becomes the first Human with a God-like Complex.
^100% - ∞??% (There is NO such thing as being "above" 100%. The "Infinity" is there to show that one is already "at their peak")



[EDIT]:  I made more.  I'm going to make 4 decks so far.  One is going to be based on me and the others in real life, one is going to be based on a super huge crossover, the other is for the 2100 Chapter characters, and the other one is a BLACK MIRROR deck, which applies for several characters having a dark side that can only be summoned with the Field Spell card, Black Wall Eden.

Enjoy making your own cards (just don't make them overpowered or broken  >:(  :P ) ;D !

Series:  The Chronicles of 2100

Secret/Ultimate Rares:
http://i39.tinypic.com/2r1zuiq.jpg - "Chapter 1 - Draco - Karoku Hasu LVL 7"
http://i40.tinypic.com/zldgfc.jpg - "Dragonic Schizophrenia"
http://i44.tinypic.com/2eq9p50.jpg - "Chapter 2 - Lupus - Senichi Tanaka LVL 2"
http://i40.tinypic.com/243ktxl.jpg - "Chapter 3 - Hydri - Giino LVL 1"
http://i44.tinypic.com/120m3qd.jpg - "Chapter 4 - Lepus - Jiro Suzuki LVL 4"
http://i40.tinypic.com/ej6g7p.jpg - "Chapter 5 - Ara - Amine Skyla LVL 6"
http://i41.tinypic.com/2ma2ah.jpg - "Chapter X - Leo - Zohar LVL 7"

Series:  Universal Sanctuary

Secret/Ultimate Rares:
http://i41.tinypic.com/w19w3.jpg - "BLACK MIRROR - Draco - Karoku H. LVL 8"
http://i39.tinypic.com/2q8ugxx.jpg - "BLACK MIRROR - Lupus - Senichi T. LVL 3"
http://i39.tinypic.com/2hx27p4.jpg - "BLACK MIRROR - Hydri - Giino LVL 2"
http://i44.tinypic.com/ezrbq.jpg - "BLACK MIRROR - Lepus - Jiro S. LVL 5"
http://i43.tinypic.com/a26aom.jpg - "BLACK MIRROR - Ara - Amine S. LVL 7"
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Introductions / A Late-Early Summer Intro
June 07, 2009, 08:59:59 PM
Hey, I've already introduced myself in the past, but none of those intros went well, so I'm giving this one another go.  As for those who may already know, this is my third attempt in making a decent introduction without useless trash comments, so please, no flaming here :)

For those who don't know (or should know), my name is Juan and I'm one of the 3 (if not more) artists on Smashpower along with DoNotDelete (David) and Totter (Chris).  I write a story-in-production called "The Chronicles of 2100," and I have a fondness for literature and certain fiction/religion/scientific beliefs. 

Although I am Catholic, I do have extra-superficial beliefs that lead me into believing that God is a cosmic deity that takes the form out of anything, not just represent us humans should there be any other intelligent life forms out in space.  Nothing is simply good or bad; there is only right and wrong.  I go through life experiencing whatever the lesser hardships may come, and learn from them to make myself a better person.  I believe in karma and use it as an alternative to "bad luck" and the ol' "God, life, and everyone hates me so I should kill myself" excuse, so that I may have it reflect positively on me in the end.

I don't consider myself smart, rather, stupid.  I feel like I'm a slow-learner, and through a rankings list, I hit around 25% (64/300-something students) out of 100% of the top Senior class.  I do, however, find the field of English and Art to be very easy, if not, the most comprehensive subjects above all else (where my performance reaches maximum, even without the need of studying).  Math and Science are my worst subjects and probably have the most irritating, if not hardest, lessons of all.

I do find poetry to be something rather fun for me (I've written random romantic poems out of boredom), and one of my better (if not only) poems can be read here:


I'm actually the same way here as I am in real life, but if I can describe my attitude in my posts in a nut-shell, I'm rather solemn with my opinions on certain matters, and I'm actually a nicer person in real life.  I have a lot of friends here in town, as you may already know (Miguel, Pablo, Alberto, etc.), and I have a girlfriend who's also one of my best friends.  I am somewhat a mixture between a pessimist and an optimist, but only negative towards visions too-good-to-be-true, such as finally having a girlfriend.  I will, at times, feel like I've been awfully wrong of something, and Bobby and Alberto will be there to prove I am actually a smart/great guy to be with (prior to social relations), serving as one of the few people that remind me I am not such an empty person.  I am one of the tallest of my friends, and one of the youngest seniors in our group.

I do enjoy video games, and as you all may already know, my mains in Brawl are:

1. Ike
2. Ness
3. Captain Falcon
4. Mario
5. Shiek
6. Link

I'm also the only lower-tier player in town (only one who mains lower-tier characters), and I can take on Alberto and Gino in a handicap match :P .  I also have a tendency in shouting out "YESZ!"  and "PAWNCH!" in real life as well :P .

Well, I have enjoyed my stay here and I will continue to do so.  :)
 ;)  Will bring it up over time ;)

Chapter 8:  The Search for Independence

Page 1:

*The very same voice that came from the hiatus at Ryokou; a voice of mind-shattering proportions.  Only mortals and immortals who hear his name tremble and know what is torment and true suffering, and may it be a lesson to all the sinners.  May they learn what fear and judgment is.*

Karoku (looking for a quick way out):  Damn!  We're done for! *Clenches his fists*

*It gets closer and closer until it's shadow appears in the very corner-stone of the magnificent door structure just outside the room.  The voice of terror finally speaks....*

Lead Voice (looking at a high-ranking Drocon):  The source's location lies in this area.  Hmmm, this is the room for the Philippine subject, is it not?

Second Voice:  Of course.....  The subject was kept frozen here just by the islands.  We should check for any hidden convicts to be sure the subject isn't harmed.

Tanglaw:  What are they muttering about?  Who are they anyway?

Karoku:  Your safe-guards, except there's nothing safe about them.  Seems they've kept you hostage for quite sometime.  How old are you anyway?

*Something howls in the chamber room and makes a sound.  The very same, but faint cry of the creature, only a decaying sound....*

Second Voice (stopping at a halt):  Shh!  Do you hear that, Shikki?  Someone is among these corridors. (Takes out his sword) I will eliminate the persecutor.

Karoku (nervously):  Grrrr..... *gulp* grrrrr....

*Before he can draw out his sword and walk in, he is stopped by Shikki with one hand.  The high-ranking Drocon steps back and covers his face with his other palm.  His voice and his shadow are visible, lest his appearance.  However, his hand seems to carry his blade in an awkward fashion.  The sword's shape is arguably similar to a rifle, with the handle being held over the hand instead of the back.  It has a trigger, but it beams a rectangular reflection amongst the metallic ground.*

Shikki (grinning):  Fince, let it go.  Nothing is wrong within this parameter.  Hehe, besides, the alarm vibrates across the entire surface of this vessel.  The danger could have been somewhere else.

Fince:  WHAT!?!  You clearly declared the danger in thi-

Tanglaw:  Why aren't we moving?

Karoku (whispering):  Hold your ass still and don't move!

Fince (hearing it again):  SEE?!?!  THERE IT IS AGAIN!

Karoku (getting impatient)  (Grrr, you fucking asshole!  Just leave already!)

* Shikki lifts one feather, beaming just enough to be seen from the shore in Japan with hardly any luminance

Shikki (with his divine feathers shining against him):  Answer me once more, and you will see neither light or darkness, but oblivion.  Is that understood, good sir?

Fince:  Ugh!  *Chiii*  Fine.....

Shikki and the new guy leave the front door and surface elsewhere onto this labyrinth.  Although, Shikki seems to stand there quietly.  Why the hell is he standing there with his shadow facing the floor?

Shikki (maniacally):  Hehehehehe..... Hahahahahaha!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! (Teleports from the area)

Karoku (freaked out):  He knew we were here, but why didn't he-

Tanglaw:  Don't just stand there!  Let's get out of here before that freak changes his mind!!!

Hearing the rather annoying sound of this so-called Prince reads me like a book.  Better safe than sorry; leaving this place as quickly as possible is the only objective that matters.  Where could the others be anyway?

*Karoku and Tanglaw look outside in the corridors with hopes that no remainder soldier lay nearby for a warning signal.  At first, things seem to flow smoothly, with no sign of the enemy.*

Tanglaw (putting his hand over his chin in a royal manner):  Hmmm, the coast looks clear.  So, which pathway did you come from?

Karoku:  Uhhhh, I think I came from this direction here *points at their right towards the direction of their exit*

Tanglaw (putting his other hand over his forehead):  *Eyes close* Heh, don't tell me you forgot where you came in from...

Karoku:  Shut up!  I remember well that this was the hall I came in through before stopping in this room!

Tanglaw:  Fine, whatever you say.

For a prince, he's an irritating one.  Also seems to poke his nose into things.  Fortunately, things seem silent enough just to move on forward, until something makes a noise from the room.  Turning back, I see the movements of that monster that assaulted me.  Taking no time to hesitate...

Karoku (listening to the shadows of the room):  *Whispering*  Tanglaw, let's get out of here.

Tanglaw:  Huh?  Uhhh, haha, I know that already *laughs* ?

Karoku (points to the back of the room with his thumb):  Let's get out of here.... fast.

Tanglaw (realizing the situation):  Right!  Of course!  *Runs out of the corridor*

*Tanglaw makes a run for it towards the right corridor, before stopping at a committee of Drocon members outside the base*

Voice 1:  So anyway, what was Admiral Shikki laughing all about?  He hasn't been herself since the invasion on Ryokou City.  Something about an Alpha-male who's apparition identifies as a Dragon.  Any thoughts?

*Tanglaw stays distant, but just enough to hear their conversations*

Tanglaw:  Wow... such a distinguished group we have here.

Fince (still covering his face):  *Hissing* You understand the nobility he has, correct?  Sanity is a waken persona.  Clarify his emotions for me.  What do you suppose this man is content with?

Voice 1 (shrugs):  Hmmm, I have no clue.  He is part-human after all.  Has any of the scientists identified his other half?  Reading his thoughts leave me asking the questions...

Fince (sensing the presence of Tanglaw):  Then you have no creative asset to the understanding of his nature.  Clearly he is enjoying the idea of meeting the reject of that tumbling community and its weak government.  You should know by now that insanity does not equal laughter.

Tanglaw (feeling as if he were being watched as well):  Uhoh...

Voice 1:  Of course sir.... Sir?

Fince (looking back slightly with the reflection of his spiked hands):  ...... *Hisses* Yessssss?

Voice 1:  What are you looking at?  Something wrong?

Tanglaw (biting his lips worryingly):  ......

Fince (in his mind):  (That stupid man.  I knew something lay silent in his mind)  We have an intruder, apparently...

Voice 1:  Intruder?  Behind you?  *Noticing*  Of course sir!  HEY YOU!  STAY WHERE YOU ARE!

Fince (turning back):  *Hissing*  Let us welcome this [i[honoured[/i] guessssssst!

* Fince draws his gun-sword

Fince (holding and aiming his sword):  You're going no where, Prince Tanglaw...

*Tanglaw makes a run for it, getting shot in the leg and the arm*

Tanglaw (slowed down):  GAHH!!!  *Holds his arm*

Voices 4 & 16:  Sir!  Aren't you going to run after him?

Fince (laughs for a bit):  Too easy my fellow men!  Let the archer run.  Follow him yourselves.  That, is an order.

Voices:  Yes Lieutenant Fince!

*Tanglaw speeds up, with pain still conflicting his health*

Tanglaw (with his heart-beating and his wounds bleeding):  *Pant, pant, pant* You weren't kidding!  Listen!  Karoku!  We're in SERIOUS trouble!  I think those guys spotted us!  Gaw... -ssssst... *holds his wounds*

Karoku (holding his collar up the wall):  WHAAAAAT!?  You f**king idiot!  That's what you get for rushing into things!

* Tanglaw takes his bow and arrow out

* Karoku summons UV with one hand with the head-lock targeting Tanglaw's neck

Karoku:  You wouldn't dare T_T ....

Tanglaw (aiming with his light arrow):  Try me, Samurai.

Him and I stare face-to-face, seeming that this pointless argument draws time from us entirely.  Hearing the recovering behemoth from the same room, and the foot steps of angry aliens, I put the prince down and ditch him for what the bastard has done with me a minute ago.

Voice 34:  I heard something straight ahead!  After it!

Karoku:  Hurry if you can.  I'm not responsible to what happens to you (I hope this dumbass can hold out on his own.  I want to see if he's worth the recruitment)

Tanglaw (catching up):  Hey!  I'm shot here!

Karoku (looks at his severed leg):  What!?  You got shot?  How?

Fince (laughing maniacally):  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  *Shooting rapidly/accurately near them without hitting a single trooper*  RUN!  RUN!  RUN LIKE THE TERRAN GARBAGE YOU ALL ARE!!!

Karoku (getting shot in the shoulder):  Grrrr!!!!

Tanglaw (getting shot in the back):  GAH!!!

*The troopers arrive at the front of the corridor, facing the fully recovered creature*

Voice 27:  We don't have time for this!  What's a Matryonan doing in our base?

Fince (speaking telepathically):  Forget the creature.  Get them!

Voice 27:  Of course!  Men, remove the Matryonan at once.


*All of the troopers dispatch the creature immediately at once, tying it to the ground with an other-worldly fiber cable*

Matryonan (struggling and screeching):  *KHAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!*

Tanglaw:  That guy shoots like he's been arching for centuries!  Such a strange projectile weapon...

Karoku (holding his shoulder):  It's called a gun, and it's made of lead and metal.  If anymore pierces us both, we're done for.  Apparently, these aren't normal bullets.  I can't use any of my powers...

Tanglaw (with his arrows fading):  You're right!  I feel weakened as well.  Darn, what to do...

* Fince dashes in front of the Matryonan in less than a nano-second in such godly speed

Fince (dashing in front of the creature in a milli-second):  We have no idea where you came from, my fair little Babushka.  *Hissing* It will be rather sssssssad, seeing you depart so soon...

*The helpless creature chomps at him and struggles for escape, but with no avail*

* Fince shoots a bullet towards its head, but stops it with a sweep of his blade

*Fince utterly destroys the floor underneath the Matryonan with the blast of the bombarded bullet, destroying it again and sending it falling into the ocean underneath the base floor.  The creature descends into the crust of the base, before hitting the surface of the water*

Fince (aiming at the two again):  You two aren't going anywhere...
Chapter 4:  Ri-Kaigun's Nightmare (Part 1)

Page 1:

Dear Moru,

      I have just arrived in the little village of Ri-Kaigun. Finally, I get to meet one of the world's wonders:  The Conscerra Falls.  Alas the wait is over, and I plan to go deep as well.  50,000,000 lbs of force plummeting down and hiding a secret shrine endeavored to it's rich gardens full of all the world's problems, and home to possibly new species.  It's the core under that big wet town that will full-fill my research in medics, and now, I can finally get rewarded for my participation for the great leap in Man-kind.  I really wished you'd come along as well.  It's really swell in here too.  It really is no fun camping out here to read over some legends and myths of this village, doing everything on my own, and I really hope you're not lonesome there as well, Moru.  Keep in check that if I ever return or accomplish my research, you'll be the first I will save, Moru.

                                                                                                                                                                   Your's truly,

Another day and another way-ward step for the powerful mind, Kevin.  Standing under the heat of his lamp, wiping his face from the humidity of his cabin, he picks up his fountain pen and places it under his pocket, in the initials "Cetus Ponderous."  Keeping his paper still and his mind to the mood of the moment, he realizes that he has no way to message his letter.  Instead, he delivers it in a bottle, tossing it from his window as it impacts the water.  Luckily, however, it did not smash under the rocks below, and yes, the cabin's whereabouts are at a considerable distance from the waterfall.

Kevin:  What a life I've chosen, that one kid can't handle alone, though it beats school.  Then again, this is extra credit work too, *sigh* and why did I have to choose to do it alone, WHY?  Moru, I may not have the support on me, but I assure you, I will find a cure under those falls!  Nothing can stand in my way.  I'm destined to know it's secret shrine.

Kevin, pausing and pinching his forehead, talks a few walks around the room with a sense of doubt that his mission will never finish, but knowing how much effort it will take, he decides a long nap is best.

Kevin is described as a genius with an I.Q. of 500 (and rumored to be higher), who works with a special facility in the U.S. whom study nature's secrets and changes to find any weakness and strength in the human race.  In other words, they're "Terra-scavengers," a clan of bright people hoping to fight back the Drocon race with their intellect.

Kevin's appearance is that of a regular kid.  One with short hair, wearing a red shirt and baggy pants.  Very simplistic aside from his height and the giant barnacle attached to his left shoulder.  This relationship is that of a whale, and as his constellation suggests, he is "Cetus, The Whale."  This unusual feature on him is actually the helps he gets when assaulted.  Notice the creature on his left shoulder, storing water to both hydrate him AND give him the ability of controlling water.  In other words, he is the master of Hydrokinesis of this world.

Along with defensive and genius, he holds a harpoon he crafted and designed for the purpose of hiking and killing food.  Despite it's current use for such a tool, it is analyzed to kill a good number of people if it were held by a mad man.

Kevin (in his sleep): Thirsty, so very thirsty...ZzzZzzZzz...

Outside, a couple of noises can be heard by a flock of humming birds near the cliff side, making it hard for Kevin to rest.

Kevin (covering his ears with his pillow):  Stupid kids.  That god damn chirping is driving me insane....!

He walks out to his window and scares the family of Humming birds away.

Kevin:  What does it take to get some sleep?

12 hours later after a long-long rest, Kevin finally gets up from his torn and ravaged mattress.  Seeing as how this cabin is just a cabin, it can be clear of what has come in to start a party.  Pests over-run the place at night to feast on what Kevin doesn't have.

Forgetting the annoyance of unwanted crawlers, he makes his bed and eats a little breakfast before starting his day with his new friends.     
Problem we have understanding is, what exactly is Kevin getting his breakfast from?  He carries along side of him a small seal of sliced melon to continue eating along the way.

Leaving the cabin, he stops by to wave hello to the good town's people above him.  As he walks allover Ri-Kaigun, he comes across a friend of his, dressed in white and bright golden colors.

Being this peaceful outset of a town, like Venice, it has water channels rather than road.  The people are far different from how this stranger appears, but the uniform reveals his association with a clan.

Akier (stranger in golden/white uniform):  Hello there brother Kevin.  Isn't it a marvelous season we're having?  You should really wash your face in the waters.  It's as clear as ever, lad.

Akier is an "Order Priest" with an Irish accent.  He appears tall and benevolent, walking straight like civilized young man, with orange-reddish hair (skinny too).  He looks like that typical Irish man, with short hair, side-burns, and a beard.  He has several chains around his sleeves.

Kevin:  Well, not much, but I feel like I should get a fresh start asking the folks around here what they know about Conscerra.  And maybe tomorrow, I can start my expedition.

Akier: Kevin, son, you really don't need to waste your precious moments in life trying to prove you're help.  Just leave the job to me, I will cure the lass back at home.  Favor done by your good friend, Akier.

Kevin:  It's okay Akier, really, but I started this so I should fix it myself.  Thanks for the generous thoughts. I appreciate your help.

Kevin, kicking the plank under his feet, points at a few more white-dressed people

Kevin: Hey look!  It's Utoa, Kormin, and Chierce!  Why up so early?  I only thought one of you take turns getting the groceries at the town market every morning (even though the stuff they sell it's pretty worthless).

Akier:  You're right, it is my turn.  They just wanted a good kick from the fresh breeze and fair day we're having!  Hahaha, hey Kevin, don't try too hard enjoying the day okay?  Keep that "souvenir" in good hands, I trust you with it.  (Now with a serious and threating tone) Remember, you're doing me a favor too.

Kevin:  Yeah, yeah, I know.  It's safe in my hands, okay?  I'll treasure it as if it were my child.

Akier (whispering):  Aye, that's the Kevin I know!  Quit standing around!  Let's greet the others.

The two walk toward the silent and at-peace Trio-in-white, with a warm hello.

Like Akier, Chierce is an Irish descendant, however, he has a rather Medieval-accent.  He has amber/golden hair finished with a bright gold plate of armor around his elegant uniform.  Seeing how angelic these people appear, Kevin must have an excellent reputation even amongst the Eternal Order of Glory.

Kormin is a German Order member, and apart from Chierce and Akier, he has long black hair and a set of chains covering his face like a mask.  He does, however, wear tight clothing.

Utoa is a British girl with black hair and gold underneath it's roots.  You can say she has a raver-style, except every color that one would wear is "negative" to the average raver.  From this point on, it almost confirms that all members of Order come from parts of Europe and more up North.

Akier:  Utoa, you look lovely this morning.  Why so majestic on this fine day, when we can have that face for eternity?

Utoa (blushing):  Oh stop it Akier, you immature brute.  Hello Kevin, you look like you're in a hurry.

Kevin, looking eager and impatient, gives Utoa a kiss on the cheek and shakes Chierce and Kormin's hands with a rather furious gesture.

Kevin (twitching):  Okay, I really have to go now.  I'm so sorry I can't stick around, I'm sorry but, you should all leave and never return until my research is complete!

Utoa stands still, frozen from his kiss, feeling it on her cheek with her hand.  Chierce and Kormin look at eachother, wondering what has gotten into Kevin's mind.

Akier:  Kevin, lad.  What is wrong?  You look worried.  One second you're happy to see us, then the next-

Kevin (even more nervous):  I really suggest you all leave this place, I mean come on!  There are cooler places to check out than this boring town!  Right Kormin?

Page 2:

Kormin justs look back and doesn't speak.

Akier, dragging Kevin between two houses, tries to get him to speak what troubles may brew in the future.

Akier:  Kevin, listen to me lad.  What is wrong?  Is anyone after us, after you?  Kevin!  Kevin!  Look at me!  Look at me!

Kevin (shaking):  Akier, it isn't safe around here anymore. I have forgotten what the danger of us being around is.  Please, understand.  You have to leave before it's too late.

Akier:  I will not leave my comrades behind.  Now who is the mad-man behind all of thi-

Kevin:  Look Akier, I came here to find that shrine and bring back it's sacred herbs to save Moru.  That orb you gave me, it's not just an orb that anyone is going to kill me for, no...  In fact, there's this one man who would kill an entire city if it meant taking this orb, and crushing it.

Akier turns pale and begins to shake a little as well.

Akier:  I think I know who you are talking about lad.  Isn't it-

Kormin, listening to everything they've been keeping silent from the rest of the group, comes in to speak Akier's answer.

Kormin (with wisdom and in deep voice):  Tim, The Bringer of Mayhem...  The anti-Order; ruler of Chaos.  The man who hungers for the downfall of The Eternal Order of Glory, seeks our most prized possession:  "The Sphere of Stratos".  Is this the man you fear?

Kevin (taking a deep breath):  Yes, it is...  This is why you should all escape while the skies are clear.

Chierce:  Kevin, you are in no danger.  Tim is no where near Japan.  He is far from here and he will never find you, I promise that.

Kevin finally calms down a bit and resumes morning in a confident smile again.

Utoa, smiling, takes Kevin's arm and walks him to a rather popular fountain in the middle of town.

Kevin (turning red):  Utoa, I'm sorry about before, really, I am.  I was just so excited about this, yet I was worried about you four.  If Tim knew I had the orb- I'm responsible for this.  You put too much trust in a human like me.

Utoa (looking at the reflection in the fountain):  Kevin, you worry too much.  Even if he does find you, there are four of us and you.  He can't possibly take on 5, could he?

Kevin:  *Sigh* I doubt it...  You're probably right.  We should enjoy these moments.  Now, who wants to get some REAL breakfast?

Utoa:  *Winking* Now that's the Kevin I know!

The two walk by a near-by food-stand to buy 4 plates of dumplings.

Chierce, Akier, and Kormin, who are behind watching, decide to explore the rest of town, searching for a library to read of this waterfall.

Chierce (looking back at Kevin and Utoa):  They make quite the couple,  hahaha! Right Kormin?

Kormin:  Stop behaving like a child!  Utoa and Kevin are obviously a mis-matched pair.

Akier:  You're right, we should be teasing Chierce and his love for unicorns, HAHAHA!!!  Don't cry Kormin, don't cry.  It's just a unicorn!

Kormin (now snickering):  Perhaps we should buy enchanted unicorn oatmeal as well, he has a storage of them in his closet!  HAHAHA!!!

Chierce, turning red and furious, strangles Akier and Kormin against a wall.

Cheirce:  No one is SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT!  How will I ever get respect from Glory is they knew I liked sissy animals!?

Akier:  Aye, Chierce.  You're still the same idiot we all love and care for.  Now quiet being such a cry baby, and let's move on so we can help Kevin find out more about this waterfall project of his, before he starts to have another trauma again!

Chierce:  Right...

The day stays clear throughout the morning and evening, and once the three men of Order find what they're looking for, they proceed to read all about the waterfall.

Meanwhile, back at the food stand, Kevin and Utoa take another break at the fountain, enjoying the moment.

Kevin:  It's so peaceful today, isn't it Utoa.

Utoa:  I hope this doesn't go all the way.  If you call this romance, then you're sadly mistaken.

Kevin (blushing):  Uhhh, no, no, of course not!  Jeez, why do you girls have to be so dumb?!

Utoa (giggling):  What ever you say.

Kevin and Utoa just stare at the sky, and while they point at the shape of clouds, they start to name them.  To Kevin, it feels like child-play, standing there looking all grown-up just wanting to move ahead to his boring research.  Of course, Kevin is that responsible and growing young man who will be recognized as not just one of the top 5, but the top of the entire universe.  His dedication will be remembered for generations to come.

While recalling the shapes, he notices a rather eerie one. It's puffy and looks hairy like the ones that appear on the clearest days.  He takes a gander at the figure, noticing it move, and starts to have a headache.

Kevin:  Uhhh....  What's going on?  My head hurts...

Utoa:  Kevin!  What's wrong?!

Page 3:

Kevin, feeling distorted and fragile, faints into the fountain and begins to drown unconsciously.

Utoa:  Kevin!  Wake up!

Sounds begin to crawl up into her ears as she begins to feel the same pain as Kevin.  Struggling, she fights the foreign noise as she pulls Kevin out of the fountain.  However, it does not seem so clear that she herself triumphs over this deadly wave.  She falls into waters as well...

Back at where Akier and the other gentlemen are, they continue browsing for philosophy and other ancient-historical pages in Ri-Kiagun's wondrous library.  They, however, do not notice the same force that put Kevin and Utoa to sleep.

Kormin:  Look at this!  Oooo, and it has actual dead animal skin to describe the texture of the ones of today AND extinct!

Chierce:  I think you're in the wrong section, Kormin.  That's a little away from the geography section, don't ya think?

Akier (interrupting the two from the back):  I think this is what you're looking for.  Behold lads!

They open the book and read to themselves, the history and legend of the Conscerra Falls:

Conscerra, the waters clear red as they cripple,
Through splashing and thrashing with jets like a prickle.
The Crosser beneath will discover the truth.
Conscerra, my bride!  To I abandon all youth!

Tis I will meet you again and hold hands in our shrine,
To laugh at the moments and follow with time.
To whom will trespass will find out themselves,
That coming to visit will never avail.

The guests that have come and have tried to get out,
He only cries agony, blood loss, and shouts:
"Why am I locked in these caverns, I fell!?"
Once you touch fin, you'll never come tell,
That entering Conscerra, my bride, my wishing well,
No man can escape in the waters of Hell

Chierce (Closing the book):  Well, now that was fun story time ((sarcastically)).

Kormin:  It's more of a riddle.  So could this mean that the shrine hidden is kept safe-guarded by this author?

Akier:  Aye, it seems so lads.  We should warn Kevin about this and accompany him at all costs.

The three leave the library, dropping the book behind as it flips the pages on it's own.  An event is happening...

The pages begin to whiten with time, erasing the same sonnet, page-by-page.

Hours randomly pass by into the night, and Kevin wakes up all wet and pale.

Kevin:  Woah, did I just do it?  (Touching is forehead)  Agh!  The pain!  What in the world happened here?

Kevin, noticing the silence surrounding him and the absence of Utoa beside him.

Kevin:  UTOA!!!  WHERE ARE YOU?!  Someone, ANYONE!!??

Kevin looks back at the fountain, now black and thick.  I feels for the waters and pulls out a body.

Kevin (shocked):  !  UTOA!

Kevin proceeds with CPR, yet holds back.

Kevin (turning red):  ...Utoa, forgive me...

When Kevin touches her lips, he discovers something new.  The supposed Utoa melts into a pile of thick blood.

Kevin:  It's fake!  Ugh!  Disgusting!  What the hell is going on around here?

Kevin: hears a few bubbles from the fountain and looks closer at it.  A head drags Kevin's hair by the mouth and pulls him inside.

Kevin:  AAAA!!!

Kevin wakes up from a nightmare.  He sees Utoa, Chierce, Kormin, and Akier safe and in one piece, well, 4 in this case.

Akier:  Kevin, we were worried about you!  We would like you to meet our newest friend.  His name is Mehyam Mit.  He's an archaeologist from Great Britian.  Perhaps he can assist in your research?  Mehyam, this is Kevin.  He's a loyal friend of ours.  We're helping him fulfill his mission here.  Mind introducing yourself, Mehyam Mit?

Mehyam Mit:  That is Mr. Mehyam Mit to you, kind sir.  I am a member of the Foundation of Foreign Agriculture and Artifacts (FFAA).  My job is to get every bit of information written down for generations to know and read.  Books!  They're inspiring young minds that make our future, today!

Kevin (feeling the same pain as before): Yes, that is quite interesting,  But did you have to repeat yourself?

Mehyam Mit:  And what's wrong with emphasis?

* Mehyam  grins

Mehyam is an odd looking man in a brown suit with a rather odd suitcase.  He has an orange pair of glasses and a rather big book to carry around for is skinny appearance.  He also wears a barrette like the Mr. Sherlock Holmes, and a smoking pipe.

Page 4:

Kevin:  So you're a fan of mystery I see.

Mehyam:  Yes, quite the fiction it is, yet I usually appreciate facts the most.  Come, old sport!  I shall show you my latest works!

The two leave in plain sight back in the library, and find the same book as mentioned before.

Mehyam (curious):  Hmm, and what could this be?

The two flip a few pages and discover another sonnet different from the one Akier, Chierce, and Kormin read.  Astonished, Kevin writes the sonnet into his notes.  Mehyam, however, is not too impressed, but he does give a rather eerie grin.

Reader, please mind,
In Conscerra, you'll find,
Your demeanor and horror inside.

But please take a note,
Don't hurry and stroke,
For chance plays the game fairly or mine.

The decision is yours,
Hospitality is mine,
And the best of the guests will leave me behind.

So do as you please,
And get down on your knees,
For mercy is absent (the least).

Kevin is puzzled to what this message says and hands over his notes to Meyham to proof-read any missing notes.

Kevin (curious):  It's definitely a threat.  Suppose the place is "cursed?"  I know I'm missing extra information, but before us, Akier and the others read about this.  Should we interview them?

Mehyam:  No, sir.  They know no more than we do.  Leave them to their status and let us proceed with this:

* Mehyam  hands Kevin a contract

Kevin (confused):  What's this?  An agreement?  What for?

The whole contract seems suspicious and sudden due to the fact Mehyam hands him a pen, as if in a hurry.  What in the world is this contract about?

Kevin:  But I have a pen right he-

Mehyam (licking his lips from behind the paper):  Everything is here on fine-print...

After reading everything in the contract, Kevin picks up the pen and begins to write his name.  However, as he writes his name, a tremendous explosion is heard from miles away.

Kevin drops his pen and his name is scribbled all over the paper.  His name then magically writes itself on the lines.  Without noticing the name written on paper, he rushes outside to see what the commotion was.

Mehyam:  Heh heh heh, excellent choice old chap...

A large cloud of dust is seen from a mile away. Kevin, trying to ignore the unnecessary ruckus, he turns back to find Mehyam.

Mehyam:  Mehyam!  Mr. Mehyam!  Where are you?  I was writing down my name on the contra-  !  *Gasp!*

Kevin, looking down on his dead body, he notices a beam struck Mehyam's chest, bleeding all over and splintered in several areas.  Everyone around, however, are perfectly fine.

Kevin is again traumatized after seeing all of this.  He runs outside to search for the others.  Everything around him begins to fade before his very eyes, the void, whitening completely and putting him into a state of panic.

Kevin (waking up):  *GASP!*  What happened? (waking from the floor)  Where am I?  !  Mehyam... He's dead.  But where are the others?

It is as early as morning can get...

Meanwhile, back at where Mehyam's corpse resides, a large creature, white and gruesome, devours Mehyam and swallows him whole leaving traces of blood all over the scene of crime.  The creature leaves entirely from site, yet unknowing it's appearance.

Kevin, running back, sees a trail of blood left by the creature and follows it.

Kevin:  Damn it!  Where the hell are the others?  Where's anyone?  I knew something was up!

The first trail, leading to the back of the library, follows it and sees what is dragging the body, or at least, thinks so...

Kevin (shouting out at the large figure):  HEY!  DROP THE BODY AND NO ONE GETS HURT!

Kevin feels a little doubtful, put proceeds running.  After chasing the shady figure, he stops at Conscerra.  He sees a path underneath it and walks into the burrow.

Kevin (seeing Mehyam's heart on the floor and picking it up):  Gross... (What in God's name is going on here?  I have to find the killer.  There is no way Mehyam could be the only one to die from this.  He was killed!)

Page 5:

Feeling weary and rather dizzy, Kevin drops down on his knees, feeling agony within his skull, trying to break the pain away.  Unfortunately, it is to this moment he does not pass out.  Struggling and forcing himself to stand still, he searches for the orb within his shell-shoulder, but no luck.  It was stolen...

Kevin:  !  The orb!  Where the hell is it?  No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO!!!  I'm such a fucking asshole!  How could I have lost the orb!?  Awww man!  This is worse than forgetting my research portfolio from last year, and it cost me 2-years of good GPA's worth!  No, no, no, no, no...

Stressing, Kevin makes quick use of himself and heads forward through the rest of this dungeon, in attempt to find Mehyam's corpse and the killer.

After much running, another tremendous explosion is heard, capsizing the entrance behind Kevin and deeper.

Kevin (sobbing):  I'm scared... I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm scared... Everything is all my fault now... How can I ever redeem myself for what I have done?  Utoa, Akier, Chierce, Kormin... I have failed you all.  Forgive me if I never see the light of day.

Kevin, wiping his tears, shakes as he closes in into the light of the other side of this dungeon.

Kevin: (Come on Kevin, you can do this!  Don't be afraid, just walk in, and everything will be perfectly normal, I think...)

As Kevin walks in, he at last, finds the shrine inside Conscerra.  It's a miracle.

Kevin (cowardly but bravely):  Okay!  Come quietly with your hands up, and I will hold any force against you!

Akier, walks in from the shadows out of nowhere, to greet Kevin?  The only thing is, it's just Akier and no one else in plain site.

Akier:  Hello sir Kevin.  What brings you here all by yourself?

Kevin (in relief):  Akier!  What are you doing-  Where are the ot- !  Have you by any chances?-

Akier:  No, nothing my dear boy...  Just take some tea and drink it.  I picked it up by those rather peculiar leaves over there.  They have astonishing healing properties, if you may say.

Kevin:  BUT-

Akier shoves some of this strange red-tea into Kevin's throat and makes him swallow it whole.

Akier: Isn't it relaxing?

Kevin:  Yes, yes, it's perfect, but we're in a critica-  It is beautiful in here...

Kevin is in a peaceful and trance-like state.  He walks around looking at every detail of the shrine and observes all the plants and fruit in sight.

Akier:  Lovely, isn't it?

Kevin (still hypnotized by the tea's aroma and boldness):  It is quiet a charm.

Akier:  Indeed...

* Akier  grins rather oddly

Akier:  Too bad you cannot stay for this very long.  The curse may very well affect you dear boy.

Kevin:  Hmmm?

Akier:  Heh heh heh...

* Akier  traps Kevin within an orange cage, unable to escape from it's horrible noise pollution.

Kevin:  I say!  Why are you doing this?

Confused, Kevin snaps out of his confusion and quickly notices what is going on.

Kevin (back to normal by will-power):  Wait a minute.  Where's the real Akier!?  You're just a faker!  Akier is obviously Irish and you have that annoying Brit accent!  I've heard a monkey who has better vocab speak better English than you!  Now tell me who you are and where my friends are at!

Akier (The impostor):  Hmm, yes, prime apes are delectable aren't they?  Isn't it obvious?

The creature comes out from the shadows, spiting something out of his mouth.  It's a human, and with all the bones and organs slithering out of it's jaws, and blood, it licks its lips once more with a new-found taste for Kevin.

The creature is nothing other than a monstrous and gruesome, terrifying 30-foot Goat from the pits of Tartarus, or at least, it has the all-over outside appearance of a demon.

Akier (The impostor):  Where is the heart?  It's missing.

Kevin (taking out Mehyam's heart):  This?  NEVER!!!

Akier (The impostor):  You have no choice...

* Akier  takes Mehyam's heart through kinesis and throws it with the pile of meat and bones.

Kevin:  You're a sick man!

Akier (The impostor):  Still haven't figured it out yet?  Very well then...

* Akier  reads a spell from a rather unusual book

Akier (The impostor, chanting):  De stokken en de stenen, vlees en beenderen.  Doen herleven deze mens!  Opnieuw, zal hij zich bevinden!

Mehyam's body comes back anew, while Akier's fake body explodes into many pieces.

Mehyam:  Surprise, surprise.

Kevin is in a state of panic and shock.

Kevin:  Y-y-y-ou, you, you, it was you?  You killed him?  How could you?

Mehyam:  Allow me to clarify your theory...  This man was the REAL Mr. Met Mehyam, the real man, so I have placed a spell upon this decoy while your friends are enslaved under my eternal rule.  Funny coincidence, eh?

Mehyam writes his name back wards...

Kevin:  ... *GASP!!!*  You're!

Tim (psychotically):  That's right...  Congrats, insert bravado... I am Tim, The Bringer of Mayhem!!!  AND YOU, YOUR BELOVED PEOPLE OF RI-KAIGUN, AND YOUR FRIENDS BELONG TO ME!!!  HAHAHAHA!!!!!

Kevin (screaming drastically):  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Page 36:

Tim: Yes... ((smiles evilly)), and there's nothing you can do about it.

Kevin:  (I'm not running away!  NO!  If my friends are going to die, I'm going to die a hero!)

Tim looks at Kevin and listens to the silence in the shrine where the waterfall should be heard at.  He takes out his book and chants, hurling his War Goat into an orange void.

Tim:  Chaos is a beautiful thing.  As long as Glory is around, there is enough Mayhem to go around for everyone.  After all, with out yang, what will yin do by herself?

* Kevin  reaches for his harpoon in his belt, but finds it's not there.

Kevin:  !

Tim:  Don't you even dare...  Looking for this?

Tim shows Kevin his harpoon, now poking out of the orange void, and moving it back in.

Kevin:  Give it back!

Tim:  Never... I'm leaving you here to rot.  Let me go get the others to join you.  Wait here.

Tim stops for a moment and looks back at the lonesome Kevin.

Tim:  On second thought, you poor poor child.  May War Goat accompany you?  Do you mind that?  You look like you need a friend.  War Goat ((claps his hands twice))!  Come forth!

* Tim  summons War Goat and directs that it watches over Kevin if anything he escapes

Tim:  Luck always falls for the hero...

Tim leaves from sight, into the shadows.

Kevin sits down quietly and looks at War Goat, with an expression of fear trying to hold it within.  He tries to speak with the Goat with a friendly manner in attempts of escaping.

Kevin:  So.....  This is Conscerra, right?  Real cool huh?  You get to eat all the stuff you missed out on- funny story!  I-

War Goat (beastly): RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAA!!!

Kevin (backing away):  Okay, okay, okay, no more... Eh, sheesh!  Do you have to scream so loud?

Notices rubble fall from the ceiling, and uses his quick thinking to get him out of the situation.

Kevin:  Hey!  Do you want to know what I think about big, stupid, and smelly animals like you?  Oh wait, that's all I think about.  Heh heh heh ((nervously)), heh...

* War Goat  charges at Kevin's prison and knocks it down

Kevin:  OWW!!!  I mean, why have such a mediocre farm animal as your weapon of destruction, then again, I carry a harpoon and it still kicks ass!  I'm sorry but, you have a life-span, and this harpoon isn't going anywhere.

(From far far away...)

Tim:  Hmph!

* War Goat  charges at Kevin again

The aftermath of the attack leaves Kevin's prison to finally break...

Kevin:  I'm free!  I have to find the others now.

However, things don't always go as they seem.  You see, because War Goat kept using its body weight and brute strength to hopelessly trash over Kevin's confinement, the inside of these caverns begin to capsize with each hit, making a miniature earth quake.

Kevin:  Oh shit!  I didn't expect this to happen.

Kevin runs out of the cave as fast as he can.  He looks back at the helpless War Goat.

Kevin:  Sorry pal, but I'm not wasting a second to save my friends ((hearing a loud boom)), AND STAYING IN ONE PIECE!

Page 7:

After much sprinting away from the shrine and the beast within it, Kevin arrives at the collapsed entrance, taking no time.  The hesitance within dies and Kevin tries to "punch" through the rubble in hopes it will crumble some more.

Kevin:  Gahhh-chh... Stupid rocks...  Hiiiiiiii!!!!

*  Kevin  tries to pull nearby water to slam it onto the rubble, instead, he gets the water from the shrine and it brings War Goat with the tide

War Goat (with fury): RAAAAAEEEERRRR!!!!!

* War Goat  opens it's mouth and goes for a direct swallow at Kevin

Kevin:  Son-of-a-bitch!  Eat an apple or something you stupid goat!

* Kevin  with all his might, makes a large explosion, propelling the rubble into the air and the water with it

War Goat is thrown off back into the cave and to the other side of the cavern, bringing it the the opposite side of the waterfall.

Kevin:  *Phew* Yeah, don't fuck me like an animal....

Kevin runs ahead of time to find his friends wherever they're kept hidden.

Kevin:  (If anything, it's not there.  He probably has them separated in different parts).

Kevin looks back at the entrance again while running, and he comes to a stop at the middle of his town.  He searches in the library to find the spot where "Mehyam" was "killed" and looks for any clues of his missing allies.

Kevin (pondering): Where could they be kept captive?  If I were a psycho, where would I put them?

Kevin thinks back in all the places where Utoa could have been, and it comes to him at last.

Kevin:  The fountain!  He probably imprisoned her in it, somehow?

The darkness is far more focused than ever, making it hard for Kevin to see where he's going. He looks far away in a random path and sees a gargantuan fog like non other.  Trying to stick with the times, he runs out of the library and onto the site of the fountain.  Upon arriving at the site, he looks all over the waters trying to find Utoa, but no luck.  Things are getting out of hand and Kevin is bound to this eternal nightmare.

Kevin:  Where did I go wrong?  This is the worst "vacation" ever...  I'm so sorry Moru... I'm sorry I couldn't defend these great people.  Oh how proud you would've been if I had been the hero.  I'm nothing *sob.*

Kevin stares down into the fountain imagining Moru and Utoa's face, failing to protect his damsels like a true hero would.  He looks deeper into the fountain, and sees Tim's face looking over him in the reflection.

Tim's eyes are blood shot and Kevin feels a hand on his shoulder.  Kevin attempts to hit Tim hard with his left fist back, but is intercepted not by Tim, but by Kormin, surprisingly...


Relieved, Kevin hugs Kormin and feels better.

Kormin smiles and laughs to himself.

Kevin:  Shut up.  Know one knows about this or I'll kill you...

Kormin:  Hahaha, well, at least you're in one piece.  That man knows how to shatter a connection between the dark world and the real world.  He's killed your people as well...

Kevin:  WHAT!?  Wait... these people?  I don't even know them... !  But wait, how did you escape him?

Kormin:  And what is that we call Kevin?  These people are still people, and it is the duty of Glory to punish the ones who have brought mayhem to this now-abyss.

Kevin becomes suspicious and questions Kormin.

Kevin: you didn't answer my last question.

Kormin:  It does not matter.  I have the reflexes of a monkey and the brain of a raptor.  I can coordinate quite well, but he knows we've escaped.  I'll take the spot for you, and you keep this safe next time.

Kormin hands Kevin the sphere that Tim stole.  Kevin takes it, but notices how Tim seemingly took it.  Re puzzling Tim's reflection and the fact he has possession of the sphere, he runs away from Kormin fearing he is an impostor.

Kevin:  Nice try Tim!

Kormin:  Kevin, what in God's name are you talking about?

* Kevin  summons a spiral of fountain water around him and disappears

Kormin:  I didn't even tell him the rest...  I have to inform him!  His life depends on it!

* Kormin  turns into a female version of himself

Kormin:  I should move rather quickly now.  Time is running out.

Kormin's voice changes completely and his entire body (now her) is sleeker and sexier than ever.

Kormin:  Berenices comes in handy.

It is revealed that Kormin is a Chapter as well, and is under the constellation name of "Coma Berenices" (Berenice's Hair).  The "golden chain" in front of his/her face is the hair that masks his/her gender, making it impossible to determine what he/she really is.  The origins of his/her gender is unknown, but she can shift to whatever, whenever.  Other features include his/her shadow being to opposite gender of who he/she is.  His/her reproductive juices are all opposite, truly making Kormin a unique and rather disturbing character.

Back to Kevin's new spot location, he takes the Sphere of Sanctuary out of pocket and checks if it's the right one.  It's not trapping him or imploding.  It's not glowing or sending messages.  It's just standing on his hands with no movement whatsoever.

Day is coming , and Kevin escapes town with it, hoping to get away from Tim and his wrath.  With guilt, Kevin looks back in town, but chooses what Karoku does not... Leave his friends stranded.

Kevin:  I'm so sorry, I don't stand a chance!

* Kevin  disappears from sight

(Scenario end...)

Page 8:

And alas, we return to hostile situation kept place in the incredible Salt Marsh, where Karoku attempts a rescue to redeem his selfish and undisputed ways...

Fast as I run, I come to remember how far behind I am compared to whence I started and I take the time to find them nonetheless.  After knocking Cerreta out-cold for a while, I have the time to search around.

Karoku (pissed off at the moment):  But the question is, who's the asshole that blew us away?  I'm gonna kill someone in the afternoon...

In that case, then I'll just have to get some work done.  Don't want to procrastinate!

* Karoku  slams the Earth with his head


The impact is not as intimidating as his previous rage, but it makes a long enough signal to sense how much ground there is (And what is moving near it).

No luck, just splashes of water and some rocks and dirt popping from the ground.

It seems that Karoku has reached his limit, for now...

Karoku:  Okay, that hurt.  Time for a little game of hide-and-seek *sigh...*

Looking through every puddle, nothing new is progressed with each look into these foggy puddles that were vaporized in due explosion.

Karoku:  That's it!  They have to be somewhere outside this region.  If I can re-call, there are three parts to this region, I was told there was a... (ponders).  Forget it, I'll find out for myself once I see it.

And with that, I'm off.

In the mean time, Giino has some trouble with an unattended guest, who happens to stay for dessert.

And by that...

Giino:  Aww, still hungry?  I have a nice hedge for you to gnaw on.

* Vermillion larvae  strikes Giino, for a bone-smasher

* Giino  dodges swiftly away from it

The Vermillion larvae attempts simultaneous hits, but keeps missing after each head-butt, hurting itself with each desperate trial.  And of course, Giino in his rather idiotic fashion, teases the giant, only making it worse.

Giino:  Karoku has better aim than you, and that's being nice!

* Giino  again dodges the creature while holding his hat to his head in the air

Giino:  Scratch that!  You couldn't tilt drop of water from it's glass an inch away!

Then again...

Giino: No fun at all, so I think I should predict the outcome of our conclusion?

* Giino  takes out his Coma-Coil blade

Giino:  The Art-of-Choke is my favorite style (and vegetable!), but why save the best for last when you can have some chrysalis stew?

Meanwhile,  Senichi still swims for his life away from the 1,000-tooted titan, but clearly there's a way out?

Unfortunately, the underground lake is far to blood-thick to see anything above or under, or even ahead.  Luckily, the anglar is illuminate enough for him to see where it'll strike.


Senichi (with calamity and confusion):  (*Sigh* why does it have to be an aquatic animal and not a forest bear or something?)

* Senichi  opens his five senses and tries to see through the bloody pond...

Senichi's senses are bleak within this demonic water and do not work in this hellish lake.  Senichi's new found tactics depend on his life.

Senichi:  (My senses are cut in this place?  What the hell?  How can I see!?)

*  Doom Anglar  opens its mouth wide for a tasty treat


* Senichi  dodges, but is injured by the titan

Senichi (covering his wounds):  (Gahhh, So fucking unfair...  So if that's how it's going to be, fine...)

* Senichi  swims up wards as high as he can reach, feeling for pressure

Senichi:  (Ahh great.  The pressure is lowering up here)

Senichi looks back at the Anglar, now swimming after him.

Senichi:  (Can you keep up?  Huh, a few seconds ago I thought I couldn't swim, so this is what adventure feels like?  Come to think of it, I haven't ran out of breath.  Man, I'm good!))

Distracted by his self-awareness...

* Doom Anglar  "swallows" Senichi whole

With a rather enormous bite.

Senichi:  (Ghhh!  Not on your life!)

* Senichi  takes out his sword of life and blows into the stip-end, making a powerful sonic wave

The Doom Anglar gets blown into the bottom of the lake, deep and deep into the abyss.

Senichi (over-confidentially):  (Take THAT bitch!  *Hiccup*  SHIT!  I'm running out of air!)

Senichi turns blue.

At the very same time the Vermillion Larvae kept trying to kill Giino off, the sonic boom caused by Senichi combines with this commotion beneath the trench and makes a small tunnel right where the giant kept smashing.

Red water gushes out of the tunnel.

Giino (gaging):  Ewww, it's bleeding.

Again, with Giino's stupidity...

The water hits the Vermillion Larvae sending it deep down into the trench, away from sight and sight in the night.

Out of the tunnel comes Senichi, who sees the exit and kicks his feet from the wall opposite to Giino's and onto that ledge where Giino stands.

But at the same time, the Doom Anglar comes out as well.

* Doom Anglar  sticks to the wet walls and goes for a bite

Giino:  No time for reunions!  THERE BE A GIANT FISH ON LAND!

Senichi (spitting some water out):  I though you abandoned Irish-speaking Giino?

* Giino  strikes at the creature with the tip of his blade

Nothing happens, and the creature keeps at it.


Senichi:  God, you don't have to be such a douche, Giino!

* Senichi  blows into his blade into the creature's ears

It stalls its rampage, yet it does not flinch this time.

Senichi:  What!?  WHAT!?  Water channels sound and so does air!  This creature is clearly COVERED IN IT!!!

* Doom Anglar  already gets a bite of Giino whole

On the inside (luckily in one piece), Giino cuts the innards and kills the monster from the inside-out.

It let's go of Giino from the brutal pain left marked and scarred in a million slashes, falling with the larvae.

Senichi (trying to hold his laughter): *Snicker...-*

Giino (Angry):  DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!  Or you'll be served "on the rocks" with these guys down there.

Senichi:  Hahaha, whatever you say.

Far into the plain of shadows, Kitoku is watching everything.

Kitoku:  I will not let them off so easily...

Kitoku chants a spell and brings back the Vermillion Larvae and the Doom Anglar, in one (with the evolved addition of the larvae to butterfly), creating the Doom Moth.

While Giino and Senichi are relieved, they soon find out that they have just begun their struggle...

Page 9:

Giino (eyes wide open looking at nowhere):  Senichi...

Senichi, still puzzled and voided of his instincts, questions with no awareness of the Doom Moth's knocking on the walls.

Senichi (confused):  What? (Cleans his hears) ... Do you feel a mosquito in your back or something?

Giino:  We have to leave now... There's an unattended guest here.  Only this time, he's really close-

* Doom Moth  flies into the air and goes for a direct kill with it's fin-fangs

Interrupted by the creature's presence in the air, Giino is still and watching rocks fall and knock on it's neighbors.  Silence is set in place and both look at nowhere in fear and lonesomeness.  Someone like Hasu or Senio would spice things up on these occasions.

Senichi only has this to say:

Senichi:  RUN!!!!!

* Giino  pulls him out of the way before the attack hits

Giino:  There's no place to run, we're on a cliff that's about to fall!  AND HASU IS LOST!

Senichi:  Yes there is!  In this tunnel!  Come on, I doubt it will fit.

Giino:  Judging from it's massively small brain, I would have to agree.

So the two go into the tunnel and end up in the middle of the dark and underground lake.  They climb their way to the top, but they also find out that this sky-water walker is not sloppy on ground either.

Senichi:  God damn, it's dark in here!

Giino:  Up there!  Quick, before it catches up!

* Giino  morphs into a semi demon state and spits venom at the creature, knocking it down for a few

And what happens next?  Giino and Senichi make it out in one piece (with some scars and wounds, but nothing TOO big), and are off running to a completely off-set path, where a great separation begins...

In the mean time, Karoku arrives at the very same lake as Senichi and Giino, only 10 seconds late.  Suspecting their being there, he jumps into the abyss to find them, however, he finds another surprise waiting for him in the well of hell...

Karoku:  Senichi?  Giino?  Are you guys here?

Creeping voice: Rrrrrrrrrrr.....

Karoku: *GASP!*

And I stumble in the very lake just drained by the feral duo, Giino and Senichi, with the Doom Moth rather angered.  Now that I have to put up with the god damn creature...

* Doom Moth  expands its legs and slams at Karoku

Karoku (dodging):  Damn, your aim is shit! ((Something hit it.  It's not even hesitating))

* Karoku  unsheathes his sword and dashes with a critical hit ratio

The beast is slain in half, yet it stands still.  In the mean time, I'm slathered in green liquid.  The nightmare passes from beast to man, spreading it's venom over me.

(At least, Karoku suspects it belongs to the creature...)

Karoku (feeling numb):  (Yet it stands!)  You're late with your appointment.  Let me show you the way!!!

* Karoku  jumps for a vertical slice

This time, however...

* Karoku  falls to the ground hard

* Doom Moth  body slams all parts with it's remaining seconds

Karoku:  GAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Something like this wouldn't hurt normally, but in my case, using up so much energy since meeting Giino, turning into a beast, and getting slathered in poison is not pretty (especially since it's my first "day").

Although, it's not like something in my first try and encounter would bring me down even to my belly, that I would surrender here and now.  No weight of demise is stronger than my will.

Karoku (struggling to get up):  (With all of this determination I have left:  Fighting Ziro and his gang of ruthless hunters, thinking they're so tough.  I'll be ready for that.  Being a better friend and stop caring for myself, to protect them...  I will redeem myself...)

* Karoku  chews some carbolyxe down

Karoku (with pride):  NO ONE WILL STAND IN MY WAY!

From the center of the creature, a dark hole rips open sucking in the oxygen and every living micro-life.  It's bleak color and deep emptyness brings sorrow and despair in place of reality.

Out of it comes Kitoku, standing tall and ruthless.  He picks up his hands holding Mourn/Mercy with a gesture of "oh well, better luck next time."  He stares down at Karoku, who is now angrier than ever.

Karoku:  Are you the one who did this to us?  Who the hell are you?

* Kitoku  puts his arms down

Kitoku: You have the heart of a valiant knight despite your undoing.  You pity yourself too much, and my job is to reveal your measure of your deeds.  Knowing one in control of the realm of sins, knows how much he needs to get there.  But, take this as a note...

Kitoku pauses for a moment, and I begin to lose my grip...



* Karoku  runs straight at Kitoku for a kill

* Kitoku  continues laughing menacingly and slaps Karoku across the chest, knocking him out

Kitoku:  Do not forget who you are, child...

Everything turns black and silence comes in place of the remaining drops of water...  All that's left is blur and despair, as Kitoku walks back into the rip in space.

Page 10:

...(1 hour later)...

Light shines heavenly on Karoku as he wakes up in the same path as before.  Now he's alone and the fog is glittering with the light of day.  It's absolutely bright and shining all over his skin, now sweat-battered and covered in scars, still.  Forgetful of an hour later, he picks up his sword and moves ahead of the road.

* Karoku  smiles

Karoku (staring at the elegant light of day):  It seems that a certain someone is watching me.  No day gets this good when regretful events happen before it.  Hmph, time to get a move on...

And with that, Karoku moves onto this new path, completely forgetting about Giino and Senichi.

Karoku:  I can start all over again.  Me and me alone and no one in my way.

(with light of thought...)

Karoku (suddenly remembering what Kitoku said):  ... *Sigh* I remember now...  I have to start being generous from now on.  But why me?  Of all people, why me?

Meanwhile, back at the plains of Ryokou, Senio is "dancing" with his cards and Sumire picks fruit in her garden far off the battle-torn field

Sumire (pleased):  Little brother?  *Giggling* are you really that determined to know more about those cards?  I'm so proud of you, being one with the light.

Sumire continues picking up strawberries from a bush.  Senio puts his cards down.

Senio (blushing):  It's actually kind of stupid, if you ask me...

Sumire comes to place her arms around Senio's shoulders.

Senio (continues blushing with his eyes wide open): ...

Sumire:  My little brother is a man now.  (Turns Senio to face her and kneels down to his height)  You have a destiny now that you must ful-fill.  The light will tell you when to go, and with practice, your abilities will take you far into the light and become a true Guardian.  You can go whenever you feel like it, but go when the sun is strong.  Understand?

Senio clenches his fists and his cards struggle to get out of his grip; Senio cries.

Senio:  *Sob* I'll promise it.  (Wiping his tears away)  I'll promise to ful-fill the prophecy, no matter what.

Senio pauses for a moment and takes a strawberry.  Sumire is surprised.

Senio (chewing):  But if I go, then I'll miss your Mid-ternament!

Sumire:  Forget it, it won't come in the longest, and even if it does, we'll record it.

Senio (raising his finger):  Actually (they would've post-pone it due to the Drocon invasion, but, oh well...), never mind.  I have to get going now.  Bye sister, I promise to take care of myself.

Sumire (raising her hand):  Do not forget to follow your own path this time now.  You will see him and them again.  This is a single trial from this point on.

Senio:  Understood.

Senio waves good bye and runs off to a different path this time, towards North in the trench's direction.

Back to where Karoku travels (with 2 hours passing by), he stops at a couple of small rocks and makes a small sun dial, tying it to his left hand.

Karoku (stomach grumbling):  I haven't ate the whole day since yesterday...

Seeing as how I skipped dinner yesterday, I take my clothes off (with my underwear still on, and dive for food in a small river.  After taking a bite at three carp in the water, I take them back, for a little breakfast.  That's all there is in the river anyways.

Karoku (cooking them):  Mmmm, looks good, smells good (takes a bite), *munch munch munch* and it even tastes good...

I look at the river and discover a new village just ahead. I eat fast and put my clothes back on to get a closer look.

As I walk by, I see some teen fishing for... well, fish.  The guy looks totally bummed out, and I approach him with caution.

Karoku (standing guard):  Hey, are you all right?

Kevin (the guy):  Leave me alone...

Kevin is guilty and ashamed to even look at a stranger anymore.  Now, Karoku and Kevin finally meet.

Karoku (sitting down next to him):  You know, I was like that yesterday, 'till I met new friends.  It's actually kinda nice since you don't have so many people hating on-  Huh?

* Kevin  runs away

Karoku:  Hey!  Hold on!  What the hell is wrong with you?

Kevin:  Non of your business, queer!

Karoku (pissed):  HEY!  I am NOT a queer!  Where are your manners!?  ((Who am I kidding?  I've been a brute))

* Karoku  chases Kevin and catches him by the neck

Karoku:  I hate it when people don't listen to me.  Now tell me this much only, is that where you live?  Were you exiled?  What is bugging you that you don't want to speak?  And why are you crying?

Kevin:  It's personal matters, and no I don't live there, but I chose to leave.

Karoku:  Listen buddy, I'm in a bad mood.  Tell me if you know anything about that town.

Kevin gets up and throws my hand off.  He stands up wiping dirt off his clothes.

Kevin:  Not anymore, or at least, you still have time if you avoid getting within a distance.  I ran away because of that, and I ran away-

Near, in the back of Kevin stands Tim, who is in a rather displeased mood.

* Tim  frowns

Tim: Hmph!  Because you were a coward.  You were too afraid to stand up to your fears and couldn't help but run away instead of dying like a hero (or a fool, either way).  Now that I found you, give me that sphere and I will consider letting you live, a little longer...

I get in a stance.  This guy looks like the real deal.

Kevin is too scared to move and is frozen in his own fear.

Karoku:  Are you the one who corrupted him?

Tim (turns to Karoku, yet unimpressed with his presence):  And who are you supposed to be?  I've supposed you met Kitoku, right?  He's the shady fellow with those large maces and one eye, right?  Hmph.  I created that beast.  That Kitoku has a lot of nerve taking credit for distractions.

Karoku:  How did you-

Tim:  My book tells me a lot.  (Tim takes a closer glance at Karoku)  Hmm?  Your face looks familiar... ((Could he be?  Hmm, I haven't read all pages before it, but it's possible.))  Well, it doesn't matter now, because even if that where so, it wouldn't make a difference.  Come on now Kevin!  Your destiny awaits...

* Tim  turns even more serious

* Karoku  jumps in Tim's way


Tim:  You're a contentious one.  Excuse me for that, but I have never seen someone stand up to someone like myself in his position in Chaos.  Tell me, how long have you been clueless of our organization?

Karoku:  I've heard, but I'm not backing away!  You can go suck it hard, and tell Chaos I said that as well!  He's not your property!


Page 11:

* Tim  grins and takes out his book

Tim:  Now Kevin, you cannot deny your fate.  You left your people, and they are only of use with that sphere.  Hand it over and I may reconsider, even letting those poor people breath life again.  Think hard and think wisely.

Tim looks stranger than ever.  Unlike before, he has various bones coming out at certain parts of his body and a rippled clothing with creases all over.  With every time I look at that umbrella of his, it seems to change appearance with every blink.

Morning does not look very happy despite it's grace, and Tim is like concentrated hatred in one open spot.

Tim (noticing Hasu's curiosity):  Do you like it?  It's quite ancient, actually.  I had it battle-scarred for many years to come, and my previous ancestors and successors have wielded it for quite along time bringing the joyful pain I do now.  It's quite a marvel, changing it's vision in mortal eyes.  (Noticing Karoku's Shimekiribi), but judging from that peculiar sword of yours, I'd say it's official that you are not only human.  Yes...

* Tim  grins wider

Tim:  Now I remember.  This can get quite interesting.  You're like Kevin, yes, you too are worth 500 generations worth of wealth and luxury.  I can sell you two in, but what is the fun if I don't play with my food first?  Hehehe, I can always have a sample of blood from you both.  It'd always nice to cool off with a demi-god's soul.

Karoku:  Not I have to say something about it!

* Karoku  raises his sword and strikes at Tim

Tim:  Hmph!  Cocky little brat!

* Tim  defends with his umbrella

Sparks fly out from both weapons, bringing distortion from both blades, well, at least what Tim's umbrella holds.  With each passing second, neither one is getting a grip on their strenght.  It is evenly matched.

Both are thrown back from the force of these monstrous weapons of induce chaos.

Karoku (panting):  (This guy is strong.  I hope it's only him)

Tim (panting):  (This brat is tough for his age.  It can get quite amusing fighting him)

Kevin (surprised):  (This kid can fight!  Let-alone standing up to a top Chaos general such as Tim!  Woah...)

Karoku:  And you're alone, right?

Tim:  What's wrong?  Can't take on a group?  How pathetic!  All bark, and no bite.

* Tim  flies toward Karoku and strikes with his umbrella

* Karoku  blocks in position with his sword from the back of his left shoulder

Karoku:  Is that supposed to be an insult?  Harsh...

Tim (with pity):  Hmph!  You couldn't take on 3 people, even in your demonic state!

Karoku (now angered):  WHAT DID YOU SAY!!??

Kevin runs away from all the destruction being caused by these two fiends.

* Karoku  slams Tim's umbrella to the floor with his sword, and begins a barrage of blades

* Tim  intercepts clashes his umbrella as well

And sparks fly hard, boiling the river and setting a fire in a near-by forest to the left.  Birds officially migrate far away, never to be seen.  The simultaneous slashing and metal colliding with each hit continues to disturb the natural habitat around.

An inferno begins to rise from a ring of bursting rage and anger and these two won't quit either.

* Karoku  focuses hard on his aura

* Tim  draws energy from his book

Tim:  Mijn stromende zonden moeten binnen komen!  Laat te winnen aurastroom en stroom!

* Tim  lets out a burst of orange energy, throwing Karoku back

Tim:  Teh!  Nice try, but when you have strenghts and smarts-

* Karoku  flies back at Tim and appears in front of face, ready to punch him to the ground

Karoku (interupts):  SHUT THE FUCK UP!

* Karoku  pounds on Tim hard with a large amount of aura readings from his right hand

Tim spits dirt from his mouth after tasting the ground.

Tim (spitting out the dirt):  *Pfft!!!*  You dirty little runt.

Karoku:  That's not knowledge, it's just a fancy book.

Tim (standing up):  I'll tell you what...

* Tim  seals Kevin from far away with one of his spells and drags him towards the air above them

Kevin:  HEY!  LET ME GO!

Kevin struggles to escape Tim's grip, but it is useless.

Tim:  You will be a witness ((looking at Kevin)).  Meet me under that waterfall, and we will settle the score there.  In fact...  Take Kevin with you.

* Tim  unseals the orange prison, but makes hand-cuffs so that Kevin does not escape

Tim: You have until 12:00 PM to meet under Conscerra Falls.  If you do not show at exactly 12:00 sharp, you can forget about your friends seeing the light of day.  Oh, and if you try to escape, you will be written as our enemy, kid.  Do not disappoint me...

* Tim  teleports from sight

It's been rather strange lately, seeing the outside world.  What could Giino and Senichi being doing?  Where did I go wrong?  And what happened to the venom that struck my body earlier?  Well, one thing is certain.  I was untold what others have gone through. 

Karoku (standing straight and serious): Hypocrisy...

Kevin:  Huh?

Karoku (leaving Kevin behind):  They hid reality from me, the bastards.  They thought I couldn't handle monsters, aliens, and warlocks.  THEY THOUGHT I WAS INSANE!!!

* Karoku  pounds the ground knocking down several trees and making a large crater

Kevin:  So, what you're saying is, they pretty much ditched you when all the "fun" was around, right?

Karoku (trying to calm down):  ...Yeah...

I do absolutely nothing else about it.  Trying to hold my temper, I walk to the near-by village to find a place to cool off in the mean time.  Still trying to heal my wounds, I try to find a nice spot to lie and heal, and of course observe the name of this odd little village.  I read the sign of this once luxurious town named "Ri-Kaigun."  Kevin slithers like a caterpillar trying to catch up with me as we walk up the entrance.

Struggling to keep up, I pick him up from the back of his shirt and walk by a ramen stand.

Kevin (sarcastically):  Yeah, don't worry about me.  Just leave me to dry out here in the open.  Uhuh, real helpful.  Yeah, a true friend.

Karoku:  Well thanks!  You know, I was once told by this girl back in 7th grade that I was cute, so I showed her how "friendly" I can be, hehehe...

Kevin (trying to cover his ears):  SHUT UP!  I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR IT!

Karoku (enjoying Kevin's pain):  And then I went to give her a tour in my room, of course, I just bought red lights...

Kevin (trying to ignore Karoku's immature story):  BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!

Kevin (biting Karoku):  DO YOU REALIZE WHO WE'RE FIGHTING?!

Karoku:  Oww!  You bastard!  That hurt!

Kevin:  I think you're just a little over-confident about facing Tim.  Tell me, why mad at the start and happy now?

Karoku (blushing):  I have mood swings...

Kevin:  Aww, no need to be to embarrassed about being a Schizo.  I hang with a bunch of weirdos everyday ((sweat-drops)).

But what's the use?  I get called worse names everyday back at Ryokou.  This one is just recalling my mental disability.

Looking to see any signs of folk in the village, we encounter a stranger shining in the sun light.  As bright as gold and black with a pearly-white uniform.  I can see a beautiful woman on a cliff over us, yet her shadow is that of a man.  Curious to know if this stranger was one of Tim's henchman, she jumps in front of us.

Kevin:  AHHH!!! YOU AGAIN!!!  You are Kormin, right?

Kormin (stranger in Karoku's eyes):  Welcome back.

I examine her from her profile and notice her shadow real is a man-shadow.  This is amongst the strangest things I have seen yet.

Karoku (with curiosity):  Excuse me, who are you, miss?

Kormin (turning her attention to Karoku):  Hmm?  Talking to me?  I'm a boy, and I can also be a girl.

Wacked out, I give an non-supporting expression of disbelief and sweat-drop.  This is one odd lady...

Karoku:  Kidding, right?

Kormin:  No one will know what I really am, but I'll prove it nonetheless.  My job in running around is done.

* Kormin  turns back into a man

Only this time, I notice he has a woman's shadow.

Karoku:  ...

Kevin:  Haha, all our names start with K...

Karoku and Kormin: *Sigh*

Kormin:  Well, enough fooling around, we have a mission to follow up.  Starting now, I will try to break Tim's spell on Kevin however I can.  Provided I free him from the curse, YOU have to do drive that arrogant orange man from our lives!  And to do that, well, you have to accept his invite.

Kevin and I look at each other confused with Kormin's sudden plan.  Kormin reaches for my blade and takes it out in front of me.

Kormin:  So you're one of those Chapters, like Kevin here?  Welcome brother.  Any friend of Kevin's is a friend of mine!

Karoku and Kevin (pointing at each other):  WE'RE NOT FRIENDS!

Kormin:  Haha, whatever you say.

Karoku:  Well, whatever.  When I do see Tim, I will defeat him!

To be continued...


-This is a "meanwhile" side-story from Kevin's perspective to give an early look on how they meet later on.

-Moru is Kevin's best friend who is sick from a super form of West Nile Virus, and is conducting research to find the only cure under Conscerra Falls

-Ri-Kaigun is a Venice-like village that ironically holds information, but says the shrine within Conscerra is heavily cursed (according to the sonets).

-Akier, Utoa, Kormin, and Chierce are Order members from the "Eternal Order of Glory."

-Utoa does not have a crush on Kevin, but likes him only as a friend.

-Kormin is mistaken as a man/woman on several occasions by readers due to his/her appearance.  It is revealed he/she is a Chapter in under "Coma Berenices" (Berenice's Hair).

-After Kevin and Utoa's little date, it there in the sky that Tim finds him and his friends from above.  His presence harming Kevin is similar to how Lord Voldemort harms Harry Potter.

-Kevin (thought untold) is "Cetus" (The Whale), and is seen controlling the water from the water fall.

-Tim tries to pose as a boot-leg world-class archeoligist to get closer in his evil plot in obtaining "The Sphere of Sanctuary."

-The Sphere of Sanctuary, as the name suggests, is able to bring back the dead as the undead.

-Even though it is not revealed in this chapter, the rest of the Order members are Chapters as well (given they are the most important of the association):
   -Akier = "Telescopium" (The Telescope)
   -Utoa = "Sagitta" (The Arrow)
   -Chierce = "Microscopium" (The Microscope)

-Kevin falls in under one of Tim's powerful illusions (from the moment he saw him in the air) that forced to Kevin to hallucinate, and even drove him away from Ri-Kaigun out of fear.

-Ri-Kaigun is south west of Ryokou, which are close to the southern-west border of Japan.

-When Kevin escapes Kormin, he really does believe Kormin is an illusion by Tim.  It is said that most victims of Tim DO NOT escape, but Kormin managed.

-In fact, that "illusion" was Kormin.

-After Kevin's escape from Ri-Kaigun, it is suspected that Tim let him go on purpose.

-Going back to Karoku's events, he attempts a rescue for his friends, but Senichi and Giino manage on their own.

-During some point on, Karoku faces the fusion creature, and it passes Giino's slathered venom over him.

-Kitoku appears front and black-mails Karoku of any mis-deeds as an excuse of killing him early, breaking Death's rules on full-life.

-Karoku wakes up in day-break in the same exact spot as when he went back to find Senichi and Giino (who are in God-knows-where), with a psychedelic memory loss (that only goes temperarily).

-Senio and Sumire's part are mentioned in hints that Karoku will not be the only one to miss the Mid-ternament do to personal and powerful reasons; Senio starts his journey.

-When Karoku meets up with Kevin, they do not get along, and Tim finds Kevin outside of his prison hold.

-Before Kevin's successful escape, War Goat purposely let Kevin escape when he could literally slam through the burrow and eat Kevin easily in his little run-away.  He was given secret orders by his Master Tim.

-It is implied that Tim predicted all these events for the enjoyment of torturing Kevin, his friends, and Karoku, whom takes him thinking and observation to know that he is a demi-god.

-However, Tim uses his constant lying as his advantage, making up stories of him being the one to summon the creature and not Kitoku, feeling rather cocky.

-Karoku and Tim are evenly matched, but Tim is yet to show any signs of ammusement, forcing him to schedule their fight another time.

-The Shrine is actually larger in perspective than to what Kevin has observed by far.